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Andrey KRYLOV – triple back STICK

Prelims. World Championships.

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China dominating Trampoline Worlds

Chinese gymnasts showed their strength as the Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships began Thursday in Odense (DEN), leading qualification in six of the eight categories in Men’s and Women’s Trampoline and Tumbling, both individually and in the team competition. …

2014 World champion Tu Xiao will not get a chance to defend his World title: The 27-year-old finished sixth overall but fourth among the Chinese men in the qualifying round, and only the top three per country advance to Sunday’s semi-finals. …

Reigning World champion Liu Lingling could only shake her head after delivering a near-perfect routine in qualifications only to fall flat on her stomach before saluting the judges and signalling the end of her exercise. The fall cost Liu 1.5 points and the lead in women’s qualification, where she finished third behind her teammates, 2010 World champion Li Dan and 2008 Olympic champion He Wenna. Still, all is not lost for the 21-year-old, who will get a redo in Saturday’s semifinal. …

First tickets issued for The World Games 2017

By dint of their performances in qualification, men’s tumblers from China, Russia, Great Britain, Denmark, the USA, Canada, Belarus and Ukraine have all qualified for The World Games 2017, which will be held in Wroclaw (POL). China, Great Britain, the USA, France, Russia, Belgium, Canada and South Africa have earned places in Women’s Tumbling. …

FIG – China jumps out in front as Trampoline Worlds begin in Denmark

30th FIG Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships Daytona Beach, USA, November 07-09, 2014
30th FIG Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships Daytona Beach, USA, November 07-09, 2014

explaining Power Tumbling

Gillette World Sport travels to Denmark to meet Anders Wesch, a 2x Danish National Tumbling Champion. Anders is training hard in the run up to the 2015 World Championships in his home town of Odense, Denmark, and talks us through the dedication and precision required to be a professional tumbler.

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South African Gymnastics CEO

For Tseko Mogotsi, the city of Odense (DEN) will always be the city of Trampoline and Tumbling. It was at the 2001 Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships in Odense that Tseko Mogotsi and his South African teammates won the World silver medal in Men’s Team Tumbling, South Africa’s best-ever World finish in the discipline. …

Tseko Mogotsi for site 2 (1)

What was your favorite skill to perform?

Tseko Mogotsi: “Double back salto to punch double front. I learned this skill by accident actually. The idea came during the Indo Pacific Championships in Japan 1995. I could not fit my eight skill pass on the tumbling track and came up with an idea to do 7 skills and a punch front as the last skill. The punch front just showed incredible potential that I started working on the double punch front.” …

Mogotsi: “There are three tumblers who made an impression on my tumbling, particularly because they were innovative:

• Rayshine Harris (USA) – The first to compete three double straight saltos in one pass.

• Alexander Kryjanovski (RUS) – The first to compete full in triple salto.

• Vladimir Ignatenkov (RUS) – The first to compete double straight with a quadruple twist. He was also very fast and powerful. Great to watch.” …

FIG interview – Tseko Mogotsi (RSA)

Trampoline Olympic qualification

World Championships November 26-29 in Odense (DEN).

A record number of Trampoline gymnasts have registered to compete at the 2015 Worlds, which also serves as the first qualification event for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games and the only qualification for The World Games, an Olympic-style event for non-Olympic sports, which will be held in Wroclaw (POL) in July 2017. …

Olympic, World Trampoline champions bounding to Odense Worlds

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29th FIG Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships Sofia, Bulgaria, 07-10 November 2013
29th FIG Trampoline Gymnastics World Championships Sofia, Bulgaria, 07-10 November 2013

World Trampoline Championships 2015

Trampoline & Tumbling – Odense – Denmark

Nov 26-29, 2015

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