homemade “tramp catcher”

Coach Owen posted video of new double backs on trampoline, essential for Artistic gymnasts.

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What I really like, however, is the homemade “tramp catcher”.

The elevated landing mat is cushioned with air. And there’s no risk of the gymnasts flying long. :-)

I’m going to steal that idea from Owen.

Parallel Bars in the pit

Nick Blanton and crew are building an addition to their Gym in New Brunswick.


An original design and custom build I created… Sunken Parallel Bars and a one-of-a-kind, “In-Ground Parallel Blocks Station“. Only gym in the world to have it All soon to be carpet-bonded and padded up!

sunken P Bars

“Coach Overboard”

Maddie’s now starting her Pak from handstand. My buddy Derek stands in.

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Nice spot, Deke.

Save the gymnast first. Showboat for the camera after. :-)

Tony Retrosi – hip replacement

Click PLAY or watch a TV testimonial on YouTube.

If you’ve been to any of Tony’s recent camps or clinics, you know his surgeons are top notch.

coach Nick – great spot

Click PLAY or watch the SAVE at 25sec on YouTube.


(via Brigid)

coach Bob Bellew guilty

In the U.K.

Bob Bellew, 66, has published books on gymnastics, taught at schools across the UK and was a former Community Coach of the Year. …

… he admitted a string of sexual abuse charges, spanning 40 years, against girls he was tutoring.

He was today spared jail at Snaresbrook Crown Court by a judge who said he had demonstrated ‘genuine remorse’.

His outraged victims slammed the justice system in a statement after the pervert was handed a suspended sentence.

They said: ‘This sentence says you are allowed to go into a primary school and touch young girls and you will not be punished for it. …

read more in the Daily Mail


Leonard Isaacs – saving handstand

The coaching guru challenges a gymnast to “save” a handstand 3 times in a row. :-)

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Important physical, technical and psychological preparation.

We still see good gymnasts in major competitions who don’t have this preparation. They fall.

Leonard’s a non-spotting advocate. Instead the gymnast must be expert in controlling their own body positions.

Here’s the original longer video on YouTube.