Men’s World Championships – day 1 results

The most important 2 days — top 12 team qualification to Olympics 2020 Tokyo.

Here are the top 8 teams, so far. I’d say day 2 has more of the best teams including China and Japan, who are already booked for Olympics.

1. RUS 259.928
2. TPE 250.093
3. BRA 247.236
4. ESP 246.727
5. GER 246.508
6. ITA 245.966
7. FRA 245.127
8. TUR 244.652

Some will be asking, who’s TPE?

That’s Chinese Taipei, a squad that none of the media predicted to qualify to Tokyo. They killed it in the very first session of day 1.

Russia was fantastic. China v Russia team final will be epic.

Spain and Italy had great performances. They’ll be celebrating.

Germany and Brazil had big problems on their first apparatus, then fought their way back into Olympic contention.

It’s a large, knowledgable crowd. The kind that cheers for great Pommel routines.

Click PLAY or watch it on Twitter.

Turkey will be disappointed. With a perfect meet today it was possible to finish top 12 at the end.

One of the few problems at this event is how FIG put together groups. Some have only 2 competitors. Some 7 gymnasts. That slowed down the competition. #FixIt

I’ll be commenting LIVE via Twitter @GymCoaching. And partnering this year with @kensleyanne Kensley Behel. We both will be guest MAG pundits on the GymCastic podcasts this week.

More LIVE coverage:

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