NCAA Achilles tendon injuries 2015

There’s a thread on College Gymnastics Board discussing the high rate of this very serious injury amongst College girls. :-(

An unofficial and probably partial list includes:

Kennedy Finister, Auburn
Nicole Pearson, Pittsburgh
Jamie Shisler, Florida
Maggie Dunn, Ohio State
Samantha Santos, Ball State
Serena Leong, California
Zoey Schaefer, Washington
Allie Flores, Arizona
Tory Wilson, Utah

Torn Achilles tendons – why?

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Utah gymnastics: Utes close out win with Wilson’s injury as inspiration

Older, more powerful gymnasts are at greatest risk.

The one upside to this injury is that it normally heals extremely well. Marisa Dick (Trinidad & Tobago) is just returning to competition. Her goal is to compete for T&T at Pan Am Games 2015.

Recall that Marisa tore an Achilles at Pan Am Championships 2014.

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genetic testing for sports injuries


A new review article published in the Journal of Sports Medicine concludes that genetics play a key role in a person’s risk of suffering from sports injuries. That holds true for athletes of all ages and all abilities, from weekend warriors to Olympians. …

Get Injured Often? It Could Be In Your Genes.

Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine – The Dawning Age of Genetic Testing for Sports Injuries

gymnast ‘allergic to exercise’


… With my disability, you can’t see it. It’s invisible. Unless I’ve collapsed on the floor or fighting for breath, I look like any other gymnast. …


Being a disabled gymnast

crap – 2nd ACL for Gabby Jupp

Recall that British start Gabby Jupp suffered an ACL injury in competition in 2013.


It’s happened again. :-(

Gabby’s coach Steven Price confirmed the bad news via Twitter.

Al Fong on wrist wrap

He’s not a fan of Tiger Paws.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Gymnasts do get dependent on Tigerpaws and other permanent wrist supports.

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Bri Guy back from double Achilles

… Guy tore the Achilles tendons in both heels on Valentine’s Day last year. She was in the middle of a double layout half, a key element in her floor exercise routine. …

“They both decided to pop,” Guy said. “I thought I hit a dead spot on the floor


Auburn gymnast Bri Guy inspires Tigers with incredible recovery from two torn Achilles tendons

related – Bri Guy’s will trumps double Achilles injury at Auburn

She’s been competing Vault, Beam and Bars in a good season, so far, for Auburn.

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UCLA trainer – Lorita Granger

What I like best about Bruin Banter are the sideline stories. This one, for example.

Click PLAY or watch Episode 4: Sadiqua Bynum on YouTube.

Medical care at the College level is awesome.