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crappy Reisport grips?

Luke Wiwatowski:

I’m having some trouble with Reisport guards of late. The leather seems to be breaking more often and wearing out quicker. I’ve heard that the leather at the moment is going through a bad batch. In any case I’m on the hunt for a new brand

Reisport Guards and Bad Leather

I like expensive Reisport grips best for guys, inexpensive Grips Etc for girls.

But Reisport quality often suffers. I recall older gymnasts ripping them in half first turn on the apparatus. :(

Leave a comment on Luke’s blog if you have advice.

check for Breast Cancer

Watch this helpful minute long video that gives you step-by-step instructions on how to examine your breasts for cancer. And please, share with your friends and family.

Click PLAY or watch it on Vimeo.

Minute Hacks – How to Check for Breast Cancer from Minute Hacks by OEDB.org

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

walking in ‘bridge’

I’ve never liked this drill. Especially NOT the GAME of racing in bridge position.

It has little value for gymnasts. Encourages bad form, bad technique.

And some kids have been injured while attempting it.

I’ll always recall when the great Russian Power Tumbling coach, Skakoun Senior, told us at a clinic in Canada:

“If you can do a bridge, get out of my gym. You can’t tumble.”

His demonstrator, a 3-time World Champion, did not even know how to get into position to try a back bridge.

That’s going too far, in my opinion. There are powerful tumblers who can do a back bridge, but it’s not essential.

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recovery – Stanford’s Cooling Glove

This technology has been around for years. It promises much for those athletes where training is limited by overheating.

I’m not sure I see any applications for acrobatic sport, though.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via All Things Gym)

landing from 39km jump

After flying to an altitude of 39,045 meters (128,100 feet) in a helium-filled balloon, Felix Baumgartner completed a record breaking jump for the ages from the edge of space, exactly 65 years after Chuck Yeager first broke the sound barrier …

Felix reached a maximum of speed of 1,342.8 km/h (833mph) through the near vacuum of the stratosphere before being slowed by the atmosphere later during his 4:20 minute long freefall. The 43-year-old Austrian skydiving expert also broke two other world records (highest freefall, highest manned balloon flight), leaving the one for the longest freefall to project mentor Col. Joe Kittinger.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

He won’t be doing it again.

Mother wants Amanda Todd’s video to help others

Amanda Todd’s mother, Carol Todd, doesn’t want other children to suffer as her daughter did — stalked and harassed by bullies in cyberspace and in the schoolyard, by people she knew and by stalkers many miles away. …

Amanda killed herself this week, one month shy of her 16th birthday and one month after telling the world through a YouTube video of bullying that left her depressed and despairing.

The Amanda Todd trust fund is being held at the Royal Bank of Canada, which will be accepting donations in Amanda’s name at all its branches.

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Armstrong’s doctor could face criminal charges

Michele Ferrari … 10 July 2010 the US Anti-Doping Authority issued Ferrari a lifetime sports ban for numerous anti-doping violations including possession, trafficking, administration and assisting doping. …

… Usada said it “has found overwhelming proof that Dr Michele Ferrari facilitated doping for numerous members of the US Postal Service and Discovery.”

The report showed that Armstrong had paid more than $1m to a company controlled by the Italian and said that Armstrong had conceded he met Ferrari on a monthly basis. Riders testified that he supervised blood transfusions, EPO injections and the use of testosterone.

Ferrari centre

Ferrari was quoted as saying: “If I were a rider, I would use the products which elude doping controls if they helped to improve my performances.” …

Lance Armstrong case: The key players in the affair

If you’ve somehow avoided the Lance Armstrong scandal, catch up on Outside – LANCE ARMSTRONG AND THE LOST BOYS.

I’m happy acrobatic sports are so much “cleaner” than worst offenders, including Olympic Weight Lifting, Shotput and Cycling.

Bieber on cyberbullying


In Canada there’s news of another teen suicide. On Day of the Girl Child. A cheerleader.

Bieber posted a public service announcement.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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BASE stunt in Norway goes wrong

This is hard to watch. Though the BASE jumper survives.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

The original video has more detail.

… BASE jumper Richard Henriksen … a father-of-five, then flies off the cliff head-first as onlookers watch in horror. …

In an extremely lucky chain of events, Henriksen narrowly missed falling against the rock face of the cliff and managed to open his parachute on the way down, NRK TV reports. …

Henriksen, who works as a surgeon at St. Olav’s Hospital, said he had operated on some of his closest friends who had been in BASE jumping accidents. …

Obviously they should not have chained that Bar with only 4 points of attachment. I’d have used 8 minimum.


safer Bar floor plates
• gymnastics bar floor plates unsafe
gymnastics bar cable failure

(via Jason Edward MacDonald on Facebook)

death by mountain bike?

Freeride mountain biking crowned a new king as Canadian Kurt Sorge took the top spot in Red Bull Rampage. France’s Antoine Bizet took second and Utah local Logan Binggeli came in third in a thrilling contest that saw huge jumps and flips all over the steep cliffs of Virgin, Utah.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Yeesh. This competition was canceled 2005 – 2007 due to the increasing risk competitors were taking

Danny Hale – Tarzan of Hawaii

by site editor Rick McCharles

We met Danny Hale in 2008, doing his Tarzan thing. For FUN. :)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Danny rigged each of his 3 swings personally each day. And took them down when finished.

In 2011, the owner of that private property blocked access to the general public. It’s dangerous. At least 5 people have died there.

Doctors nix backyard trampolines


Trampoline Pundit has been following the latest “news” regarding the DANGERS of tramp:

… The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) put out a new report warning of the dangers of jumping on trampolines. However, this time the warning was only about backyard trampolines and parks and claims that “Trampoline injury rates have steadily been decreasing since 2004.” …

One of US’s National Trampoline Coaches and emergency room doctor …, Dr. George Drew, consulted on the report …

“The authors were careful to separate competitive trampoline and structured training programs from the injuries seen in backyard trampoline use and jump/trampoline parks,” said Drew, who is a past competitive trampolinist. “As a consultant to the study, I was pleased they took the time to carefully examine the safety differences between backyard trampolines and a structured program. Every single safety recommendation made by authors is already in place at any reputable program in our sport.”

AAP Trampoline Statement

One recent newscast.

Click PLAY or watch it on Global Toronto.

Why do parents let their kids get fat?

From the UK.

The health risks for obese children may be even greater than previously estimated, new research suggests. So why do parents let their kids get fat?

Just over 33% of 11-year-olds are now overweight or obese and among four and five-year-olds it’s 22%, according to the most recent figures from the National Child Measurement Programme, which assesses the height and weight of primary children in England. The figures are similar in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. …


Certainly kids need to exercise more, eat less. But I fear this epidemic is far more complicated than that.

It’s not only too many “pizza days” at school.

If you travel to Peru, for example, you’ll have difficulty finding even one overweight child in any school. The epidemic of child obesity has yet to hit there.

… Will science find some “fix”?

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