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Reebok CHECKLIGHT – head impact indicator

I don’t believe this is any kind of solution, but perhaps it’s a step in the right direction. Education. Awareness.

A reason for a trainer or coach to decide not to put an injured athlete back in the game.

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Reebok CHECKLIGHT™ is a device that is worn on the head during sports and fitness activities with or without a helmet. It will indicate when the device has sustained an impact above a certain threshold. The device is made up of three parts: 1) an electronic unit, 2) a skullcap and 3) a power cord to recharge the battery. Reebok CHECKLIGHT™ uses LEDs to indicate various functions of the device. The Green blinking light indicates that the unit is on and functioning. A Yellow or Red blinking light indicates that the CHECKLIGHT™ device has received a moderate (yellow) or more severe (red) impact. An Amber (dark yellow) blinking light indicates that the battery needs to be recharged.


new school Gymnastics Team

Good news for competitive school gymnastics in Georgia.

web1_Terri_Dunson_t300… the Henry County School Board that gave the county the green light to add either lacrosse or gymnastics to the roster of athletic offerings, Ola (High School), along with most of the county’s other schools, elected to add gymnastics. …

Denson said that every newly participating team from Henry County has worked out deals with private gyms

Ola’s Terri Denson is excited about Mustangs first gymnastics team

school credit for sport

… The Nova Scotia government has approved eight new organizations to the Personal Development Credit, which allows high school students to earn either a half or full credit for their involvement in activities outside school. …

Gymnastics Nova Scotia, Italian Language School, Nova Scotia Equestrian Federation, Cadance Academy in New Minas, Lifesaving Society of Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Registered Music Teachers’ Association, Nova Scotia Scouts Canada and Skate Canada Nova Scotia have been added to the list, bringing the total number of organizations involved in the program from four to 12.

“We realty wanted to make a credit available to recognize the work they do outside of school is recognized as part of their education,” says Jennex. …

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why girls should do sport

Thanks Sports Girls Play.

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school, community KID FITNESS

The word “Gymnastics” scares away some people.

Some feel it’s too physically challenging. Too dangerous.

Carrie Spender is a community gymnastics expert from Washington State. Tumbl Trak’s adopted and expanded upon her Community based Kid Fitness program.

It’s designed to work for EVERY child.

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Forward that link to your Rec and Preschool leaders.

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High School basketball player passes ball

… A Texas teen has set the example of sportsmanship by unselfishly surrendering the basketball to a developmentally disabled member of the opposing team so he could score a point during a game.

Mitchell Marcus serves as the team manager for the basketball team at Coronado High School in El Paso, Texas.

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Jonathon Montanez is a sporting hero.

‘I was raised to treat others how you want to be treated,’ Jonathon explained to CBS News about his action.

‘I just though Mitchell deserved his chance, deserved his opportunity.’

gymnastics at Blue Heron school

Tumbl Trak, one of the co-sponsors, sent me to assist at a 2-day fitness event in January. We taught “gymnastics” to students at Blue Heron Middle School in Washington State.

Carrie Spender put together a highlights photo montage.

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[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e5ay7wCV4ZA?rel=0&w=560&h=315]

Note the equipment, mostly round, soft and safe. Safety was highest priority.

related – special needs gymnastics – Fitness Wheel

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car tire as springboard

Wilson Maposa for Zicora Mobile Network in Zimbabwe (6 February 2012):

A group of young boys from Mucheke suburb of Masvingo, Zimbabwe, are using old tyres as springboards to do acrobatic moves. Their love for gymnastic have made them to be innovative as there are no gyms around the suburb. …

While the local authority used to provide sporting facilities, they have since reduce or provide no funding at all and the past years have seen some of the playing fields being turned into housing stands …

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A Canadian friend of mine worked as a sport educator in Harare. She was eventually evacuated. For the many, many problems in Zimbabwe, I blame most President Robert Mugabe who’s been something of an irrational dictator since 1980.

BELMONT school – cartwheel friendly

One sensible Australian principal.

BELMONT Primary School has declared itself a cartwheeling and handstanding school.

Banning either of these typically joyful childhood activities because of a concern about safety is just “overkill”, according to principal Mark Arkinstall.

If fact, Mr Arkinstall is adamant it is his school’s role to develop students’ physical capabilities as much as it is to work on their academic skills which is why climbing is also allowed.

Mr Arkinstall spoke out yesterday in response to news of a NSW primary school banning its students from doing handstands and cartwheels unless under the supervision of a trained gymnastics teacher.

“It seems to be a bit silly, you’d never get out of bed in the morning if you took that attitude,” Mr Arkinstall said. …

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Schools encourage handstands, cartwheels

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Aussie school bans playground cartwheels

THE fun is over for some Sydney schoolchildren who dare to do cartwheels and handstands in the playground.

Drummoyne Public School has banned handstands, cartwheels and somersaults during lunch and recess unless “under the supervision of a trained gymnastics teacher and with correct equipment.” …

The move has confounded parents such as Rebecca Chown, who has collected more than 250 signatures on a petition calling for the rule to be overturned. …

Fun over for schoolchildren at Drummoyne Public School as handstands, cartwheels and somersaults are banned

Principal Gail Charlier has yet to respond.

Here’s the real danger to Aussie kids:

… For children and adolescents, the 2007-08 National Health Survey results indicate that 24.9% of children aged 5 – 17 years are overweight or obese. …


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