coach education – professional development points

Australia has long certified coaches. And long required coaches maintain competency by completing approved updating activities that are relevant to coaching or judging.

Each year coaches are required to acquire points. If they lapse, to renew certification they must acquire the points first.

In Australia, points do not roll over year-to-year.

Canada is now introducing a similar — though less demanding — system. If interested, check out the Canadian coaching points chart.


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2 thoughts on “coach education – professional development points”

  1. Australia shouldn’t be used as an example – except as how NOT to do it.

    I’m not sure what you mean by the “long” Australian system either. What I see it as is a “money” system. Ridiculous fees charged for nothing/gaining points.

    My Australian coaching accreditation expires every year and I need to pay several hundereds dollars to renew. They don’t provide me any “updating activities” for the money. It is possible to earn points by volunteering at events – but for that you often need extra accreditation in the first place (such as judging) which of course you’ll have to pay for. It all just revolves around money. I’m even aware of a few coaches who aren’t allowed to go on the competition floor with their gymnasts because it requires the next level up of accreditation so they’ve had to arrange a different coach to take their gymnats to comp.

    They also practically never give any sort of honorary/recognition accreditation either. So a competitive gymnast with 20 years in the sport has to pay the same money and start with the same beginners coarse that is aimed at people who know nothing about the sport (and in that course, they spend hours telling you how to teach children how to play games) as someone who doesn’t know anything about gymnastics.


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