aerial ski flipping & twisting

In the sport of freestyle aerials, skiers are judged on their ability to perform complex jumps in the air. Emily Cook, a 12-year veteran of the U.S. Freestyle team, and Paul Doherty, a Senior Scientist at the Exploratorium in San Francisco, show how these jumps actually come from three basic twisting techniques that you can try in your own classroom.

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Youth Olympic Games medal

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Winter Olympics goal 2900 athletes, 100 events

Fans would like to see more Gymnastics sports competitors in the Summer Olympics. But IOC wants to cap those numbers. Many feel the Summer Olympics are already too big.

By comparison, for the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Games:

… brings the total number of events at the 2018 Olympics to 102, topping the previous Winter Olympics record high for medal events of 98 in Sochi. The number of Winter Olympic events rises with every Olympiad. At Sarajevo 1984, there were 39 medal events.

On Dec. 8, the IOC’s Agenda 2020 reforms recommended limiting the Winter Olympics to approximately 2,900 athletes and 100 events. Sochi 2014 had more than 2,800 athletes, but reportedly fewer than 2,900 in its 98 events. …

Olympics add events for Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Games



Australian Championships

1 Georgia Godwin Queensland
2 Emily Little Western Australia
3 Madelaine Leydin Victoria

1 Emily Little Western Australia 14.937
2 Stephanie Magiros New South Wales 13.937
3 Madelaine Leydin Victoria 12.363

Steph Magiros is hoping to become the first Australian to go back-to-back in winter and then summer Olympics.


1 Rianna Mizzen Queensland 14.075
2 Madelaine Leydin Victoria 13.900
3 Georgia Godwin Queensland 13.750

1 Emily Whitehead Victoria
2 Talia Folino Victoria
3 Charleis Kingston-White Victoria

1 Talia Folino Victoria
2 Emily Whitehead Victoria
3 Charleis Kingston-White Victoria

1 Emily Whitehead Victoria
2 Talia Folino Victoria
3 Charleis Kingston-White Victoria

Gymternet – 2015 Australian Championships Results

NY Times – Laís Souza documentary

… At 25, Souza was one of Brazil’s best gymnasts, a tiny two-time Olympian, and she had just heard exciting news: She had qualified for yet another Olympics. But this was the 2014 Winter Games, something completely new, and it gave her accomplishment an added resonance. In less than a week, Souza would be traveling to Sochi, Russia, to compete in aerial skiing, a sport she had never even heard of before taking it up seven months earlier. …

Celebrating the announcement, Laís, her coach and teammate Josi Santos, another gymnast, went skiing. On a black diamond run, Laís somehow fell into the trees.

She was paralyzed. :-(

Click PLAY or watch the documentary on YouTube. It’s honest. And Laís is making progress.

NY Times – SPORTS | A Life in Motion, Stopped Cold

Max Parrot – Switch Quadruple Underflip 1620

Looks difficult and dangerous to me.

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1st Quadruple Cork – Billy Morgan

Something like a quadruple side somi. With twist.

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The UK rider writes a new chapter in snowboard history by landing a Backside 1800 Quadruple Cork. …

That’s one full flip and half a rotation more than the previous biggest trick, a Triple Cork 1620, landed last month by Yuki Kadano at the US Open Slopestyle. …


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