… and you thought Gymkata was good

This film was clearly inspired by Gymkata. :-)

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Next time I’m threatened by a machine gunner, I’ll take him out with a double pike.

Thanks Calina.

Gymkata earned a Razzie Award nomination for (Kurt) Thomas as Worst New Star.

It has developed a minor cult following as an unintentional comedy for its dubious premise, poor production quality and strange setting. Maxim lists the film as the 17th “Worst Movie of All Time”. …

crazy acrobatics compilation

Greg Roe:

A compilation of worlds best trampoline , gymnastics , tumbling , parkour , freerunning , blobbing , bmx , skateboarding , skiing , snowboarding , skydiving from athletes around the world who are talented and amazing at what they do. My favourites that have been submitted to me from my facebook fanpage or instagram.

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