African Championships, Pretoria

… top gymnasts from across the African continent contest for Africa Championship titles in the various Gymnastics disciplines of Aerobic Gymnastics; Rhythmic Gymnastics; Trampoline; Double Mini-trampoline and Tumbling.

The South African Gymnastics Federation (SAGF) takes great pleasure in hosting the 11th African Gymnastics Championships at Tukssport Indoor Sports Centre Pretoria, from December 9 – 13, 2012. Countries participating will be those from Algeria; Angola; Congo; Egypt; Mozambique; Namibia; South Africa; Senegal; Tunisia; and Zimbabwe, with just under 160 participants in total to date. …


170ft tumbling trampoline

Full Twist:

This is pretty cool. A 51 m or 170 foot trampoline fast track has been installed in a forest in Russia.

gorgeous Gym d’Arques, France

Complexe Gymnique d’Arques

Blythe Lawrence in 2011:

The 6,000 square meter training center …

The beautiful and colorful training gym in Arques, France.

I was able to visit Arques and see the new complex late last year. It is sparkling and simply the most beautiful gymnastics venue I’ve ever seen. …

Everything in this building feels brand new and state of the art. A set of Olympic medals from Beijing and stuffed animal Olympic mascots are displayed in the waiting area on the first floor. The airy gym, stocked with Gymnova equipment, is all white walls and blonde wood and the company’s signature red and white mats. The building’s roof has 1,200 square meters of solar panels and produces more energy than it consumes.

There are rooms named after 2004 Olympic uneven bars champion Emilie Lepennec and Laurent Barbieri, who won silver on vault at the 1985 World Championships. (Before Thomas Bouhail did him one better in Rotterdam …, Barbieri was France’s last male gymnast to win a world medal on vault). …

Click PLAY or watch it on Daily Motion. (slow loading — Daily Motion is a pig to avoid)

Équipement de la salle de Gym d'Arques by cgeneral62

Galiulina, Krylov disciplined

Lausanne (SUI) / FIG Office, November 14, 2012: Convened at FIG headquarters in Lausanne (SUI) on November 5 – 7, 2012, the FIG Disciplinary Commission issued its ruling on two doping cases.

The first case involved Uzbek Artistic Gymnast Luiza Galiulina, 20 years, who tested positive for Furosemide at the London Olympic Games. Galiulina has been suspended for a period of six months …

The second case examined by experts involves Russian tumbler Andrey Krylov, who tested positive for stimulants at the Trampoline World Cup stage in Loulé (POR), September 2012. Krylov received a twelve-month suspension …

… the gymnasts and their respective national federations may appeal …


walking in ‘bridge’

I’ve never liked this drill. Especially NOT the GAME of racing in bridge position.

It has little value for gymnasts. Encourages bad form, bad technique.

And some kids have been injured while attempting it.

I’ll always recall when the great Russian Power Tumbling coach, Skakoun Senior, told us at a clinic in Canada:

“If you can do a bridge, get out of my gym. You can’t tumble.”

His demonstrator, a 3-time World Champion, did not even know how to get into position to try a back bridge.

That’s going too far, in my opinion. There are powerful tumblers who can do a back bridge, but it’s not essential.

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teaching forward layout

Don’t miss the latest excellent tutorial by Lee Woolls.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Be careful doing forward layout into the pit, however, in case of injury on landing.

The “two” techniques could just as easily be considered a continuum of take-off position from one extreme a priority on rotation (“whip”), the other height.

Mai Murakami – double lay, 3/1 twist

Rod Floor on to pit mats.

Kazukuni Ohno’s VIDEO on Facebook.