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extreme street acrobatics video

A long (10min 25sec) highlights reel from many disciplines, including contortion. Some new (to me) footage of Junior.

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Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Thanks bboysistou.

a visit to the F.I.G. offices

by site editor Rick McCharles.

The International Gymnastics Federation moved from Moutier to a new building in Lausanne, Switzerland earlier this year.

It’s conveniently located close to the train station.


This past summer, on recommendation from Keith Russell, I visited the new digs. And was very impressed with the operation.

MeikeMeike Behrensen, F.I.G. Media Operations Coordinator, gave me a tour.

(You’ve probably noticed how well and widely Meike has been getting information out to the world in recent months. I’m getting updates every couple of days from multiple sources. Thanks.)

I felt a bit sheepish entering the lovely historic building after all the less than positive things I’ve had to say about F.I.G. over the years. But you won’t find Bruno Grandi at the FIG offices. Nor
Nellie Kim.

Here the FIG employees work frantically trying to keep all the events and programs worldwide on track.

It’s not easy.

I was impressed with everyone I met: young, enthusiastic, energetic, multi-lingual. To survive working for FIG you must have a lot of good qualities.

On this blog we mostly cover Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. But in Lausanne they administer Trampoline Sports, Rhythmic, Aerobic, Acrobatic, Gymnastics for All, … and much, much more.

Consider this a shout out for the F.I.G. Staff. We really appreciate what you are doing for coaches and athletes.


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  • T&T Championships video online

    The finals of the 2009 World Trampoline and Tumbling Championships will be broadcasted on Universal Sports, Nov 13-14.


    Alexandra Raismen – 3/1 twist

    Many are speculating whether the young American gymnast might be a future tumbling / vault contender in Senior.

    Some even compare her to Alicia Sacramone. (Especially since she uses one of Alicia’s old Floor music pieces.)

    Check out Alexandra’s “easy” triple twist. She must do a good quad twist in training.

    Click PLAY or watch a Floor routine from Pan-Am Jr’s on YouTube.

    12wk gymnastics sprint program

    Valentin Uzunov posted an article on The Gym Press:

    … a 12 week off-season sprint training program, for preadolescent gymnasts (7-12 years of age), who have not had formal sprint training. A detailed discussion is presented on the theoretical and practical application of the key concepts to effective sprinting for vault: optimized running mechanics, start of run-up and acceleration. The methodology behind this program is based on current track and field coaching methods, scientific literature on sprinting biomechanics and preadolescence speed and strength training principles. …

    read the full abstract

    It’s available to download for a few dollars. (This is a great way to support Valentin’s work studying the art and science of gymnastics coaching.)

    He’s posted a number of videos on TheGymPress channel supporting this article.

    One sample is a drill that I use a lot – Partner hamstring curls. Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

    Gymnasts often have a muscular imbalance: their quads are too strong relative to the hamstrings. Partner hamstring curls are ideal for getting close to a maximum contraction safely.

    preview Trampoline Gymnastics World’s

    We’re seeing by far the best online coverage ever of a Trampoline and Tumbling World Championships.

    From FIG

    … It will be exciting to watch Japan’s world class Trampoline gymnasts. At the last two world championships, Tetsuya Sotomura and Yasuhiro Ueyama medalled in Individual as well as Synchronised Trampoline, topping by their joint Gold in 2007.

    More recently, their team-mates Shusuke Nagasaki and Masaki Ito won this year’s World Games and the 2009 World Cup season in Synchro. And no matter who wins the race in St Petersburg, these four gymnasts make a hell of a team! …


    meet many more of the competitors – Trampoline stars line up for action!

    Check, too, AcrobaticSports.com available in French and English.

    T&T photos from Russia

    FIG is posting some very good pics on the official competition website.

    VACHON Denis + SMITH Emily (CAN)

    VACHON Denis + SMITH Emily (CAN)

    click through to one of the photo gallery pages

    Wow – Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics

    Aomori University won the 2009 All Japan Team Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships.

    But don’t expect to see a male version of the Women’s sport.

    This is must see video. Great artistry, precision, synchronicity. Difficult tumbling. Sections that could be called Acrobatic Gymnastics.

    In fact, this team could go to work for Cirque du Soleil tomorrow. A riveting performance.

    Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

    Japan has been doing male team performances like this for over 50yrs.

    For the first time I found this Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics website. It’s not kept updated, however.

    Rhythmic Gymnastics is a competitive sport under the authority of F.I.G. (International Gymnastics Federation). Currently, only the women’s portion of rhythmic gymnastics is recognized by FIG – men’s rhythmic gymnastics is yet to get FIG approval. The possibilities and opportunities men’s rhythmic gymnastics presents are endless. It is up to each and everyone of us to work hard to make the dream a reality.


    Thanks Chris Houston for sending us the link.

    Trampoline Sports World Championships

    A few Grace Chui photos from St Petersburg:

    by Grace Chiu (GraceClick.ca)

    by Grace Chiu (GraceClick.ca)

    Charles Thibault, Canada

    Charles Thibault, Canada


    Wait a minute. … That bear is actually from a Russian circus called Sadka.


    Trampoline World Championships 2009 – official home page

    World Trampoline Sports – Russia

    My Facebook feed is full of athletes and well-wishers talking about travel to the most beautiful city in Russia.

    Let me add my best wishes to everyone participating.

    World Championships in Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline will get underway in St Petersburg (RUS) at the Sports and Concert Complex.

    A total of 274 gymnasts (162 men and 112 women) from 32 different federations and every continent will participate in these championships, which feature Individual and Team competitions in Individual Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline as well as Synchronised Trampoline events. Great Britain and Russia will be sending the largest delegations (23 gymnasts per country), followed by Canada (22 entries) and the USA (19 participants). Kylie Walker (NZL), and Claudia Prat (ESP), both Women’s Individual Trampoline, will be the only representatives from their countries.

    Let’s have a closer look at what and whom to expect:

    … read it on the FIG website

    26th FIG World Championships – November 11 – 14
    19th World Age Group Competitions – November 18 – 21

    Click PLAY or watch “Insane Tumble” (2003) on YouTube. (This will get you in the mood for World’s.)

    Thanks for the link, Mike.

    what happened to Tye Hill?

    UPDATE: Stacy tells:

    Tye is also an artist in Cirque du Soleil’s WINTUK!
    The show opens Friday, November 13 in New York City.

    Likely you’ve seen the Cheer tumbling sensation on YouTube.

    A former power tumbler, famous for his kick split into twisting.

    Un pro de la gymnastique

    Tye was coaching at Cheer Athletics in Dallas. He’s relocated to Total Cheerleading in Auckland, New Zealand. Click through for details.

    Frederick Nicolas linked to the video on Facebook.

    tumbling – testing the Weller springs

    It seems inevitable to me that all Floors will one day be constructed with the new springs designed by Scott Weller.

    Weller Spring Floor gymnastics tumble test with Olympian Justin Spring

    Powerful gymnasts, both male and female, test it at Illinois …

    Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

    Note that Scott, a former gymnast, couldn’t resist leaving a clip of Horizontal Bar at the end of the video.

    For more information, click through to softer Floor – Weller springs.

    The springs are available from King Bars Sports, LLC.

    Sean Golden on Front Twisting

    This is not how I teach forward layout, full twist. But it’s very similar to what is taught by Russian Head Coach Andrei Rodionenko.

    Something tells me I should listen to Sean Golden. I already know I need to listen to Andrei!

    Click PLAY or watch it on Gymnastike.

    Gymnastics Videos on Gymnastike

    This is part of the Technique Tuesday series of tutorials. (Workout Wednesday is tomorrow. I can hardly wait.)