is “ ethical?

by site editor Rick McCharles

This site is an aggregator.

I scan the web for stories of interest to acrobatic coaches, and link to the best. Contributors send me story ideas every day, as well.

On posts linking to those stories, I’ll often add commentary. And related information.

One of the first aggreator sites, still considered one of the best, is Techmeme. Exerpts are short. There’s no confusion regarding where the reader interested in any particular post can find the details. The news outlets they link love this site.

Often cited one of the worst aggregators is Huffington Post.

… the mother of all news internet impostures. …

The recipe is simple and extremely efficient: you take a 2600 words Vanity Fair interview of the financial reporter Michael Lewis on the rotten Greek public finances, you squeeze it down to 360 words (that’s down to 14% of the original length), and you have a self-supporting article that perfectly sums up Lewis’ point. This fits the internet era’s snippet culture: unless you nurture a secret passion for Hellenic bonds, you have no need to click and link from the HuffPo back to the original Vanity Fair story. …

I really enjoy the Huffington Post. And I really enjoy Amanda Turner’s posts for International Gymnast. But she’s very guilty of not sending traffic back to her sources. Amanda’s articles may be legal. But I’d say many are unethical.

Is Gymnastics Coaching doing enough to be a good aggregator?

Leave a comment if you have an opinion.

This rant was inspired by a superb post on Monday Note by Frédéric FillouxAggregators: the good ones vs. the looters

If you are a blogger, definitely click through to Frédéric.

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