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Yurchenko drill

From Mary Lee Tracy.

Before kids are ready to flip, they should be skilled at this fun drill.

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This way they are working on the most dangerous phase – landing – long before they have to worry about rotation.

Don’t stay on this drill too long, however, as it teaches them NOT to flip. It’s useful only for a very short phase of the skill development.

Another thing I like about the drill is that it starts new Yurchenko kids off thinking about doing the twist late. :-)

standing triple full


tumbling fwd 3/1, 1/1 to 1/2

Max chasing Kenzo.

Next Code, FIG truly must limit the number of twisting elements that can be counted in one routine. This is not good for the knees.

(via GymCastic+)

Kenzo training Yurchenko 3 1/2

If anyone could compete this, it’s Kenzo.

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Thanks Steve.

Natalia Ros – fwd triple twist

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Natalia is a Senior from Spain.

via GymFever

amazing jump twisting

I’m particularly impressed how he STICKS the dismount.

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Thank George Thomas for the link.

another Shirai training quad twist

Those landings are dangerous. :-(

FX front 1/1 to 3 1/2

Attempt by Naoto Hayasaka.

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(via Greg Roe)

Rachel Gowey at Camp


This is the Karolyi Camp highlights clip that’s most impressed me so far. She’s a twister.

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Rachel trains at Chows.

more crazy TeamGym

The Power Tumblers look positively in control compared with the big trick TeamGymnasts.

“TeamGymnasts” … Is that a term?

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(via Euro Gymnastic Equipment and Anders Jacobsen)

twisting machines

The SAM Spotting System costs US$2,995 in the States.


In Europe the same thing could cost you US$4700 (31000kr).

Phillipe Chartrand was selling a similar device called “Flipping Wings“. Seems it’s no longer available.

My old coach, Physical Ed Vincent built his own with bungie and a twist belt. It’s been working for years and years, with constant maintenance. :-)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Personally, I don’t need any of those devices to teach twisting. The time lost getting into and out of the belt could be better used.

Kenzo tries Yurchenko 3 1/2

Guys are trying to catch-up to our world Floor Champion. But it’s more likely he’ll add more twists before they do.

Yurchenko triple twist is named after Kenzo Shirai.

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That’s a miss.

But I predict he’ll be competing it soon. Anyway.

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count twists on the 2nd skill

Shixiong Zhou in training. :-)

via Nico on GymFever