Bungee Slingshot – Human Catapult

… what could go wrong?

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bad fall on Bars …


I’ve been reluctant to link to this horrific video as it’s my general policy not to post CRASHES.

It’s here, if you want to see for yourself.

That’s Magroune Nesrine, I believe, a Junior from Algeria, in the African Championships 2014 Bars Final.

Though I wasn’t at the arena for the Junior Final, here’s what I’ve heard.

• she’d had problems with double layout dismount all week

• it looks like she ticked the low bar on the dismount giant

• she fractured 2 vertebrae and suffered a serious concussion

• she was last seen in a back brace, but mobile

• people there agreed that the spotting coach’s behaviour was shockingly insensitive

• not shown on the video was that the other Algerian coaches insisted she get up off the mat, not waiting for expert medical support close at hand

The Algerian girls were very good. The coaches there know gymnastics, it’s clear. But moving Magroune after that fall is unforgivable.

Fadwa Mohamed – Prudnova


If a marginal handspring double front vault results in catastrophic injury, how are Nellie Kim and FIG going to answer questions from the media?

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7.0 D-score, 7.950 E-score = 14.950

full vault results (PDF)


Fadwa Mohamed #AfricanChamps Prudnova (prelims)

Fadwa Muhammad – Prudnova (Worlds 2013)

Egypt’s Fadwa Mohamed (2013 interview)

Fadwa Muhammad – Prodnova (African Championships 2012)

That vault should be banned for female gymnasts.

Lais Souza not insured …


The former gymnast paralyzed while training for the winter Olympics is not covered by her sports Federations.

Linked by Ivan Fernandes for WOGymnastika.

Google Translate from the original Portuguese story:

Lais Souza is quadriplegic, someone has to pay for it, and it’s not you.

… Our skier Lais Souza is quadriplegic. … The insurance paid for the operation and treatment. But it will not pay anything more. Because life insurance or disability contracted by the Brazilian Olympic Committee, and the Brazilian Sports Confederation … covers only accidents that happen during the competition, and not during training. …

What will help Lais is money, big money. Now the Brazilian Olympic Committee started a campaign asking financial assistance

… Any idea how much it costs to be a quadriplegic? I’ll kick down a $15 thousand per month, U.S. $180,000 per year. Lais is 25 years old. …

The Olympic Committee is transferring the responsibility … Brazil invests billions in Cup stadiums, and billions more for the Olympics in Rio in 2016, and leaves a young quadriplegic …

… if you can do something for Lais, do:

Agency: 0548-7
Current Account: 0110490-0
Lais Souza da Silva

Lais Souza


• her first interview (Portuguese)

• LIKE the Força Lais: In Support of Lais Souza Facebook page

Thanks Amanda.

accused Chinese molesters arrested, not charged

Dean Liu Zhiqiang, 48, and his deputy, Zeng Rong, 52, were arrested three months ago, but the case was not disclosed until Wednesday, when it was reported by the Shanghai-based Oriental Morning Post. The victims are less than 10 years old and were abused over two years. …

The pressure to excel is intense. Pupils live at the school and are only infrequently allowed to visit their parents. …

Liu Zhiqiang and Zeng Rong, who were expected to face trial earlier this year, have not yet been charged. Prosecutors have asked investigators to gather more evidence against them. …

Some media outlets wondered aloud whether Hunan officials have sought to keep the scandal quiet to protect the provincial gymnastic programme’s reputation. …

South China Morning Post – Chinese media outraged about sexual abuse at top gymnast academy

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Janssen-Fritsen research

Check what’s happening in the Netherlands “lab” gym.

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Bars chain snaps on Becky Downie

GymFever linked to this routine.

Craig Tilly:

You can hear the chain snap when she does the Pak.

Actually, the Bars themselves were OK. Something in the anchor itself failed.

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Seems they moved the Bars to the Horizontal Bar tie down after the men’s competition.

She re-did the routine for 14.350.

Update from Susanne in the comments:

Becky didn’t re-do her routine. She was given the opportunity but decided against it as her score from the botched routine still put her in second place behind Ruby Harrold.

FIG specs for tie downs are not sufficient. Not safe.

When, oh when, will a safer mechanism be required for FIG meets?