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Trampoline & Acrobatics Indo Pacific

June 29th – July 5th

The Indo Pacific Championships 2014 will be hosted by the South African Gymnasts FederationSun City, situated 160 km from Johannesburg. …

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Trampoline, Tumbling, Double-Mini and Acrobatics. The competition can include all Indo Pacific Members, namely Argentina, China, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Qatar, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa, Canada, Namibia, United States of America.

However it was decided to invite all FIG member countries, including Europe. They may compete as invitational participants, they may medal but cannot claim an Indo’s title. Should a gymnast from an invitational country medal the gymnast from an Indo Pacific member country will receive the same rank and both competitors will receive medals.

Anyone going should plan EXTRA days for sightseeing.

Swakopmund Gymnastics, Namibia

I was proud of the Namibian girls who competed African Championships yesterday. Though having some of the lowest start scores, they looked clean, confident. Kept smiling. Kept their heads high.

Abby Dar

Congratulations. :-)


Swakopmund is a beach resort town, famous for a cooler climate and adventure sport. Population 42,000.

I was invited to visit the club while on holiday, happy to find that American coach Joe Softich had been volunteering there for a couple of months, a gymnastics “vacation”.


The facilities are very basic.

Swakop Gym

Home made “channel pit”.

channel pit

Training only on this outdoor vault runway, they flip Tsuk and Yurchenko.

vault runway



The club runs a charity sponsoring underprivileged children’s gymnastics.

warm-up gym

They soon move to a huge, modern multi-sports facility.

new gym

more photos

Any MAG or WAG coach on holiday in Namibia is advised to contact the club. They might be able to provide accommodation in exchange for you volunteering to assist at the gym. For a week, a year … or longer. :-)

email Dana Risser-Wheeling

dana (a) ondjamba.com.na

Namibia and South Africa are the top tourist destinations in Africa, in my opinion. I’ve been on a gymnastics holiday here since January 16th.

I’m planning a Gymnastics trip to southern Africa for (most likely) 2015. Click through to learn more.

2014 African Championships in Trampoline, Tumbling and Aerobic Gymnastics will be hosted in nearby Walvis Bay (NAM), April 30 – May 1, 2014.

They were moved to Namibia from Egypt due to the complicated political situation there.

Walvis Bay Gymnastics, Namibia

I visited the tourist town of Walvis Bay, Namibia to see 200,000 flamingos and gymnasts.


The club is impressive to look at. MAG, WAG, Rhythmic, Trampoline & Tumbling.

Walvis Bay Gym

more photos

Unfortunately this facility must be set-up and taken-down each day. :-(

Walvis Bay Gymnastics Club is run by Vesko and Roumi Kostin from Bulgaria.

Indo Pacific Championships

100 days until the competition.

Sun 29 June – Sat 5 July 2014

A Trampoline, Tumbling and Acrobatic Gymnastics competition comes to Sun City, South Africa. Indo Pacific Championships take place every two years. …

Hosted by the South African Gymnastics Federation, the 2014 Championships will be held at the fantastic Superbowl, Sun City 29 June – 05 July 2014, with all participants scheduled to stay at the Sun City Resort.

Indo Pacific Champs

official website

I watched some of the Namibian team training yesterday in Walvis Bay.

Walvis Bay

Hunan Gymnastics School arrests

Scandal has hit the closed world of Chinese gymnastics after at least six under-age girls were allegedly raped at one of the country’s most prestigious academies.

The director and deputy head of the Hunan Gymnastics School, dubbed the “cradle of champions” after training four Olympic medallists, have been arrested and questioned by police. …

The school’s director, 48-year-old Liu Zhiqiang, was arrested last December, according to the Legal Evening News. Zeng Rong, 52, the school’s deputy head, was detained the month before.

Both men are being investigated for sexual assault after six girls reported them to the police, according to the Oriental Morning Post. …

A reporter for the Legal Evening News was told the matter was being dealt with secretly. “The case involves minors and will have a negative impact on society so we will not release information to the public,” an unnamed policeman told the newspaper. …

Telegraph – Chinese gymnastics academy that trains Olympians hit by scandal

(via GymCastic)

Kalon Ludvigson Invitational

Salt Lake City

Kalon appreciated all kinds of support, even OLYMPIC support, at the meet dedicated to his “road to recovery”.


Paralyzed tumbling champion makes first appearance since injury

(via Justen Millerbernd)

extreme sand dune tumbling

Dave Adlard linked to this … insanity.

Is that the longest barani in the history of tumbling?

Who is that guy?

Prayers for Blake Hyland

Somehow Blake hit his head on a concrete pit edge. :-(

A Texas teenager who suffered serious head injuries at a gymnastics class is starting to make progress a week after doctors said he had only a 50/50 chance of survival. …

The athletic teenager received his injuries while practicing a new move at his power tumbling class.

‘There was a pad on the side, but his side hit it. Then his head came down and there was no pad on the concrete and his head hit concrete,’ Mr Hyland said. …

Daily Mail

Prayers for Blake Hyland Facebook page

Power Tumbling – triple triple

Kristof Willerton from the U.K.

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related – Kristof Willerton – crazy triples

(via FIG)

Indo Pacifics Acro, Tramp & Tumbling

South African Gymnastics Federation:

International Trampoline, Tumbling and Acrobatic Gymnastics coming soon to Sun City Resort.

We hope to see you all at the Indo Pacific Championships 2014, 29 June – 05 July 2014.

Indo Pacifics

3.5 twisting double layout

Coach Denis Vachon thinks David Findlay is 1st to compete a 3.5 twisting double layout in the sport of Power Tumbling.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Congratulations David.

2015 European Games

UPDATE via The All Around Gymnastics News:

… UEG has proposed an original and dynamic format of its competitions to the organiser, introducing an alternation of its disciplines.

The public and television will be delighted with this novelty as the gymnasts of the different disciplines will compete in the same hall during the same session.


Baku, Azerbaijan

over 6000 athletes

June 12-28, 2015

Gymnastics is scheduled to include:


Click PLAY or see Baku on YouTube.

official website

David Findlay – twisting

Coach Denis Vachon, one of the best twisters in the world himself, feels David might be the best Power Tumbling twister he’s ever worked with. :-)

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