2 thoughts on “Laurie Hernandez – Beam”

  1. I’ll never understand why Tim & Al keep acting like Ashton has a chance in hell of doing beam over Laurie in quals or TF. Laurie is consistently among the best in the nation on this apparatus.


  2. I like how people keep talking crap about Laurie. She was overscored yes it was a big mistake stake the rest of the rutine was good lets say 14.6or .7 she still finishes 2nd people can say what they want but her bb was very good with one major wobble compared to what I’ve seen from bigger names with all kinds of wobble s and breaks and still getting over a 15.5 Laurie was scored fairly on vt bb and floor I will watch her floor just for the artistry and those saying Laurie not good on ub this is her first mistake since the beginning of the year. Last I checked Simone s vt especially the second one wasn’t that good and nobody is knocking her for being overscored


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