3 thoughts on “Japan, Russia, China – Olympic Champions”

  1. Russia was impressive today. Nice to see them hold it together to take a well deserved silver and push China to bronze. So happy for Kohei, too, and all of Team Japan. They were the class of the field and really brought it home on their last three events. Glad to see Kenzo got his floor mojo back. Looks like Great Britain would have finished fourth even if Louis Smith had hit pommels, so he didn’t cost the team a medal. I hope he bounces back in the event finals. Team USA was fifth, which is about where I expected them to be, but still another disappointing Olympic Team Final for them. That has to hurt.

    Ukraine scratching on four events is really shameful and inexcusable. Saving Oleg for the AA is not a good excuse. There were teams who would have loved to compete. Ukraine should have withdrawn and let the Swiss team get that Olympic experience. Really bad decision on their part. I hope Kohei takes out Oleg in the AA now.


  2. Another Olympic tragicomedy from the Ukrainian MAG team. Oleg has carried this team on his back for the last three years. He is entitled for once in his life to put his AA hopes ahead of the team’s chances. Ukraine had zero chance at winning any team medals. After everything Oleg has done for that team, I think his teammates all agreed he was entitled to prioritize his AA. I don’t know why Sienichkin couldn’t sub for Semiankiv in team finals. Sienichkin is capable of doing all around. I think the injury to Semiankiv was very last minute. It probably didn’t give his teammates time to prepare.

    I am absolutely team Oleg for the AA. I am team Oleg for everything.


  3. I had heard that Ukraine were not allowed to change their lineup after the injury to Semiankiv due to it being past the cut off time for submitting lineups, which if true is pretty stupid.


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