Stuttgart World Cup – Simone, Ana, Elisabeth

Simone BILES 58.800
Ana PADURARIU 55.132
Elisabeth SEITZ GER 54.399

All hail the greatest of all time.

Blythe Lawrence reports that the staging of the competition was awesome. Gymnasts entered running through a corridor of local gymnasts with superb lighting and smoke.

Worlds Stuttgart should be even better.

And read Blythe’s LIVE blog.

Note – There is a huge Octoberfest-like festival in Stuttgart concurrent with Worlds. Very little accommodation is available at any price. 😕

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3 thoughts on “Stuttgart World Cup – Simone, Ana, Elisabeth”

  1. with all respect to Ms. Biles, the drumbeat of “g.o.a.t.” reeks of ‘recency bias’… many people actually think she would have the same success if she had to compete in, say, 1992 rules?


    1. If a gymnast was competing under a different code of points than today then surely their training would also reflect that? And the age gymnasts turned senior and therefore trained to peak has changed over time, so you could say gymnast x would really have been the greatest of all time if they’d gotten to turn senior at 14 like they used to be able to. Personally I don’t see how a sport like gymnastics can actually have a greatest of all time – there is no objective measuring stick like there is in a timed race etc


  2. There isn’t really any debate when it comes to Biles vs the rest. Her skill level is so far ahead of anyone else that has come before her that it isn’t even close. Even with differences in rules we can confidently say she is the greatest. However, on the men’s side it is much harder to compare say Uchimura vs Scherbo.


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