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arm action – forward layout salto

Tony Retrosi shows a good technique and drills on how to use your arms to accelerate rotation.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

The Gymnastics Minute is a series of free introductory video tips produced by GymSmarts.

Alex Seifert wins Canada’s 1st World Cup medal

alex-seifert(1)Alex Seifert of Calgary made history on Saturday at a World Cup trampoline and tumbling competition. Seifert not only earned his first career World Cup medal with a third place finish in men’s tumbling but also collected the first ever World Cup podium for Canada in men’s tumbling.

Andrey Krylov of Russia won the gold medal with 73.80 points in the final. Kalon Ludvigson of the U.S., was second at 73.70 and Seifert, 19, took the bronze at 69.50. He was fourth in Friday`s preliminaries. …

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Alex and the rest of the best in the world are getting ready for …

2009 World Championships and World Age-Group Championships
DATES: World Championships – November 7-15
World Age-Group Championships – November 14-22
LOCATION: St. Petersburg, Russia

gymnast Veronica Wagner TV car ad

Veronica Wagner is a Gymnast who competed at the 2004 Summer Olympics as a member of the Swedish Olympic team. …

Veronica is Sweden’s most successful gymnast, having won the national title 4 times (2002, 2004-2006) as well as representing her country at Olympic, World Championship and European Championship level. Veronica has also been a finalist at several World Cup events.

Click PLAY or watch the Veronica Wagner commercial for koenigsegg on YouTube.

… After winning the Swedish Championships in June 2008, Veronica was told that the Swedish Olympic Committee would not send her to the Beijing to compete in the Olympic Games. A fan-driven petition was created in protest.

Wikipedia – Veronica Wagner

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Gymnastics – Men’s Floor Exercise

Just another opinion is a thoughtful commenter on this site.

A recent observation:

… frankly, I find men’s floor routines a little silly as is. I’d much prefer them abandon the “floor” part of the routine and just use a strip. Tumble down, turn around, tumble back, repeat as necessary. I think it’s a little silly seeing them hitchkick and side-scale and prancey-hop to get into the corners. As is, it’s just a little too dancey for what I think they should be showing off. But that’s just my opinion.

Good point.

Men’s Floor exercise — in my opinion — was ruined by the Russian men. At one point in history Russia became the dominant gymnastics nation. A decision was made in Russia to minimize the connecting elements. What we traditionally called “the corner moves”.

The beginning of the end of artistry in Men’s Floor may well have been Andrianov.

Before that Floor was a very entertaining event. Menichelli from Italy, the 1964 Olympic champion, as one example.

Or even this guy …

Click PLAY or watch Kurt Thomas at the 1979 World Championships on YouTube.

In recent years only the occasional Floor routine offers much artistry, Shewfelt being the obvious example,

Instead of making Floor a tumbling competition — as acrobatic tumblers are far better — instead why don’t we deduct stops? Continuous motion required except for designated HOLD parts.

That’s what made Kurt Thomas so interesting to watch back in the day.

Kurt is a coach in Texas, now, of course.

Kurt Thomas Gymnastics

foward double front to double twist

Who will have the highest start score on Floor this quadrennial?

Likely Steven Legendre.

Click PLAY or watch this amazing pass on Gymnastike.

But not as amazing as Matthias Fahrig’s handspring forward layout double twist punch double front.

(via About.com Gymnastics)

==== UPDATE – Chris Brooks working on connecting these two super skills, as well.

Click PLAY or watch it on Gymnastike.

Thanks apolytongp.

tramp and tumbling World Cup Bulgaria

Sofia (BUL) hosted the second stopover of the current FIG Trampoline and Tumbling World Cup series on April 24 – 24, 2009. The large majority of the world’s elite trampolinists and tumblers competed at Sofia’s Winter Palace of Sports, exhibiting remarkable form so early in the season. …



TRA Individual Men
1. ITO Masaki (JPN) 40.40
2. NIKITIN Yuri (UKR) 40.20
3. JENSEN Peter (DEN) 39.50

TRA Individual Women
1. KHILKO Ekaterina (UZB) 38.20
2. JIANG Yigi (CHN) 37.90
3. PETRENIA Tatsiana (BLR) 36.80

TRA Synchronised Men
1. ITO Masaki / NAGASAKI Shunsuke (JPN) 50.60
2. PENNES Gregoire / MARTINY Sebastien (FRA) 49.80
3. LUXON Dennis / GROMOWSKI Martin (GER) 46.50

TRA Synchronised Women
1. JIANG Yigi / GU Qingwen (CHN) 48.50
2. DOMCHEVSKA Yulia / MOVCHAN Olena (UKR) 46.70
3. YAMASHITA Natsumi / TERADA Mina (JPN) 44.80

Tumbling Men
1. WANG Jiexu (CHN) 77.40
2. YANG Song (CHN) 74.80
3. ZUNUKOV Evgeny (RUS) 74.00

Tumbling Women
2. CHABANENKO Olena (UKR) 66.60 … mother of two!
3. SPEED Ashley (CAN) 62.60

backward handspring clinic $25

An excellent special event to add to your annual calendar.

You need good coaches, though. That are able to spot beginners. Especially older Cheer tumblers.

CGA’s Back Handspring Clinic is open to all Superoo’s and Level 1 – 3 students. This is an excellent opportunity to develop strength and technique to successfully complete the “Back Handspring!”

$25.oo per gymnast

Cincinnati Gymnastics


Brandi Personett 1/1 double layout

Fourth-place finisher on Floor at the 2009 NCAA Gymnastics Championships Brandi Personett threw a full-twisting double layout mount, becoming the second gymnast to compete it at the College level.

I saw on Gymblog that Kristin Maloney in 2005 was the first College gymnast to do this super trick.

This is the first of what I hope will be an ongoing series of videos of female coaches spotting BIG tricks. I’ll call these clips:

female coaches cannot spot (I’ll abandon that attempt at humour. People won’t “get it“.)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

That’s coach Jessica Bastardi spotting.

Here’s another angle.

Brandi competed it last year at Championships in Prelims, actually. But fell.

Penn State’s Brandi Personett – the Gymnastike interview

video – very difficult tumbling passes

A montage of some of the most difficult tumbling passes performed by American gymnasts on floor exercise.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

More like this on the maloneystibiarod YouTube Channel. (637 videos)

Thanks apolytongp.

British Gymnastics TV free

In January we posted that excellent online gymnastics videos from the UK could be streamed FREE.

They’d planned to make it a members only subscription model, “in a few weeks”.

But now in April it’s still free to all worldwide.

Check it out via the British Gymnastics website – BGTV. An interview with Beth Tweddle and her coach Amanda Kirby is featured on the home page.


Right now I’m watching highlights from the British Acrobatic and Tumbling Gymnastics Championships from March 20-22nd.

OMG – Fahrig Matthiass – Floor

I missed watching this routine from European Championships. But went back to it on recommendation from Darius.

It’s the most original and outrageous set I’ve seen in years.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Handspring forward layout double twist punch double front. Stuck.


Fahrig finished second.

Floor Exercise Final Men
1 HAMBUECHEN Fabian GER – 15.450
2 FAHRIG Matthias GER – 15.400

Handspring Tear-Drop Trainer

Former American Olympic Coach Peter Korman is promoting a new product. Ideal for introducing forward and backward handspring to beginners, including older Cheer kids.

Any gymnast that learns a backward handspring without spot is near certain to re-register for the following session.

The UCS Tear Drop Trainer is specially design to properly train the athlete performing a back or front handspring.

Available in 4 sizes including an extra large model to accomodate taller athletes

$495 – $830

UCS – Handspring Tear-Drop Trainer

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

It looks like a slight improvement on Norbert’s The Boulderâ„¢. To compare that product video, click here. About $650.

Gymnastics causes Achilles injury?

Achilles tendon ruptures are shockingly common in high level gymnastics.

Scott from King Bars Sports, LLC, the firm that sells the new Weller Spring for Floor, points us to an important article.

The Weller spring claims to reduce the impact force.

In Stride – Sports Medicine

By Jordana Bieze Foster

When three gymnasts from three different countries suffered torn Achilles tendons while practicing or competing in floor exercise at the 2003 World Championships in Anaheim, CA, gymnastics experts had to wonder whether the floor itself had contributed to the injuries.

As the International Gymnastics Federation’s scoring code has evolved to reward gymnasts for difficult aerial maneuvers, so has the surface on which floor exercises are performed become less stiff, incorporating spring coils to afford gymnasts more air time in which to twist and turn. But the injuries to American Courtney Kupets, Belarusian Dmitri Kasparovich, and Russian Evgeni Krylov on the world stage in 2003, followed by another Achilles tear suffered by Tabitha Yim at the U.S. Olympic team selection camp the following year, suggest that there is a biomechanical price to be paid for that competitive advantage.

Sadly, we believe that the floor and vault board are major contributors to Achilles tendon and other injuries,” said William A. Sands, PhD, head of sport biomechanics and engineering for the U.S. Olympic Committee in Colorado Springs, CO. “In my view, there is a problem with apparatus design that has its genesis in a lack of understanding of the nature of impact, vibration, and energy return of the apparatus.”

… Sands and his colleagues are working to create a more detailed picture of the athlete/apparatus interaction, using EMG, high-speed video, accelerometers, and Tekscan and Polhemus systems.

“There are a number of subtle nuances that haven’t been addressed and should be,” Sands said. “These include gymnasts’ age, weight, strength, experience, periodization of training, and bone, ligament, and tendon health. This is a very complex problem with a lot of tentacles going in different directions.”

BioMechanics Archives:: January 2007 – Efforts to reduce gymnastics injuries focus on spring floors

original – flickr – name

AAI and USAG are hesitating to allow the (fully interchangeable) Weller springs. They feel there’s not enough research yet to be certain they will reduce injury.

But how many more athletes are going to snap Achilles while we wait to find out?

WOGA in Texas has installed Weller springs in all their Floors. They’re not waiting for the science to prove out.

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