Al Fong on wrist wrap

He’s not a fan of Tiger Paws.

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Gymnasts do get dependent on Tigerpaws and other permanent wrist supports.

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Bri Guy back from double Achilles

… Guy tore the Achilles tendons in both heels on Valentine’s Day last year. She was in the middle of a double layout half, a key element in her floor exercise routine. …

“They both decided to pop,” Guy said. “I thought I hit a dead spot on the floor


Auburn gymnast Bri Guy inspires Tigers with incredible recovery from two torn Achilles tendons

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She’s been competing Vault, Beam and Bars in a good season, so far, for Auburn.

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UCLA trainer – Lorita Granger

What I like best about Bruin Banter are the sideline stories. This one, for example.

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Medical care at the College level is awesome.

National Injury Database

Dr. Bill Sands as put up some preliminary data from his proposed crowdsourced national injury database for gymnastics.

Only 103 injury reports, so far, but here’s a sample graphic showing the kind of visuals that can be produced.

sample data

See other graphs like this here.

The more injury reports submitted, the better. If you’ve got some injury stats from your club, please click over to and contribute. It’s completely anonymous. This could be very valuable.

Mary-Anne Monckton – rehab

Mary-Anne as been posting weekly video updates on her progress. The exercises are good – I particularly like the drills on the Spring Board – but the video editing is even better.

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Check the rest of her videos on YouTube.

Karen Cockburn’s ankle

The triple Olympic medalist is back on her feet.

NCAA Gymnastics after aneurysm

Keara Glover – Arkansas

… open-heart surgery.

“It was a painful procedure,” Glover recalls. “They had to literally crack open my ribs to get to my heart. They went in and removed as much of the aneurysm as they could. They couldn’t remove all of it, so I still have it and do yearly checkups to monitor it.”

The surgery was successful and she spent the entire summer of 2013 recovering from the procedure. It was a difficult time for Glover, as she had to stay indoors and not partake in any gymnastics activity during the recovery process. …

She resumed competing on the bars in the final five meets of the 2014 season. The highlight of her return came on March 1, as she posted a career-best score of 9.85 on the bars at Georgia.

She has continued to further recover from her open-heart surgery, as she has had no setbacks since returning to action in 2014. …

Keara Glover

Arkansas gymnast Keara Glover overcomes heart surgery

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