2019 Regional Championships draw

April 6th weekend. Hosts LSU (Baton Rouge, LA), Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI), Georgia (Athens, GA), Oregon State (Corvallis, OR)

Each Regional will have 3 days of competition:

  1. “play-in” – bottom two teams compete to decide who moves to day 2
  2. two sessions of 4 teams. Top 2 move on to day 3.
  3. FINAL. Top 2 move on to the Nationals Fort Worth, April 19-20.

Balance Beam Situation:

… the top 2 teams advance out of each semifinal to the regional final the next day. From that regional final, the top 2 teams advance to nationals.

Thursday Play-in
[31] NC State vs. [34] New Hampshire

Semifinal #1
[8] Georgia
[9] Kentucky
[19] Missouri
[22] Iowa State

Semifinal #2
[1] Oklahoma
[15] Cal
[28] Maryland
Winner of NC State and New Hampshire

Thursday Play-in
[32] Iowa vs. [33] Arizona

Semifinal #1
[5] Denver
[12] Boise State
[18] Washington
[24] Southern Utah

Semifinal #2
[4] Florida
[16] Oregon State
[25] Stanford
Winner of Iowa v. Arizona

Thursday Play-in
[35] George Washington vs. [36] Lindenwood

Semifinal #1
[6] Utah
[11] Minnesota
[17] BYU
[20] Arkansas

Semifinal #2
[3] LSU
[13] Auburn
[21] Arizona State
Winner of George Washington v. Lindenwood

Thursday Play-in
[29] Illinois vs. [30] Central Michigan

Semifinal #1
[7] Michigan
[10] Alabama
[23] Penn State
[26] Ohio State

Semifinal #2
[2] UCLA
[14] Nebraska
[27] West Virginia
Winner of Illinois v. Central Michigan

Click through for more detail plus the individuals who qualified …


Go Lindenwood!

One of the only Division II teams to ever qualify to Regionals. Only their 7th year of existence. Living proof that NEW NCAA Gymnastics teams can be launched successfully.

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