Romanian gymnasts at Worlds

Beatrice Gheorghisor attended the Romanian Championships this weekend, posting on her blog Gymnastics – No Ceiling.

Read Bea’s detailed commentary on the Romanian girls with forecasts on who will be selected for World Championships 2010:

Ana Porgras is getting better and better but she is a very fragile gymnast. They said she was going to take things slowly and she will only compete on only 2 events at the Worlds. This will not happen. She keeps getting better scores on floor than Diana Chelaru (a supposed specialist), so she will do floor on the TF, there’s no doubt MOREOVER she keeps earning higher scores than Amelia Racea all around, so she will be used all around as well. It might be really sad to watch because at this pace she is not going to make it to 2011 Worlds …

Click PLAY or watch Ana’s Floor on YouTube.

Note the single step back into the corner for each tumbling pass, rather than the even uglier waddle back used by most girls. (Why don’t judges deduct that more?)

The Romanian women are looking much better at this stage of the quadrennial than expected. But with such a small pool of elite gymnasts, they need be very, very cautious.

After all, these World Championships are not important. The goal should be World’s 2011 and the Olympics.

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