summing up Men’s Team Final

1. Russia – 261.726
2. China – 260.729
3. Japan – 258.159

4. United States – 254.578
5. Great Britain – 251.611
6. Chinese Taipei – 248.243
7. Switzerland – 247.038
8. Ukraine – 246.593

  • GREAT to see Russia pull off the narrow victory. China has won so many, including Nanning where I felt Japan clearly had the better performance
  • Much stronger competition than the WAG Team Final. Faster judging, too.
  • Alternating nations seemed to work better for the men than women. I particularly liked comparing RUS v CHN
  • USA went 18/18 with no falls. #respect. That left them well behind the top 3 nations all of whom did count a fall. That’s all a team coach can ask.
  • I thought a clean USA team would defeat the new look Japanese men. Not so. With less Worlds experience, JPN competed more difficulty and hit almost as well. Just one fall on FX.
  • there was no way ZOU Jingyuan was going to miss P Bars twice in a row. He was awesome for 16.383 (7.00 + 9.383)

  • Taiwan is legit, finishing second over Switzerland and Ukraine. Oleg only competed Pommels, however, so a team medal was not the goal for UKR.
  • I was happy to hear Fujitsu was handing out the team awards. Then unhappy to find out it was for difficulty, not best overall performance. Dangerous.


More photos.

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