crazy strong female acrobats

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Some of the best stuff there comes from Check out their videos. Playground acrobats from Switzerland.

Airwheel – Damien Walters

We spent time putting these AirWheels to the test in the gym and this is the result!

Outtakes at the end. :-)

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Damien Walters 500K Subscriber edit

… a quick compilation of all my content to date. …

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Spiderman in training


Thanks Kimmie.

Luci Romberg – Jumping Spider

At the beginning of this clip, former gymnast from Texas Woman’s University, stuntwoman Luci Romberg becomes the first female Ninja to get through the Jumping Spider obstacle.

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The Jumping Spider is the challenge that took Kacy Catanzaro out of the “American Ninja Warrior” National Finals. It disadvantages short competitors.

Thanks Kristin.

Chris Silcox – Parkour

Stunts and tricks in Hollywood.

Horizontal Bar to tramp.

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Chris was one of the Inside Gymnastics magazine staff that hosted GymCon USA 2014.

55m (180ft) Bag Jump

Greg Roe.

… Jumping into a BAGJUMP Freestyle airbag is the latest trend …

Greg Roe and Daniel Moesl are amongst few people who can actually perform these kind of freestyle tricks from heights up to 55m or 180ft into a freestyle airbag that works a bit like a foam pit but absorbs a lot more force.

… landing at an incredible speed of almost 150km/h (93mph), that’s just nuts!

… This shoot took place in Innsbruck/Austria at the Prangl crane company’s backyard …

See Greg Roe performing his jumps from various terrifying heights like a double full double / quadruple flip with spin (double front flip full twist double front flip) …

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