are your gymnasts actually getting STRONGER?

I see many Gyms with conditioning lists filled with general physical preparation.

Kids quickly adapt to the load and advancement soon flatlines. Many of our programs result in maintenance, not improvement.

Nick Ruddock consults with many Gyms around the world. One of the first things he looks at is their conditioning programs.

  1. Be Proactive
  2. Don’t Wait
  3. Collaborate
  4. Avoid ‘fluffy’ programming
  5. Have a structure
  6. Supervise
  7. Prioritise the Time
  8. Listen to your athlete
  9. Ensure Volume and Frequency is adequate
  10. Don’t neglect the significance of the time

Nick recommends 25-33% of your total training volume to be spent on physical preparation related activities. Bill Sands would say you could spend as little as 30 minutes / day if the program is individualized, correctly targeted and efficiently done.

Click over for the details:


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