Level 3 Coaching Clinic 2010

These are notes and links for coaches who attended the week long NCCP Level 3 Technical course hosted by Calgary Gymnastics Centre.

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• Introduction – Rick McCharles (Presentation MOVIE)
Understand-Teach model (Presentation MOVIE)
Physical Preparation (Presentation MOVIE)
• Simplified Biomechanics (Presentation MOVIE)


Kyle Shewfelt led a tumbling clinic, all day. Here’s a short video clip of highlights.

• Tumbling – Rick’s review (Presentation MOVIE)
• Other Acrobatic Sports (Presentation MOVIE)

• Bar (Presentation MOVIE)
•  boys bar hip pad (MOVIE)
• Bars posts on Gymnastics Coaching

CGC Calgary Gymnastics Centre 2010 - Vault

• Vault INTRO (Presentation MOVIE)
• Vault – Yurchenko ( (Presentation MOVIE – iTunes)
Trampoline for Gymnasts (Rick’s (Presentation MOVIE))
Internet for Elite Coaches (Presentation MOVIE)

Click PLAY or watch Trampoline and Beam clips on YouTube.

details on this video

• ethics 2010 (Presentation MOVIE)
Wrap-up L3 Tech 2010 (Presentation MOVIE)

Olga Strazheva – 1989 World’s FX (choreography)
• Silvia Mitova – 1991 World’s FX (choreography)

Valérie Arsenault - Beam clinic 2010

Rings 2010 (Presentation MOVIE)
• clinic demonstrators on Rings
• Pommel L3 2010 (Presentation MOVIE)
• clinic demonstrators on Pommels
Parallel Bars (Presentation MOVIE)
• clinic demonstrators on Parallels

CGC Calgary Gymnastics Centre 2010 - P Bars

CGC Calgary Gymnastics Centre 2010 - P Bars

more photos from the L3 Tech

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