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wow – sextuple gainer

switching surfboards mid-wave

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(via Elgan)

extreme Canyoning

… I thought Canyoning was extreme enough already.

WARREN VERBOOM takes it to another level.

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If you like that, here’s another VIDEO.

When Warren’s not doing that, he’s BASE jumping or Wing Suiting.

Aerial Ski training into pool

(via Greg Marsden)

DRAGONE audition – Miami

For the Cast renewal of the fantastic water show in Macau will be auditioning in Miami.



145 water-skiers

Video posted Jan. 2012.

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beautiful – aerial ski flips to pool

This video is a depiction of our love and dedication to the sport of Aerial Skiing,

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via Greg Roe

surfing – Kelly Slater’s 720

A new move, somewhat by luck. :-)

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via Slate – Kelly Slater, Ageless Wonder

Watch the 11-time world champion pull off a near-impossible surfing move.

Project JUMPoff – Tramp Parkour

Slow start to this 5min video, but it’s well worth watching. A philosophical look at why guys get together to do acrobatics in the WILD. From Denmark, not Sweden. :-)

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(via Gymsportnieuwssite GymPower)

extreme kiteboarding

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new Circus show in China

Franco Dragone‘s next project is, no surprise, another water show.

A Film Park including his new “Han Show” are both scheduled to open December 2014 in Wuhan, China.

The preview looks GREAT. :-)

The audience chairs will move during the performance.


80 to 85 percent of the cast will be Chinese from disciplines like diving, gymnastics, synchronized swimming and ballet.

Cirque du Soleil stopped their shows in Japan and Macao. But Dragone’s House of Dancing Water has been going strong in Macao since 2010.

related – Wanda’s grand cultural plans in Wuhan

Epic Slip ‘N Slide Pool Party

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(via John Roethlisberger & Owen Timothy Field)

Expedition Idaho Adventure Race

7-days of continuous physical and mental challenge, almost no sleep, bad food, questionable water. Who invented this sport? :-)

To stagger the start of Expedition Idaho, Race Director Dave Adlard, invented a unique prologue.

Teams had to climb the toughest waterslide, starting over if anyone slipped.

If successful, they then took a victory laprunning the Lazy River. Backwards. :-)

This is even tougher than it looks.

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Gymnastics sport scientist Jeni McNeal is running this race.

Good luck.