vault runway problems

Setting up for the Canadian Gymnastics Championships competition, my first question was:

Why is the Double Mini runway so much thicker and better than the Vault runway?

(I want the thick one for gymnasts.)

Next: Does anyone recall the vault runway that was attached to a wooden base attached to the vault horse? (Spieth sold such a configuration years ago. Everything hooked together. Nice.)

It’s 2007 and the runways at a competition are still moving around. This seems like an easy-to-solve problem without using endless rolls of expensive duct tape.

no way to attach runway to horse

We put concrete blocks on the end of our runways to help stabilize them.


Trampoline and Tumbling folks actually lashed (yellow strap) the Double Mini to weights to help stop it from moving around.


This is nonsense. There must be a better way.

Please leave a comment if you’ve seen a better solution in competition.

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