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in defence of 2 / nation

Almost everyone I know is decrying the FIG rule allowing a maximum of 2 gymnasts / nation to qualify to Olympic Finals.

The main argument against the 2 / nation rule I’ve heard is that one of the very best gymnasts in the world, the defending World Champion, is not allowed to contend for the AA title. … This time.

If it was Aly 3rd, I doubt there would be much debate.

If it was Kazuhito Tanaka from Japan in the Men’s competition, there wouldn’t be much discussion. … Actually, Tanaka was eliminated, like Jordyn. … I didn’t hear a word.

He was eventually added, replacing an injured Koji Yamamuro.

The two solutions to this specific problem I hear are:

return the rule to a maximum of 3 / nation (as it was in 2000), or …
allow exceptions to the rule in cases of World Champions

Women’s Gymnastics is a sport where only 4 nations dominate the medals. I want to see gymnasts from other nations have a chance to contend, and even upset those 4 favourites.

The 2 / nation rule helps.

“Sudden Victory” at each level of competition helps.

Smaller team size helps.

The USA chose to have 3 gymnasts do the AA knowing that one would be knocked out. If they wanted those two to be Gabby and Jordyn, they should have kept Aly off Bars in prelims.

Beam Dreams – Two Per Country And Other Such Rules – My Take on the Debate

Of course the argument that the Olympics is all about deciding who’s BEST is specious. If that was the case we’d have 15 Americans in London and perhaps 1 Canadian.

There must be some maximum number of competitors at each level of competition. Two finalists is better than one, I feel. I personally think it looks bad for the sport to have all three from one nation on the podium.

Still not convinced?

Read Thiago Simoes post on how the 2 / nation rule is seen in 2016 Olympic host Brazil:

There has been much debate over the last few days about Jordyn Wieber’s failure to qualify for the All-Around finals. This is all somewhat baffling to me, someone who lives in a country which has achieved respectful results in gymnastics after the two-per-country rule was applied. …

Couch Gymnast – Two-per-country Rule: Another View

Having only 4 nations dominate WAG at the Olympics is bad for the sport in the rest of the world. Just as having only 4 women’s College teams ever having won the Team title makes it more difficult — not less — for every other team in the NCAA to justify their existence.

For the greater good of the sport, I can live with the disappointment of not seeing Jordyn get a shot at winning the Olympic title today.

Good luck to Gabby and Aly.

why is FIG rewarding Pena?

Women’s judges are infamous for their severity in taking big deductions for tiny errors.

Why aren’t they “killing” performances this flawed and dangerous?

Click PLAY or watch Handspring double front on YouTube.

Less scary than usual, but should this have qualified 5th with a combined score of 14.699?

What’s the message, Nellie?
… That you want girls worldwide to train this Vault in order to get to Olympic Finals?

Here’s her very average DTY second Vault. (VIDEO)

(via Full Twist)

female gymnast thumb around Bar

Male gymnast MUST ALWAYS have their thumbs around the Bar.

Female gymnast normally have thumbs around while in support (e.g. cast handstand) then flip the thumb back with the rest of the fingers during swings (e.g. giant, free hip, etc.)

Here’s an example — posted by Gymnastics Crossing — of a female gymnast who DOES sometimes keep her thumbs around on the swing. An exception to the norm.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Note the thumb tape. :)

Elfimov on Komova


Viktoria Komova’s personal coach, Gennady Elfimov, has given a personal interview to Sovietski Sport.

His main messages? Don’t hype Vika! Keep calm! We have to keep our focus and perform four apparatus confidently – don’t get carried away with that vault! And forget about Tokyo! …

Coach Elfimov with Viktoria Komova at a team visit to the Novodevichy Convent

read more on Rewriting Russian Gymnastics – Interview with Gennady Elfimov

Sounds like the plan is for Komova, Paseka and … Mustafina to all compete Amanar in Team. If so, the odds of all 3 landing are not high.

Russia cannot afford any injury.

5 toughest gymnastics skills

Zach Liebler:

The top 5 craziest skills in men’s gymnastics in my opinion. …

I chose to do these skills because they’re so hard, and nobody does them. You don’t see many quad twists or triple backs anymore. And you never see the other 3. Here are the gymnasts:

Quad Twist: Kent Caldwell
Triple Back: Eddie Crane
Triple Back Pbars: Daisuke Nakano
Cassina 2: Igor Cassina
Crockett: Jeff Crockett

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via The Gym Press on Facebook)

Olympic Gymnastics injuries

These last few days before the Olympics make you nervous. Artistic Gymnastics is dangerous. There will certainly be injuries, primarily landing injuries on competition mats.

Chen Yibing injures meniscus while training Vault in Ireland. He still hopes to compete. They need him.

Nabieva was injured the day before the final Russian Team Olympic selection.

Sounds like it’s also a knee.

23yr-old Lais Souza from Brazil is out after hurting her hand on Bars.

related – Gymnastics Rescue – Knee Injuries and Gymnastics

NEW – Woodward Tahoe

So NEW it’s not on Wikipedia yet.

Woodward Tahoe opened a few weeks ago. This company is expanding.

Woodward Copper opened 2008.

Woodward Beijing opened 2010.

Click PLAY or watch Tahoe’s Opening Day video on YouTube.

Jon Slaughter, Marketing Director, is justifiable proud of progress made. They broke ground on the impressive 34,000 square foot facility only about 11 months prior to opening. It’s at Boreal Mountain Resort close to Lake Tahoe, California.

Click PLAY or watch … Nate Wessel explain the design on YouTube. Including the Trampoline Park with a “Supertramp”.

That Supertramp is not one of those built by Dave Ross / Rebound. It’s a new design. I got to bounce on it myself — BIG AIR … SLOW … and SOFT.

The highlight for many of the kids visiting is that pit jump. HUGE AIR on a bike.

Lauren Gearhart moved from Copper to get the Cheer program up-and-running at Tahoe. She explained that Artistic Gymnastics will not be offered at this camp due to space limitations. Action sports share tumbling, trampoline and pits with Cheer. It’s a natural fit.

Rod Floor, tumbling trampoline and full Cheer Floor are in place.

They’ll be no Artistic Gymnastics at this Woodward. A bit of a trend for the company, I’m thinking. Action Sports are the priority.

Woodward Tahoe looks like a winner to me. It will run winter and summer. It’s atop the Donner Pass on Highway 80, West of Truckee, California.

Training Action Sports gets a little bit safer. :)

homepage Woodward tahoe

LIKE Woodward Tahoe on Facebook.

male gymnasts fall hard

The bigger you go, the harder you fall.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

on fear in gymnastics

At one of his sessions at USA Congress, Dr. Bill Sands talked about the mechanism of fear. At a stage of brain development, children finally start to grasp consequences of action.

The age is predictable.

I feel it happens to both boys and girls, but there’s some sort of override in the male psyche — perhaps Testosterone. :)

Boys can almost always overcome fear issues in the gym. Some girls cannot.

Most often it involves backwards elements.

Fear can be a great struggle. Right now Emily Wilson’s daughter is having problems.

Try everything. Especially high reps of simpler skills.

For example, for backward tumbling balking on saltos, do endless series of backward handsprings on Tumbl Trak. At least 50 backward handsprings a day before going back to somersaults.

Fear can be overcome. :)

One strategy to reduce the frequency and severity of fear going backwards is to train forward elements first. For example, I like girls to do forward flyaway before backward flyaway. Forwards is not “scary”. The confidence gained later transfers to the backward. Usually.

(via Tumbl Trak on Facebook)

’76 Olympics – Shun Fujimoto

Shun Fujimoto represented Japan at the 1976 Summer Olympics, where he won gold in the team competition.

Fujimoto achieved fame by continuing to compete in the team event right after breaking his knee during the floor exercise. He scored 9.5 on the pommel horse and 9.7 on the rings with a broken knee

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

… Later, when asked whether he would do what he did again, he replied frankly, “No, I would not.”

I ask gymnasts to NEVER hide injuries from their coach.

Al Fong on bandages, braces

Taped ankles, wrist supports, back braces, knee pressure straps….

All of the above serves a function in our sport. These supports help the athlete continue to work out in spite of a nagging injury.

But in some gyms taping and wrapping seem to be a part of the team culture …

What needs to be considered are more strength exercises to make the athlete stronger. In addition, coaches need to stress safety first to prevent injuries in the first place. Mats, soft landings, more work on tramp and less on the hard floor when tumbling, etc…

Badge of Honor?

Is this wrap actually doing anything?

When I visited Al’s gym GAGE earlier this year, I saw very few gymnasts taped or wrapped. Their training system and facility looked as safe as any other elite gym I can recall.

Tkachev drill …

… This is only my second day working on drills, not the actual skill. My coach wanted me to land on top of the bar, which I did, but… It kind looked like I was tasered… Enjoy laughing ’cause I know I sure did! …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

… That actually IS a good drill.

(via Gymnast Crossing)

who should obese kids sue?


McDonald’s Cheeseburger Happy Meal

Chick-fil-A Kids Grilled Nuggets Meal – Contains the same amount of cholesterol as a Big Mac.

Sonic Kids’ Jr. Burger Meal – Contains more sugar than two Twinkies.

Burger King Hamburger Kids’ Meal – Contains almost as much cholesterol as six slices of pork bacon.

Denny’s Build Your Own Jr. Grand Slam – Contains almost 100 more milligrams of sodium than the government recommends children consume at breakfast.

A Report by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – The Five Worst “Healthy” Fast-Food Kids Meals (PDF)

(via mother nature network)