late twisting Yurchenkos

Most gymnasts tend to rush the twist off the table. Here are examples of gymnasts who REALLY set before initiating the twist.

NastiaFan linked to two:

Click PLAY or watch Ekaterina Kurbatova on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Emily Wong on YouTube.

Anon linked to Khorkina.

Click PLAY or watch Svetlana on YouTube.

late twisting Yurchenko

This is awesome.

Click PLAY or watch Sachi Sugiyama on instagram.

Here’s another one on YouTube. Can you think of anyone who twists later than Sachi?

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front full punch 2 and 1/2

Sam on instagram.

Learning to twist like the Japanese! Front full punch front 2 1/2 twist 🔥

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Kenzo Shirai 16.70 Floor

D 7.4 + E 9.3

His all twisting routine.

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Hey. Kenzo is still in High School! :-)

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Giarnni Regini Moran – twisting

Rod Floor to resi pit.

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Natalia Ros – fwd layout 3/1 twist

Spanish gymnast. In training.

See it on instagram.

Triple alante #slowcamera

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She’s been doing it for some time. See one from 8 months ago on instagram.

Triple pirueta adelante!💪👌😁

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9/2 twist to 2/1 twist

Or is it 7/2?

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Ukrainian Kenzo Shirai 👍💪

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Posted by Oleg Verniaiev. Nico’s not sure of this guy’s name.

The most I’ve seen Kenzo do is 9/2 twist to 1/2 twist.

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