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preview Trampoline Gymnastics World’s

We’re seeing by far the best online coverage ever of a Trampoline and Tumbling World Championships.

From FIG

… It will be exciting to watch Japan’s world class Trampoline gymnasts. At the last two world championships, Tetsuya Sotomura and Yasuhiro Ueyama medalled in Individual as well as Synchronised Trampoline, topping by their joint Gold in 2007.

More recently, their team-mates Shusuke Nagasaki and Masaki Ito won this year’s World Games and the 2009 World Cup season in Synchro. And no matter who wins the race in St Petersburg, these four gymnasts make a hell of a team! …


meet many more of the competitors – Trampoline stars line up for action!

Check, too, AcrobaticSports.com available in French and English.

T&T photos from Russia

FIG is posting some very good pics on the official competition website.

VACHON Denis + SMITH Emily (CAN)

VACHON Denis + SMITH Emily (CAN)

click through to one of the photo gallery pages

Wow – Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics

Aomori University won the 2009 All Japan Team Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships.

But don’t expect to see a male version of the Women’s sport.

This is must see video. Great artistry, precision, synchronicity. Difficult tumbling. Sections that could be called Acrobatic Gymnastics.

In fact, this team could go to work for Cirque du Soleil tomorrow. A riveting performance.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Japan has been doing male team performances like this for over 50yrs.

For the first time I found this Men’s Rhythmic Gymnastics website. It’s not kept updated, however.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a competitive sport under the authority of F.I.G. (International Gymnastics Federation). Currently, only the women’s portion of rhythmic gymnastics is recognized by FIG – men’s rhythmic gymnastics is yet to get FIG approval. The possibilities and opportunities men’s rhythmic gymnastics presents are endless. It is up to each and everyone of us to work hard to make the dream a reality.


Thanks Chris Houston for sending us the link.

Trampoline Sports World Championships

A few Grace Chui photos from St Petersburg:

by Grace Chiu (GraceClick.ca)

by Grace Chiu (GraceClick.ca)

Charles Thibault, Canada

Charles Thibault, Canada


Wait a minute. … That bear is actually from a Russian circus called Sadka.


Trampoline World Championships 2009 – official home page

World Trampoline Sports – Russia

My Facebook feed is full of athletes and well-wishers talking about travel to the most beautiful city in Russia.

Let me add my best wishes to everyone participating.

World Championships in Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline will get underway in St Petersburg (RUS) at the Sports and Concert Complex.

A total of 274 gymnasts (162 men and 112 women) from 32 different federations and every continent will participate in these championships, which feature Individual and Team competitions in Individual Trampoline, Tumbling and Double Mini-Trampoline as well as Synchronised Trampoline events. Great Britain and Russia will be sending the largest delegations (23 gymnasts per country), followed by Canada (22 entries) and the USA (19 participants). Kylie Walker (NZL), and Claudia Prat (ESP), both Women’s Individual Trampoline, will be the only representatives from their countries.

Let’s have a closer look at what and whom to expect:

… read it on the FIG website

26th FIG World Championships – November 11 – 14
19th World Age Group Competitions – November 18 – 21

Click PLAY or watch “Insane Tumble” (2003) on YouTube. (This will get you in the mood for World’s.)

Thanks for the link, Mike.

what happened to Tye Hill?

UPDATE: Stacy tells:

Tye is also an artist in Cirque du Soleil’s WINTUK!
The show opens Friday, November 13 in New York City.

Likely you’ve seen the Cheer tumbling sensation on YouTube.

A former power tumbler, famous for his kick split into twisting.

Un pro de la gymnastique

Tye was coaching at Cheer Athletics in Dallas. He’s relocated to Total Cheerleading in Auckland, New Zealand. Click through for details.

Frederick Nicolas linked to the video on Facebook.

tumbling – testing the Weller springs

It seems inevitable to me that all Floors will one day be constructed with the new springs designed by Scott Weller.

Weller Spring Floor gymnastics tumble test with Olympian Justin Spring

Powerful gymnasts, both male and female, test it at Illinois …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Note that Scott, a former gymnast, couldn’t resist leaving a clip of Horizontal Bar at the end of the video.

For more information, click through to softer Floor – Weller springs.

The springs are available from King Bars Sports, LLC.

Sean Golden on Front Twisting

This is not how I teach forward layout, full twist. But it’s very similar to what is taught by Russian Head Coach Andrei Rodionenko.

Something tells me I should listen to Sean Golden. I already know I need to listen to Andrei!

Click PLAY or watch it on Gymnastike.

Gymnastics Videos on Gymnastike

This is part of the Technique Tuesday series of tutorials. (Workout Wednesday is tomorrow. I can hardly wait.)

arm action – forward layout salto

Tony Retrosi shows a good technique and drills on how to use your arms to accelerate rotation.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

The Gymnastics Minute is a series of free introductory video tips produced by GymSmarts.

Alex Seifert wins Canada’s 1st World Cup medal

alex-seifert(1)Alex Seifert of Calgary made history on Saturday at a World Cup trampoline and tumbling competition. Seifert not only earned his first career World Cup medal with a third place finish in men’s tumbling but also collected the first ever World Cup podium for Canada in men’s tumbling.

Andrey Krylov of Russia won the gold medal with 73.80 points in the final. Kalon Ludvigson of the U.S., was second at 73.70 and Seifert, 19, took the bronze at 69.50. He was fourth in Friday`s preliminaries. …

read more on Gymnastics Canada

Alex and the rest of the best in the world are getting ready for …

2009 World Championships and World Age-Group Championships
DATES: World Championships – November 7-15
World Age-Group Championships – November 14-22
LOCATION: St. Petersburg, Russia

gymnast Veronica Wagner TV car ad

Veronica Wagner is a Gymnast who competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics as a member of the Swedish Olympic team. …

Veronica is Sweden’s most successful gymnast, having won the national title 4 times (2002, 2004-2006) as well as representing her country at Olympic, World Championship and European Championship level. Veronica has also been a finalist at several World Cup events.

Click PLAY or watch the Veronica Wagner commercial for koenigsegg on YouTube.

… After winning the Swedish Championships in June 2008, Veronica was told that the Swedish Olympic Committee would not send her to the Beijing to compete in the Olympic Games. A fan-driven petition was created in protest.

Wikipedia – Veronica Wagner

Jennifer Isbister posted this link on Facebook.

Gymnastics – Men’s Floor Exercise

Just another opinion is a thoughtful commenter on this site.

A recent observation:

… frankly, I find men’s floor routines a little silly as is. I’d much prefer them abandon the “floor” part of the routine and just use a strip. Tumble down, turn around, tumble back, repeat as necessary. I think it’s a little silly seeing them hitchkick and side-scale and prancey-hop to get into the corners. As is, it’s just a little too dancey for what I think they should be showing off. But that’s just my opinion.

Good point.

Men’s Floor exercise — in my opinion — was ruined by the Russian men. At one point in history Russia became the dominant gymnastics nation. A decision was made in Russia to minimize the connecting elements. What we traditionally called “the corner moves”.

The beginning of the end of artistry in Men’s Floor may well have been Andrianov.

Before that Floor was a very entertaining event. Menichelli from Italy, the 1964 Olympic champion, as one example.

Or even this guy …

Click PLAY or watch Kurt Thomas at the 1979 World Championships on YouTube.

In recent years only the occasional Floor routine offers much artistry, Shewfelt being the obvious example,

Instead of making Floor a tumbling competition — as acrobatic tumblers are far better — instead why don’t we deduct stops? Continuous motion required except for designated HOLD parts.

That’s what made Kurt Thomas so interesting to watch back in the day.

Kurt is a coach in Texas, now, of course.

Kurt Thomas Gymnastics

foward double front to double twist

Who will have the highest start score on Floor this quadrennial?

Likely Steven Legendre.

Click PLAY or watch this amazing pass on Gymnastike.

But not as amazing as Matthias Fahrig’s handspring forward layout double twist punch double front.

(via About.com Gymnastics)

==== UPDATE – Chris Brooks working on connecting these two super skills, as well.

Click PLAY or watch it on Gymnastike.

Thanks apolytongp.