gymnastics for Autistic kids

Dr. Larry Nassar is starting a foundation to help raise money for autism research and treatment. He is very interested in the role that gymnastics can play in the motor development of children with autism and other special needs. His foundation, Autism Foundation, is just getting started and he would like to get the message out.

A good place to start is his Facebook Autism page.

Nastia Liukin will be the special guest star at the Autism Awareness Gymnastics Competition, Michigan State University vs University of Illinois at MSU Jennison Fieldhouse Friday Evening Feb 25, 2011.

Bridget Sloan is doing the same at Twistars Gymnastics Invitational 1/8/2011, a special guest star to help promote the Foundation.

Meet Nikki Gutman, age-10

… diagnosed with autism at age 2, has overcome many obstacles in her life through gymnastics. Nikki participated in the BIG FUN Therapy and Recreational Services program for several years, competes on a state level in gymnastics, and has caught up academically with the general education population …

The Acorn


The best coverage I’ve seen of the debate over whether or not vaccines might (rarely) trigger Autism is PBS Frontline The Vaccine War.

I’m convinced that we must continue to vaccinate children as per schedule while, at the same time, doing more research. The risks of not vaccinating far outweigh the risks of following the regime.

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