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SPOTTING giants to flyaway

At a coaching clinic we practiced different ways to spot giants to flyaway. For beginners I like having one spotter on the ground, one up high.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Coaches tried different stances, different hand positions. The gymnast was asked simply to ‘keep tight’.

The 3/4 flyaway is to encourage beginners to “float” the dismount. AND to prevent kids from getting their toes close to the bar.

That’s Okanagan Gymnastics Centre in BC.

gymnastics safety – spotting Bars

For spotting on a high bar, my favourite stance is straddling the Bar.

Dave from Sky High in The Colony, TX is just putting on a ‘belt’ so he can lean out over the pit. (From that small spotting deck.)

(via Erin Costa on Flickr)

Of course there are many variable. Coaches size and strength. Athlete’s size and the skill they are doing. Etc.

For dismounts I stand on the dismount side of the Bar.

If you’ve an opinion, leave a comment. I don’t see many other coaches straddling the rail.

need a robot spotter?

Robots can now catch balls with an 80 percent success rate. How long before we have a robot that can spot gymnastics? :)

Click PLAY or watch Rollin’ Justin on YouTube.

Jeremy linked to a related post – 6 Shocking Ways Robots Are Already Becoming Human

2yr-old Vault spotter

Click PLAY or watch Colton on YouTube.

flipping your first Tsuks

The Tsukahara vault is easy to do … badly. We’re still seeing too many dangerous landings in competition.

Many gymnasts (especially boys) flip their first ones off a cheese mat into a pit. That’s OK … but if they do too many, most will develop some bad habits.

I put together a quicky tutorial on a better way kids could do their first flips.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Delay the first ‘FLIP’ day until kids are confident and consistent with the Round-off. And then let them only do up to 3 flips in any one work-out, once-in-a-while. It should be a reward for hard work on sprint, hurdle, pre-flight and conditioning.

Ideally, beginners would flip no more than once a week. The other days are dedicated to preparation.

Several of the kids in this video were flipping for the first time. The youngest is age-9. She now has years to stabilize the skill (and work on LANDING) before needing to compete it.

Prerequisites to the first day flipping Tsuk:

• 10 backward saltos in series on tramp
• ‘gainer’ back salto on tramp
• ‘pullover’ on tramp
• double back saltos somewhere safe (ideally tramp with belt or bungie belt)

That’s a short video. Leave a comment if you’ve a favourite drill to add.

hand to hand acrobatics

Nathan Price posted some training video of hand to hand training, progressions and spotting.

They use spotting belts at the circus space in London in some interesting ways.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

spotting Def on Bars

Remind me never to spot that skill.

Since Youna Dufournet was injured on it (VIDEO), this skill’s been closely scrutinized.

Elisabeth Seitz of Gerany takes a fall during the women's uneven bars finals at the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Rotterdam October 23, 2010. REUTERS/Dylan Martinez (NETHERLANDS - Tags: SPORT GYMNASTICS)

Elisabeth Seitz of Gerany takes a fall during the women's uneven bars finals at the Artistic Gymnastics World Championships in Rotterdam October 23, 2010. REUTERS/Dylan Martinez (NETHERLANDS - Tags: SPORT GYMNASTICS)

That’s Elisabeth Seitz in Bars Finals at Worlds (VIDEO).

Elisabeth was OK. And caught Def in the next competition.

double layout off low bar

The first time I ever saw Charlie Tamayo coaching at Woodward West Gym Camp I said, “This is the most talented young coach I’ve ever seen.”

He’s a natural.

And, obviously, a brilliant spotter.

Click PLAY or watch his spotting on YouTube.

Charlie and his wife Nicole are expecting their first babies … TWINS. Congratulations.

spotting gymnasts at camp

Gymnastics camp is a great environment for kids to do new skills for the first time. In fact, it’s good yearly planning to schedule your kids to do their biggest new skills first at camp.

Yet even if you are a great spotter, as a camp coach you find yourself working with kids you don’t know.

Coach Eric Harrison sang high praise for the spotting at GymRep camp in Quebec. Here are a few sample videos he posted on his rickou2 YouTube channel.

Click PLAY or watch Double Back on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Double Pike on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Double Layout off Bar on YouTube.

Nice. I’d let Robert and David spot ME on Double Layout.

Sign up NOW if you want to attend this francophone camp. It filled fast last summer. GymRep.com (bilingual).


Eric is a French / American coach most recently working in Ireland. He’s very active online with his Gymnet.org site, the biggest for French speaking gymnastics coaches on the net.

If you speak French, you already know Gymnet.org. If you don’t, Google Translate does work quite well French to English.

Shout out to the World Vault Champion from France, Thomas Bouhail. President Nicolas Sarkozy congratulated him. There’s a TV fluff piece on YouTube.

France has had a lot of bad luck over the years. It’s nice to see them in the spotlight.

training non-gymnasts to SPOT

Big, strong athletic guys can pick-up the skill of spotting quickly. And they often enjoy the challenge.

Al Fong:

… I’m recruiting spotting substitutes who just happen to be policemen, karate experts, and paint ball specialists. Works for me. It might work for you too. …

Click PLAY or watch the guys spotting on YouTube.

Science of Gymnastics Journal

Articles are available free online in PDF format.

covervol.2, num.3, 2010 – Ivan Cuk – editor

Lauren A. Burt, Geraldine A. Naughton, Dean G. Higham and Raul Landeo

Maja Bucar Pajek, Ivan Cuk, Marjeta Kovac and Barbara Jakše

Lurdes Ávila-Carvalho, Maria da Luz Palomero, Eunice Lebre

Thomas Heinen, Pia Vinken in Patrick Ölsberg

Ivan Cuk and Warwick Forbes

current issue

previous issues

Youna Dufournet – injured out of World’s

Seems Youna has not recovered quickly enough from the knee injury suffered on Bars in Albertville.

… A year ago, Youna Dufournet was en route to London, the world championships and a bronze medal on vault. Today, the worlds seem far to the gymnast …. Not sufficiently recovered from her left knee surgery, she had to withdraw from the selection test, held Saturday evening at Insep …

Google Translate – La Nouvelle Republique

spotting Youna Dufournet on Bars

Amanda Turner linked to the video of where the coach (not her personal coach) blundered touching Youna on a Def spot … when clearly it wasn’t needed.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.


I did the same thing once on Geinger but a far lesser touch. The gymnast was ready to kill me. … Luckily the judges pretended not to notice, and took no deduction.

At a later meet Youna had the opposite problem:

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Though he took a lot of grief for that non-spot, I’m somewhat sympathetic for the coach (her personal coach) on this one. That’s a very tough decision to make in a split second.

… He did not need to grandstand by leaving his arms out to the side. Especially as it turned out she was injured on that fall.

Molly Shawen Kollmann trained Def. She can’t understand why Youna has it so late in the routine.

This girl is an awesome gymnast. But her career seems jinxed. Or is it dangerous coaching, as many speculate?

At the time (May 2010) it was thought to be a meniscus injury. Leave a comment if you have information on Youna’s condition for World’s. UPDATE: She’s been training over the summer, knee seemingly cured.

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