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Luci Romberg – Jumping Spider

At the beginning of this clip, former gymnast from Texas Woman’s University, stuntwoman Luci Romberg becomes the first female Ninja to get through the Jumping Spider obstacle.

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The Jumping Spider is the challenge that took Kacy Catanzaro out of the “American Ninja Warrior” National Finals. It disadvantages short competitors.

Thanks Kristin.

Chris Silcox – Parkour

Stunts and tricks in Hollywood.

Horizontal Bar to tramp.

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Chris was one of the Inside Gymnastics magazine staff that hosted GymCon USA 2014.

55m (180ft) Bag Jump

Greg Roe.

… Jumping into a BAGJUMP Freestyle airbag is the latest trend …

Greg Roe and Daniel Moesl are amongst few people who can actually perform these kind of freestyle tricks from heights up to 55m or 180ft into a freestyle airbag that works a bit like a foam pit but absorbs a lot more force.

… landing at an incredible speed of almost 150km/h (93mph), that’s just nuts!

… This shoot took place in Innsbruck/Austria at the Prangl crane company’s backyard …

See Greg Roe performing his jumps from various terrifying heights like a double full double / quadruple flip with spin (double front flip full twist double front flip) …

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Marvel Universe LIVE

… a tour packing Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man and two dozen characters into a family-oriented show filled with fight scenes and explosions.

“Marvel Universe LIVE!” debuts in Tampa on July 10 and will hit 85 cities including New York in August, marking the character licensing company’s most ambitious move into live entertainment. …

Marvel unleashes superheroes for stunt-filled live shows

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Heidi Moneymaker Stunt Reel

Updated for 2014.

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Loop the Loop with Damien Walters

Oh, the drama.

Daredevils throughout history have been pushing the boundaries of risk, jumping across canyons and flying over rows of vehicles on their bikes. But have never undertaken this unbelievable stunt by foot alone. …

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McKayla Maroney – Clarity

A birthday montage from Chris Saccullo.

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McKayla turns 18 today.

She recently starred in the TV show Bones Episode: “The Spark in the Park”.

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Happy Birthday too to MyKayla Skinner. She turns 17 today. :-)

cool Floor Exercise – Michael MAKINGS


• 180 counter salto backward to rollout

• No value given, but can used as choreography

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Dancers take note. This is killer crowd pleasing acrobatics.

Kristina Baskett – new website


IMDb – Stunts | Actress

Click PLAY or watch her 2013 showreel on YouTube.

That’s Le Reve, actually, not Cirque du Soleil.

via Greg Marsden

return of the WALLY WHIRL

Paolo Principi’s Walstrom (full-twisting Yamawaki)

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The skill is named after former Canadian gymnast Owen Walstrom, today a movie and TV stunt coordinator.

(via GymCastic’s Uncle Tim)

Gymnastical Shenanigans

You know those FANTASTIC acrobatic YouTube videos featuring Damien Walters!?

… This isn’t one of them. :-)

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(via Gymnast Crossing)

Grayson: Earth One – episode 1

The first episode of the new Batman fan film is online now. Production values look good.

It stars Olympians Raj Bhavsar and Steve McCain in the title role.

Edgy, dark, violent and loud.

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To continue the series, they are looking for contributions totaling $40,000.

For a $1000 you can get a walk-on part in the show. You’d FINALLY be a movie star.

(via Gymnast Crossing)

Walters and Shieff … stretching

Damien Walters and Tim Shieff are back in the final episode of their YouTube show season.

… they explore an abandoned building, do some extreme stretching and do some more football tennis! …

Some outtakes. :-)

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