HAYASAKA Naoto – Floor

Top qualifier at FISU Games with 15.550.

He uses the offset round-off as so many of the Kenzo wannabes are doing these days.

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Zou Jingyuan – Floor

Mounts with a clean forward triple twist. :-)

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Kas with … a lot of twists

Donnell Whittenburg in training.

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#Slomosunday I'll have try this on a mat sometime soon !!!

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Naoto Hayasaka – Floor

Making Floor Exercise strictly a twisting competition seems silly to me. These guys should be showing so much more.

1. Kenzo Shirai 7.6/16.450
2. Wataru Tanigawa 6.5/15.450
3. Naoto Hayasaka 7.2/15.300 (0.3)
4. Takahiro Goshima 7.0/15.250 (He did 3.5 twist fwd)
5. Ryohei Kato 7.1/15.200 (0.3)
6. Shoichi Yamamoto 6.6/14.950
7. Rikii Hoshino 6.8/14.850
8. Kenta Chiba 6.5/14.800 (0.3)

Gym Fan Japan

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Takahiro Goshima – Floor

Another amazing Japanese twister. 3.5 forward twist. And much more.

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Thanks Darren.

Kenzo – Floor

Just try to count the twists. :-)

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Kenzo did qualify for the Japanese team to Worlds 2015.

Jordan Chiles – front layout triple twist

This is Kenzo serious twisting. Respect.

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Still working on it but it is getting there #fronttriple @samuelmikulak

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Jordan trains at Naydenov Gymnastics.

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