Gaius (Jay) Thompson comeback video

Jay tore tore ligaments and tendons on his elbow Aug 28th, 2014. He’s documented his recovery in an inspiring video.

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BAN pay-for-play Trampoline facilities

Trampoline and Gymnastics professionals recommend parents get an experienced, certified coach.

Sending kids in to a barely supervised free-for-all Trampoline facility is dangerous and irresponsible. :-(

Christopher McKenna broke his neck at a Trampoline centre
Christopher McKenna broke his neck at a Trampoline centre


Eddie Penev is back

EddieEddie suffered an ACL injury on Vault at the 2014 Pan American Championships. To rehab, he moved to the U.S. Olympic Team Training Center in Colorado Springs after five years at Stanford.

IG Online Interview: Eddie Penev (USA)

Kat Hasenauer Cornetta – Healthy Eddie Penev back on national gymnastics scene

Dipa Karmakar – Produnova

Much less scary than in the past. You can actually watch this one from Asian Championships.

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Still, WAY over-scored at 15.325. FIG simply must do something to properly evaluate the “canon ball” landing. :-(

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Sever’s Disease (Heel Pain) in Gymnasts

Dr. Josh Eldridge put together an overview article.


Grishina – ACL and dislocated patella

Translator: Lauren Cammenga

Article Author: Natalia Plekhanovaya, All Sport:

“I injured my knee at the end of February during the verification training before the Russian championship,” said Anastasia Grishina. “I was executing my vault, a double-twisting Yurchenko, underrotated, and landed badly. My kneecap was dislocated …

At the Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics (CITO) I was told that I had a an anterior cruciate ligament tear and would require surgery. My operation was on April 6th at CITO. I was in the hospital for two weeks. …

Today, July 13th, I will already be able to jump and slowly begin working on the apparatus. I’ll be able to load my knee, but not fanatically …

Anastasia Grishina: Despite everything, I’m going to try to make a second Olympics!


It sounds very much like what happened to Peng Peng Lee just before the 2012 Olympics. Same apparatus. Same skill. Competition landing mats.

Jackson Payne – Achilles

Canada’s top male AA gymnast tore his right Achilles tendon training Floor at a Pan Am team Camp in June.

“It felt like I stepped into a hole,” said Payne, who represents the Capital City Gymnastics Club.

“I’ve never experienced something like this, where I was totally ready to go. And I wanted to medal there (at the Pan Am Games) and help the sport get more publicity in Canada.” …

Payne resumes training for 2016 Olympics only 10 days after surgery


Both Jackson and team mate Hugh Smith missed two years of training while on missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Both came back to qualify to Canada’s A-team.