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John Orozco of the Bronx N.Y./Team Hilton HHonors (U.S. Olympic Training Center) will have surgery on June 19 to repair an Achilles tendon injury on his right leg sustained during a training session earlier this week.

“John is a fundamental part of our men’s program,” said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics,” and he has proven time and time again that he can overcome adversity and achieve great things. We will certainly do what we can to support his recovery.”

As a result, Orozco has withdrawn from the U.S. Men’s Team for the 2015 Pan American Games, and the replacement athlete will be determined in accordance with the official selection procedures.

Inside Gymnastics

Surprisingly, it’s the same Achilles tendon he had repaired in 2010. It was injured that time on Vault. This time it was on Floor.

insurance for NCAA athletes

What happens if you are injured while on College scholarship?

It depends.

… She is still a dependent on her parents’ insurance, Utah is willing to pay for her medical coverages since the accident occurred during an athletic event and Utah has an insurance policy that pays for medical expenses for injuries suffered during her time as a Utah athlete for up to two years past her time of eligibility. …

For injured former athletes like Utes’ Tory Wilson, insurance coverage is getting better


NY Times – Laís Souza documentary

… At 25, Souza was one of Brazil’s best gymnasts, a tiny two-time Olympian, and she had just heard exciting news: She had qualified for yet another Olympics. But this was the 2014 Winter Games, something completely new, and it gave her accomplishment an added resonance. In less than a week, Souza would be traveling to Sochi, Russia, to compete in aerial skiing, a sport she had never even heard of before taking it up seven months earlier. …

Celebrating the announcement, Laís, her coach and teammate Josi Santos, another gymnast, went skiing. On a black diamond run, Laís somehow fell into the trees.

She was paralyzed. :-(

Click PLAY or watch the documentary on YouTube. It’s honest. And Laís is making progress.

NY Times – SPORTS | A Life in Motion, Stopped Cold

new – IntoGymnastics.nl

IntoGymnastics is a new site from Juliet Brokken and Pascale Pille in the Netherlands with content in Dutch and some English.

International and College gymnastics, in-depth interviews, reviews of of gymnastics books and much more.

Dutch Gymnastics will feature prominently. They have a database on the Dutch National Team called IntoTalent.

Check it out.

into Gymnastics


IntoGymnastics is for anyone who is into gymnastics!


Here’s a sample post in English:

Not all Dutch elite gymnasts tried to win a ticket to the European Championships in Montpellier or the European Games in Baku. Some of the gymnasts were too busy with other things, had troubles with injuries, or tried but had to drop out of the selection.

We asked them how they are doing now. Despite all hurdles the majority is positive and many of them are already preparing for the Dutch Championships in June, or working hard towards the World Championships in Glasgow. …

For every star we see competing for a nation there are dozens of others who tried and did not make the big meet. Very often injury is a factor. For example:

Anthony van Assche – infection before European Championships

Chantysha Natteb – still recovery from October 2013 ACL

Chiara Frisina Fauste – sprained ankle

Dana de Groot – knee ligament tear

Glenn Smink – broken tarsal bone tumbling

Helene Houbraken – stress fracture in a foot

Jeffrey Wammes – knee injury

Jorian Ilbrink – back injury

Julia Bombach – dislocated ankle

Justen Zuidema – shoulder injury

Mara Titarsolej – hip injury

Pien Jansen – serious knee pain

Reina Beltman – unexplained ankle pain

Tisha Volleman – knee injury

Vera van Pol – recovering from ankle surgery

Wendy de Jong – ankle injury

Wyomi Masela – recovering from Achilles

How are the Dutch gymnasts out of the spotlights of Montpellier and Baku doing?

High level Gymnastics is a dangerous sport.

Nile Wilson’s comeback

From wrist surgery.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via gymnastikfabriken)

South African gymnast Brandon Beack

… In August 2012, Brandon’s goals changed dramatically. He had a bad dismount at gymnastics training and fell on his head and back. He compressed his 6th and 7th vertebra which has left him paralyzed from the chest down.

He is working hard daily to regain some/all of his physical ability.

Walking with Brandon

Click PLAY or watch his story on YouTube. (17min)

Hailey Strole returns from brain tumour

16 year old Hailey Strole has overcome all odds. After being diagnosed with a brain tumor and undergoing multiple operations, she has returned to gymnastics and is committed to continuing her dream of competing. Her life is far from what many would consider normal, but Hailey’s positive outlook has gotten her through the darkest of times. Watch her inspiring story now.

Donate to the Texas Children’s Hospital.

This is the first Gymnastike post I’ve linked to in a long, long time. The boycott continues. But I made an exception for Hailey. She’s worth it. :-)

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