MAG training in China

Video footage taken by Nicholas Bock while he and his 2 sons, both gymnasts, traveled to China with coach Guonian Wu to receive a personal and hands-on experience at a Chinese gymnastics school.

In a joint presentation with StickItMedia, Nicholas thoroughly describes for us what a typical day is like for young Chinese gymnasts, who have been selected to live, study and train at a famous sports school. His boys trained for ten days alongside these young Olympic hopefuls in a training system that has already produced numerous Olympic and World Champions.

Click PLAY or watch it on Gymnastike. (13min 30sec)

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Nicholas Bock:

Last summer, we spent 10 days training gymnastics at the Shi Cha Hai Sports School, which is located in the heart of Beijing China. The school is one of the most famous sports schools in China, producing several Olympic gold medalists in gymnastics …

When we arrived at the gymnastics hall for the first time, we were not impressed with the facilities. The floor was old, the high bar was rusty, the mats were old and torn, and climbing rope was not a rope at all, but an old long wooden pole, dangling from the ceiling. Being jet-lagged, we just watched the Chinese boys train. What we saw was unlike anything I had ever seen before. And after about 30 minutes, I knew why the Chinese dominate so completely. With the help of our coach, Guonian Wu, who was once a Chinese National team member, as well as a Chinese National team coach, we were given permission from the head boy’s coach, a long time friend and teammate of Guonian’s, to videotape. …

read more – Stick It MediaSeeking Perfection in China

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