grab shins on triple back?

There’s a bit of a discussion in the comments on this post — bad technique on double tuck.

Most coaches, I’m sure, agree with me that a double tuck with hands on the shins is superior (and prettier) than with hands on the back of the thighs.

Of course there are many superb gymnasts that use what I call the inferior technique. Both work. But I much prefer hands on shins, tight tuck. GS George would agree. In trampoline sports, grabbing the thighs is not only an inferior technique, it’s a deduction.

What do Artistic gymnasts use for triple back on Floor Exercise?

Click PLAY or watch Liukin on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Eddie Crane on YouTube.

Hands on shins.

Click PLAY or watch Li Xiaoshuang on YouTube.

Hands on the back of the thighs.

Both work. Shins is the preferred technique, especially for beginners.

Leave a comment if you have an opinion, especially if you disagree.

CDN Championships LIVE VIDEO

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Gymnast Keiran Long was able to follow 5 Men’s apparatus simultaneously on the same screen, but that’s not the case for everyone. There are many factors, especially the speed of your internet connection.

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bad technique on double tuck

Why do so many female gymnasts not grip the shins on double tuck?

Enus Mariani

For me this is an inferior technique. If she cannot fix it, do double pike instead. Her hands are correctly positioned for that.

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tumbler Michael Chaves

Nice edit by Sam Kolder. Interesting camera angles. Shot with a Canon 600d.

Michael Chaves Showreel 2012

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Michael’s from Oakville, Toronto.

hardest backwards tumbling


I tried to find the hardest skills and hardest combinations I’ve seen over the years. When possible, I tried to show the earliest gymnast I could find performing…to show all the young gymnastics fans that the 80’s and early 90’s was where it’s at! …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Amazing stuff. Mostly from the past.

Compare those tumbling lines with the top male gymnasts today.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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Gymnastics Adventure Conditioning

Trampoline & Tumbling Conditioning circuit

coach – Dennis Oppenlander

more photos

Elite Canada T&T Results

Top-ranked Jason Burnett of Toronto, who needed to finish either first or second to clinch Canada’s lone Olympic berth in men’s trampoline, faltered in the final and wound up 10th in an open competition for both youth and senior competitors.

A silver medal winner at the last Olympics in 2008, Burnett will have another chance to book his return ticket to the Games at a second qualification meet at the end of April in Gatineau, Que. …

“Winning was definitely a surprise,” said (Keegan) Soehn. “I came into the final just hoping to make my routine because I was having a bit of trouble in the warm ups but I felt great right from the start and I felt like I knew I was going to do well.” …


In women’s trampoline, Karen Cockburn of Toronto, topped the field and showed she’s on right on track with a more difficult optional routine she hopes will help carry her to a record fourth straight Olympic medal this summer.

Cockburn finished first with a score of 54.775 followed by fellow Torontonians Rosannagh MacLennan and Samantha Smith with 52.970 and 51.355 points respectively.

“I was really happy to do my higher difficulty routine for the first time in the final today,” said Cockburn, who won a bronze medal at the 2000 Olympics and silver at the 2004 and 2008 Games. …


Cockburn and MacLennan have already locked up Canada’s two Olympic spots in women’s trampoline and are fine tuning their routines at competitions at home and abroad in the lead up to the Games July 27 – August 12. …

Gymnastics Alberta

Other Elite Canada Champions:

Denis Vachon – Men’s Double-mini
Lexi Geisbrecht – Women’s Double-mini

Lexi Geisbrecht & Karine Dufour – Women’s Tramp Synchro
Duncan Blais & Liam Doherty – Men’s Tramp Synchro

Emily Smith – Women’s Tumbling
Jon Schwaiger – Men’s Tumbling

Emily and Denis

More photos by Grace Chiu on Facebook.