Canadian Gymnastics Club Survey

Daniel Macdonald PhD, one of the builders of Canadian Gymnastics, published a statistical report comparing 83 clubs with annual operating budgets from $10,000 to $1 million dollars.

The majority are not-for-profit organizations, run by volunteer Boards of Directors.

Dan’s report includes an overview chart of membership fee rates. As well, a chart detailing potential club subsidies.

Surprisingly, clubs use a wide variety of voting structures; many allowing Head Coaches and / or Chief Administrators to vote at general meetings.


The most interesting statistics for me were the comparative cost of payroll as a percentage of total expenditures. Though only 12 or 13 clubs were compared, the rate varied from 21% – 88%. (In the old, old days I budgeted 33% of total budget for salaries and wages. In 2006 that number, I suspect, is minimum 50% for larger clubs.)

How clubs communicate with members


Some clubs offer programmes other than the ususal gymnastic disciplines including adult fitness, cross training, conditioning and dry land training, circus Arts, Gymnaestrada, Gym & Jive, cheerleading and Tae Kwon Do.

I found it interesting to compare our club against these norms. But if you are looking for brilliant, innovative new ideas — look to the USA. I feel that change is slow coming in Canada as progress is naturally stifled by the not-for-profit system.

Daniel Macdonald’s NATIONAL GYMNASTICS CLUB SURVEY, SECTION II, ANALYSIS OF CLUB OPERATIONS report PDF is posted on the Gymnastics Alberta website. Thanks for putting it together, Dan!

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