3 1/2 to 3/1 twist

Who is this guy?

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Is it Cameron Bonton @itzcamm, Cheer tumbler?

itzcambonton on instagram.

BMX in 2015

Cirque du Soleil’s Stacy Clark linked to a highlights reel from an event in France. Mostly twisting: riders, their bikes … or both.

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tumbling at La Nouba

1. Full, Double Full, Triple Full
2. Rudi through to Quad Twist
3. Full-Full Tuck to ½ Out
4. Full-Full Straight + ½
5. Miller Straight (Check the nice arms by the sides)
6. Arabian-Split-Rudi Out
7. Miller Straight + ½
8. Full-Full Straight to Triple Full
9. Miller+

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via coach Matthew Sparks

Paula Mejia – Kasamatsu + 1 1/2

I said “I’ll be very surprised if any female gymnast competes Kas + 1 1/2 or Tsuk 2 1/2 in 2015.”

Check out Paula Mejia in training.

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Paula Mejia Vault Yeessooo!

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It’s a Kas rather than a Tsuk due to direction of the twist. Left arm contacts horse first (right twisting round-off), then salto twist to the left.

Paula is age-20. From Puerto Rico training at Universal Gymnastics with coach Maria Gonzalez. She hopes to qualify to Pan-Am Games in Toronto this summer.

Thank Jerad Goad for the link.

Jake Dalton training Quint

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Can you count how many twists? @adidasgymnastics #OwnToday

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Kenzo, reportedly, has already done it on competition Floor.

late twisting Yurchenkos

Most gymnasts tend to rush the twist off the table. Here are examples of gymnasts who REALLY set before initiating the twist.

NastiaFan linked to two:

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Anon linked to Khorkina.

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late twisting Yurchenko

This is awesome.

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Here’s another one on YouTube. Can you think of anyone who twists later than Sachi?

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