Apparatus Finalists at World Championships

Biles USA 15.966
Miyakawa JPN 14.900
Nichols USA 14.700
Afanaseva RUS 14.633
Fragapane GBR 14.600
Steingruber SUI 14.533
Fasana ITA 14.466
Downie (E) GBR 14.400

Biles USA 15.633
Paseka RUS 15.583
Hong PRK 15.533
Steingruber SUI 15.366
Wang CHN 15.099
Downie (E) GBR 14.949
Karmakar IND 14.900
Moreno MEX 14.899

Spiridonova RUS 15.466
Komova RUS 15.300
Kocian USA 15.233
Scheder GER 15.033
Fan CHN 14.966
Douglas USA 14.750
Harrold GBR 14.666
Shang CHN 14.666

Biles USA 14.966
Wevers (S) NED 14.766
Black CAN 14.600
Komova RUS 14.533
Tutkhalian RUS 14.533
Wang CHN 14.500
Schafer GER 14.300
Thorsdottir NED 14.233

No Romanian finalists for the first time in … ever. 😦

(via Full Twist)

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