Jordan McNair died practicing football

On May 29, 2018, University of Maryland lineman Jordan McNair ran the last sprint of his life. After a series of 110 yd runs, during which he became disoriented and had trouble standing, McNair collapsed and died of heat stroke. He had a body temperature of 106 degrees in the hospital. He was only 19.

What happened? Why did it happen? Should this have ever happened? Were any individuals negligent and responsible for this tragedy? These seem to be questions that should have been asked by the administration of Maryland, yet were they? Because it was not until an August 10 report by ESPN that the university started holding coaches and staff accountable. …

Changing the Game

Aside from very frequent brain trauma, American football has always had many deaths on the field of play.

One study counted at least 49 deaths related to football in 1931. It’s always been an extremely dangerous sport. 1965 had a similar number.

Bottom line – American football is still too dangerous. 

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