the myth of anorexia in artistic gymnastics

There is an author named Murray Hughes who’s work I can dismiss unseen.

At a glance, his website shouted alarmist sensationalism. When I read this statement, Hughes lost me forever.

Anorexia: As many as 62% of gymnasts are effected!

This is wrong, long ago debunked by Bill Sands and others. Competitive female artistic gymnasts are at no greater risk than their non-gymnast classmates.

I am still irate from the day one of my gymnast came into the gym in tears, crying, because kids at school called her an anorexic gymnast. Needless to say she was a healthy, slim gymnast.

If you see any products tagged with “Secrets Revealed”, approach with caution.

Mr. Hughes, the real danger in our society is child obesity. Why don’t you write a book on that topic.

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Rick Mc

Career gymnastics coach who loves the outdoors, and the internet.

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