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Greg Roe’s latest Tramp vid

From Rome. Awesome camera.

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That video got picked up by the mainstream site MashableWatch this acrobat pull stupefying stunts off a trampoline

Trampoline – quintuple back

I’m not sure I’ve posted this before.

(via Kristi Marks Cloman)

Greg Roe compilation 4

June 2013. Extreme Tramp.

Quadriffus series.

(What’s the plural of quadriffus?)

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50th World Trampoline Championships

Leigh Hennessy:

To celebrate this monumental occasion, the Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG) invited every World Champion to attend the 30th World Championships in Daytona to honor their achievements and contributions to the evolution of the sport. Nearly 40 World Champions attended to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the International Trampoline Federation (FIT) and the sport. …

The very first World Champions, Dan Millman and Judy Wills Cline were in attendance at the dinner as were the very first Olympic Champions, Alexander Moskalenko and Irena Karavaeva. …


Trampoline Pundit – Celebrating 50

related – FIG interview with G.I. Jane (a.k.a. Leigh Hennessy, USA)

crane + trampoline + Airbag

For the First time in the world, I team up with Damien Walters to tumble off a 10 meter roof and to do trampoline off 20 meters scissor lift in Jenbach, Austria. We tumbled into an Airbag manufactured by BAGJUMP Action Sports GmbH out of Innsbruck, Austria.

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(via Greg Roe)

Al Fong – form training

In what we sometimes call the puck position.

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GAGE gymnasts do have great form.

mini-tramp takeoff training device

The ‘Foam Dorado‘ allows gymnasts to train the optimum take off technique in safety, without concern for the flight which would results from the rebound. …

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What do you think? Do we need this for TeamGym or Tramp training?

triple triple

Trampoline WAG Daytona Beach

The 2014 edition was a big success. Especially for the hosts.

With seven titles apiece, Russia and the host country United States were the most successful nations at the World Age Group competitions, which began just after the 30th edition of the World Trampoline Gymnastics Championships ended.

FIG – 32 new champions crowned as FIG Trampoline World Age Group competitions draw to a close

Catherine Tracy from UBC Gymnastics in Vancouver posted the best online coverage I saw. Here’s her wrap-up of the “WAG” competition.

Welcome to the 2014 World Age Groups in Daytona Beach!

655 athletes from 37 countries are competing here for the title of World Champions in their age group. Trampoline, Double-mini, Synchro and Tumbling are contested in four age groups- 11-12, 13-14, 15-16 and 17-18. …

2014 World Age-Group Trampoline & Tumbling Championships: Part 1

Part II: 2014 World Age-Group Trampoline & Tumbling Championships, Day 3 & 4

FIG microsite

Click PLAY or watch one more FIG super edit on YouTube.

Basketball – Lords of Gravity

Lords of Gravity, out of Budapest, are a basketball slam dunk and TrampoWall team formed 2012.

This is the best tramp basketball edit I’ve ever seen.

2014 DMT and Tumbling Worlds

Leigh Hennessy Robson makes the finals come alive with this blow by blow account – Trampoline PunditDrama in the Ocean Center: Part II

Another cool FIG edit – Popping off

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2014 Trampoline Worlds, Florida

Daytona Beach (USA), November 7-9, 2014

FIG – China goes three for four as World Trampoline Gymnastics Championships end

Trampoline Pundit – Drama in the Ocean Center: Part 1

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official website news and results

“Coca-Cola” flip

Have you heard the term?

Even when I was a trampolinist in the late 1970s we called any multiple somersault with a kick open (crazy, by the way) in the middle a Coca-Cola. I have no idea how that slang got started.

Here’s a good example.