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All the best in 2011.

basketball phenom … Jordan

Gymnastics is not the only sport with very young supertalents.

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Prince George B.C. hosts 2015 Canada Games

Canada Games – The City of Prince George has been named the host of the 2015 Canada Winter Games by the Canada Games Council at a press conference today. Kelowna and Kamloops were the other cities in the running.

Folks up in northern B.C. are ecstatic.

Elite Gymnastics – the band

Have you heard of a “Poetic Funk Psychedelic” band called Elite Gymnastics?

Neither have I.

They are a duo, James Brooks and Josh Clancy from Minneapolis, MN.

Here’s the cover of their album Real Friends.


I do wonder how they decided on that name.

(via Gymnastics Examiner)

why Youth Sports?

I’ve really been enjoying Mark Folger’s new blog dedicated to coaches, parents, gymnasts and gymnastics fans.

Check out one called Hidden Opportunities in Youth Sports:

balance-foam-cube.jpgYounger athletes look up to older athletes who excel at their sport. A simple compliment from one of these older athletes can “make the day” of the less experienced athlete. When you “make the day” for a child, you make the day for their parents as well, allowing one simple good deed to go a long way. …

A seven year old who does a nice straight arm, straight leg cartwheel is excellent in the eyes of the four year old who’s struggling just to get hands and feet placed in the right order for her cartwheel.

That same seven year old may look up to a ten year old who does a cartwheel on the high balance beam. The ten year old sees excellence in the level 8 gymnast …

read the rest – Hidden Opportunities in Youth Sports

Photo HPTCamp.com

Artemev iffy for USA Championships

Too bad.

From Inside Gymnastics:

… Just as he’d recovered from planned shoulder surgery (postponed last year to train for Beijing), Artemev suffered another setback, this time in form of a back fracture that is slowly starting to heal.

“I got back to really doing all my skills in late April,” Artemev recalls. “Then I hurt my back [about a month later]. I was doing too much I think, and this is what happened.

“I’ve been wearing a brace and just getting massage work, lots of massage,” Artemev adds of the treatment for his latest injury. “Other than that, it’s just staying careful. I haven’t tumbled or vaulted much yet.”

This latest injury has put Artemev’s entire season in question. Though he hopes to compete at least a few events at next month’s U.S. Championships, Artemev’s goals have shifted away from Worlds and moved solely to regaining his strength. …



Mattie Larson: Inside Gymnastics cover girl

Inside Gymnastics July/August readers’ cover choice.

Mattie Larson won with by a landslide. She was picked about 2-1 over the other three candidates.