what we don’t know about Round-off

Power tumbling coaches pity Artistic tumbling coaches as simpletons. For every drill we use, they use 15 or 20.

This isn’t what you and I are doing in the Artistic gym. …

Brett MacAulay linked to that on the T&T Coaches Canada Facebook page.

For the record, I don’t like young gymnasts overturning their hands. The “classic T” hand position is still what I teach.

For the record, most Artistic coaches pity Cheer tumbling coaches as … simpletons. :)

Tumbling – Chen Bo vs Kryzhanovski

1998 World Tumbling Championships – Twisting Final – Chen Bo (CHN) & Alexei Kryzhanovski (RUS)

Which of these super passes do you like better?

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Linked by Brett MacAulay on Facebook.

Emily Smith goes to Cirque

Canadian Power Tumbler Emily Smith on Facebook:

I signed a Cirque contract this week :) I will be performing in the show “Chemins Invisibles” from mid-may through September in Quebec. Don’t worry I’ll still be nailing Nationals and coming back to get ready for World Games 2013! PUMPED:

I recall Canadian Olympian Grant Golding coming back after 3 months training with Cirque du Soleil. He looked better, if anything, for the time away from his sport.

Horton, Legendre training

… Jonathan Horton attempting, for the first time, a tucked Kovacs into an immediate Gaylord 2 …

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Steven Legendre performing a 2 and a 1/2 twisting double somersault into a front somersault during podium training of Evolution …

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Those are from Nick Blanton’s new YouTube channel. Subscribe.

Emily Smith – Tumbler

She’s the first Canadian woman to compete two double layouts in the same pass.

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Facebook Fan page – Emily Smith

She’s coached by Denis Vachon. The 2007 World Championship Silver medalist is back out-of-retirement, if you’ve not heard. Great athlete, great coach.

Check Denis’ Facebook Fan page, too.

He’s training 1/1-twisting triples and quad-twisting doubles on DMT.

Elite Canada Trampoline

Dates: April 3 – 7, 2012
Airdrie, Alberta

See the top 120 athletes compete for National Team Selection in Trampoline and Tumbling. It’s in my backyard this year — Calgary airport. Airdrie has an amazing facility.

Can Karen Cockburn win a 4th Olympic medal in her 4th Olympics?

Gymnastics Canada page and Facebook page

Register via Alberta Gymnastics

Thanks Brett.

Russian Power Tumblers

Triples and twisting triples.

1. Krylov 2. Kostyanov 3. Murtazaev

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Click PLAY or watch Timofey Podust’s 1/1-in triple pike on YouTube.