Gabby’s incorrect Bars D-score

At American Cup Gabby was awarded 6.5 D-score in the official results.

On Papa Liukin I saw a comment from A Houstonian GymNerd:

While this would have been correct with her intended routine, she inserted a stalder between her Endo ½ and the Shap ½, thus taking away 0.1 CV.

In-bar full (E)-piked tkatchev (E)-Pak(D) 0.3CV
In-bar ½ (D)-Endo ½ (D)-Stalder ©-Chow ½ (E) 0.1 CV
In-bar (D)
Eight elements: DDDDDEEE = 3.5
CV = 0.4
EGR = 2.5

D-score = 6.4

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

… who can forget Gabby receiving credit for an Amanar when she didn’t even do one?

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Papa Liukin

Judges at the 2012 Pacific Rim called that Vault an Amanar. The worst judging I can recall in many, many years. There was no correction. No reprimand to the judges. 😦

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3 thoughts on “Gabby’s incorrect Bars D-score”

  1. Well it looked like her name recognition played in again. I believe the judges got it wrong . Maggie should have won. She was cleaner and pretty much stuck her landing. This is one reason every one calls this scam cup. Too bad


  2. Her “name” is killing true gymnastics fans. Maggie’s vault was cleaner, Maggie hit more hs on bars than Gabby did and she doesn’t bend her elbows 35 degrees when doing circling elements, Gabby’s beam routine was really good minus the dismount and the fact that she can’t do any ring element to save her life…if its not head level its no credit…but that never seems to matter. Maggie had some wobbles on beam but overall a solid set. Maggie’s floor routine was clearly better and more entertaining that Gabby’s. Even if Maggie couldn’t come away with a win, it should have been way closer.


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