Grishina – ACL and dislocated patella

Translator: Lauren Cammenga

Article Author: Natalia Plekhanovaya, All Sport:

“I injured my knee at the end of February during the verification training before the Russian championship,” said Anastasia Grishina. “I was executing my vault, a double-twisting Yurchenko, underrotated, and landed badly. My kneecap was dislocated …

At the Central Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics (CITO) I was told that I had a an anterior cruciate ligament tear and would require surgery. My operation was on April 6th at CITO. I was in the hospital for two weeks. …

Today, July 13th, I will already be able to jump and slowly begin working on the apparatus. I’ll be able to load my knee, but not fanatically …

Anastasia Grishina: Despite everything, I’m going to try to make a second Olympics!


It sounds very much like what happened to Peng Peng Lee just before the 2012 Olympics. Same apparatus. Same skill. Competition landing mats.

Jackson Payne – Achilles

Canada’s top male AA gymnast tore his right Achilles tendon training Floor at a Pan Am team Camp in June.

“It felt like I stepped into a hole,” said Payne, who represents the Capital City Gymnastics Club.

“I’ve never experienced something like this, where I was totally ready to go. And I wanted to medal there (at the Pan Am Games) and help the sport get more publicity in Canada.” …

Payne resumes training for 2016 Olympics only 10 days after surgery


Both Jackson and team mate Hugh Smith missed two years of training while on missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Both came back to qualify to Canada’s A-team.

Yamilet Pena – Vault

Once again, FIG rules reward a Handspring Double Front vault where the competitor’s feet only barely touched the mat before her butt. :-(

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Yamilet is a great athlete. An excellent vaulter. It’s hard to blame her coach for taking advantage of this loophole in the rules.

Nellie Kim was in Toronto. Again handing a medal to an athlete who fell badly in the Final. She and her WTC committee must disagree with the majority of coaching experts who feel this ranking is unfair. This is the second Code under her watch where this marginal performance has been over rewarded. :-(

Lauren Hopkins:

Here’s the problem with vault…the entire difficulty comes from one single skill. Who cares if you chuck it and fall? You can still get a medal at many competitions above gymnasts who all hit.

But throw a skill you can’t do on bars or beam or floor and the risk doesn’t outweigh the cost. For an E-rated skill, you’re only getting 0.5 for your difficulty on that single element, 0.6 for F, 0.7 for G, and so on so a point for a fall actually matters there because none of these elements are worth over a point. But for vault, what’s the big deal about a full point off when your entire skill is worth 7 points?!

Gymternet – Pan Am Games Vault and Bars Finals

This is a case where the FIG Executive and/or Medical Commission should schedule a meeting with WTC.

competition Vault mats are dangerous

A couple of weeks ago at the EDGE Symposium I asked Todd Gardner – USA National Staff Vault coach – if there was anything that could be done to reduce the number of serious injuries on competition Vault mats.

We came up with no brilliant solutions. :-(

My one idea is to replace our current hard 20cm mats with a landing surface more like what they use in Double Mini-tramp competition. It’s much more forgiving.

At about 1 minute into this news interview with Rebeca Andrade you can watch her recent ACL injury. She under-twists a landing on competition mats. :-(

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Why is it that we never hear Dr. Michel LÉGLISE and the FIG Medical Commission weigh in on issues like this. What is it they do? Exactly?

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Lauren Mitchell ACL

Lauren Mitchell’s hopes of competing at a third Olympics at Rio next year appear to be over.

And the star WA gymnast’s glittering international career may well have ended a few weeks short of her 24th birthday …

Mitchell had been due to head to South Korea with Australian teammates — Georgia-Rose Brown, Emma Nedov and Mary-Anne Monckton — for the 2015 World Universiade yesterday.

It is understood Mitchell was working on her floor routine when she landed awkwardly, causing a suspected rupture of her anterior cruciate ligament. …


Lauren Mitchell
Lauren Mitchell

related – Arabian Punch Front – Gymnastics Injuries Apr-Jun

The list consists of national team members that have had some injury that keeps them out of competition. …

This is a dangerous sport. :-(

Orozco – Achilles


John Orozco of the Bronx N.Y./Team Hilton HHonors (U.S. Olympic Training Center) will have surgery on June 19 to repair an Achilles tendon injury on his right leg sustained during a training session earlier this week.

“John is a fundamental part of our men’s program,” said Steve Penny, president of USA Gymnastics,” and he has proven time and time again that he can overcome adversity and achieve great things. We will certainly do what we can to support his recovery.”

As a result, Orozco has withdrawn from the U.S. Men’s Team for the 2015 Pan American Games, and the replacement athlete will be determined in accordance with the official selection procedures.

Inside Gymnastics

Surprisingly, it’s the same Achilles tendon he had repaired in 2010. It was injured that time on Vault. This time it was on Floor.

insurance for NCAA athletes

What happens if you are injured while on College scholarship?

It depends.

… She is still a dependent on her parents’ insurance, Utah is willing to pay for her medical coverages since the accident occurred during an athletic event and Utah has an insurance policy that pays for medical expenses for injuries suffered during her time as a Utah athlete for up to two years past her time of eligibility. …

For injured former athletes like Utes’ Tory Wilson, insurance coverage is getting better