George Eyser – amputee Olympic gymnast

George Eyser was a German-American gymnast who competed in the 1904 Summer Olympics, earning six medals in one day, including three gold and two silver medals.

Eyser competed with a wooden prosthesis for a left leg, having lost his real leg after being run over by a train. Despite his disability, he won gold in the vault, an event which then included a jump over a long horse without aid of a springboard. …

The Paralympic Games began 1948. Most physically challenged athletes now compete there.

Prior to 2008, Eyser was the only person with an artificial leg to have competed at the Olympic Games. In 2008, Natalie du Toit, a South African swimmer who lost her left leg in a traffic accident, participated in the 10 km marathon at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing and finished 16th …

Oscar Pistorius, the “Blade Runner”, has finally qualified for the able bodied world championships and will probably qualify to the London Olympics. Likely that will be one of the biggest stories of the 2012 Games.

The Olympic Fanatic did some research into Eyser’s life after 1909.

Thanks Jim Holt for remembering Eyser, one of the most amazing Olympic stories of all time.

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