Ashton Locklear – 9.450 E-score Bars

Some are complaining that score is too high. Close to perfect is 9.1 E-score, according to the good ladies of FIG.

But I’m alright with this evaluation. This routine is extremely clean.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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7 thoughts on “Ashton Locklear – 9.450 E-score Bars”

  1. It’s hard to tell if handstands are hit from this angle, but my guess is most were. Her toes are pointed and legs are glued together throughout the entire routine, Her rhythm was great too. Honestly, I can’t tell where over 5 tenths in deduction would come from. The only obvious mistake I saw was the tiny step on the landing. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…the FIG judges (and probably worse, today’s fans) are way to harsh when it comes to judging routines these days. That routine would have gotten a 9.9 or higher pre-1993. Why can’t we reward solid, beautiful routines with E scores higher than 9.1 when they deserve them? Why is 9.1 the new 10? I still do not understand this after 10 years in this new scoring system.


  2. Well it’s the ones that always complain that the Americans are overscored and the Russians and Chinese aren’t. Give me a break this routine was solid just as good as anything the Chinese and Russians have thrown out this year haters will hate. Madison and Laurier routine were pretty darn good too the scores compared to other countries were spot on. People don’t like it that Americans are hitting their bar routines


  3. She did miss a connection. Otherwise overscoring would hv been even more atrocious :)… I think at world this would’ve been like 15.3-4… even marta thought it was completely overscored by her reaction…

    I just take the absolute raw score with 4 grains of sand… the more important point is the relative ranking of the US top 6 ub routines which is correctly done in this competition


    1. I’m curious would; so do you believe what the Chinese and Russians have thrown up this year; aren’t overscored. Just saying because I don’t feel they have thrown up any better began lochear has this year. If you believe it’s a 15.3 then what have they put up. It’s funny when people complain about the Americans being overscored but the Russians and Chinese are too. Lets not forget the Chinese at Beijing 2008 were greatly overscored on balance beanie and they did cheat on age a cheat is a cheat


      1. Just saying that she is nice and clean but she cant beat dasha or downie routine at euro just on this (inflated) e score and lower d score…. need to upgrade…. see kyla ross…


        1. Wow you must be watching a different meet because Rebecca routine was very good but in no way was it better than lockier routine she is probably one of the cleanest gymnist I’ve seen I prefer her over any of the Chinese routine this year by the way they were overscored too and lockier deserved no lower than a 15.6 even with the inflation which wasn’t much compared to the rediculous scores I’ve seen from international meets


  4. I would’ve been .1 for handstand, 1. For handstand, .3 for late in half turn before dismount, .1 for step on dismount. 9.400. Easy call.


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