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air bag pit for gymnastics?

Tom Trapp, Diving coach, wonders whether there’s potential to use an extreme sports air bag for gymnastics?

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

That one is the Acrobag.

Leave a comment if you have an opinion on whether it could be used by circus acrobats, divers or gymnasts.

Woodward Copper Mountain should be the place to test one.

balls on the beam

A really, REALLY bad idea.

I can’t embed this wipe-out. Click through to YouTube, if you dare.

Thanks George. I think.

air-filled safety pits?

Lieven Vercruyssen, founder and chief evangelist of Eurogym / Eurotumble Belgium, explained their Inflatable Pit:

One or both bladders can be inflated to the desired firmness simply by pushing a button on the wall. Wow. From resi-pit to landing “table” in minutes, without moving a thing.

… As a simpler alternative, what about stacking Air Pits like these available from Tumbl Trak or Eurogym?

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Having many independent air pits stacked would leave you many future options.

Any air base would have a top mat made of foam, of course.

Leave a comment if you’ve used any kind of ‘air pit’ system.

Air is the future, I’m certain.

skier Sarah Burke dead at 29

Sarah Burke (September 3, 1982 – January 19, 2012) was a Canadian freestyle skier who grew up in Midland, Ontario, Canada. She later resided in Whistler, British Columbia.

… On January 10, 2012 Burke was seriously injured while training on the Park City Mountain Resort Eagle superpipe in Park City, Utah. …

Onlookers reported that Burke had completed a trick fairly well yet fell onto her head, and the accident did not appear to be very severe. Moments later, however, she went into cardiac arrest while still on the ski slope …

Sarah Burke - four-time Winter X Games champion in halfpipe skiing

photo REUTERS/Alessandro Garofalo/Files

She died 9 days later in hospital. Condolences to husband freeskier Rory Bushfield.

spotting on trampoline

Sergio Ricardo Silva Lucas sends us this well edited series of on-bed spotting techniques.

See what you think.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I prefer not to “catch” if not necessary, so would only use some of these for FUN or as a DEMO.

Leave a comment if you have an opinion.

catching an Olympic Champion

HE Wenna from China is defending Olympic Trampoline Champion. She had the highest “flight time” (time in the air) of all competitors at the Test Meet, despite being more petite than most.

At the very END of her Finals routine she unexpectedly flew off the Tramp! CONGRATULATIONS and THANKS to the two spotters who jumped to the rescue.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

The coach said she had a couple of very minor injuries from that incident. She’ll be looking for redemption in the same arena come July!

Here’s the FIG wrap-up on Women’s Tramp.

Thanks Shani.

freestyle skier Burke in coma

Canadian freestyle skier, Sarah Burke is in a coma after a serious head injury while training at Park City, Utah. The 29 year-old Burke is a four-time Winter X Games champion in the skiing superpipe. …

Hard Body

more articles

This tragedy will be much on the minds of everyone at Youth Winter Olympic Games, starting this weekend in Innsbruck.

training flexibility with sliders

I’ve seen several clubs in the Pacific N.W. using this methodology. VERY advanced strength / flexibility training.

The last drill should only be done with extremely flexible kids. There’s a risk of groin or hamstring muscle tear.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Those particular sliders are sold by Tumbl Trak. ($9.25 for a set of two)

WASHUP recovery techniques

Have you heard of that acronym?

WASHUP recovery techniques:

Active rest
Hydration and refueling
Unwind mentally
Physical therapies

details on Sports Coaching Brain

Wayne Goldsmith feels training is more important than recovery. Keep things in perspective.

last dangerous Parkour post

I don’t link on this site to every free running video I see. They need to have something unique over and above all the rest I’ve seen.

This 13min edit has plenty of unique and interesting stunts. But it nearly gave me a heart attack. Be warned.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Announcement: Hence forth I’ll no longer link to any edit showing hard landings from extreme height. Or even simple skills on high rooftops where even a minor mistake would mean certain death.

… you have to draw the line somewhere.

(via Jerry Blakley on YouTube)

above ground Gymnastics pits?

Skallagromsson is looking for advice on the best, most cost efficient ways to build an above ground safety pit.

That one’s at Pacific Gymnastics Training Center.

A club I visited in the Philippines is researching that project, as well, so if you’ve got plans or photos, I’d love to share them. Leave a comment.

MAG FX: E, F, G elements

I’m surprised how many coaches defended the current Code and FIG rules on Floor in the comments of this provocatively titled post – FIG ruined Men’s Floor.

I disagree.

In 2011 the FIG Floor Exercise rules are not working. (Report Card). Routines are rushed, ugly and repetitive.

… But there is one point on which we agree. Today there are too many combination passes, not enough BIG TRICKS.

Future rule changes should encourage at least one “BIG TRICK”. Winning routines should include a triple back, triple twisting double back or something equally uniquely impressive. The best BIG TRICK tumblers should win.

Which of these BIG tricks do you like best?

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

RedNasvw has more MAG Code edits like this on his Code of Points YouTube playlist.

related – MostepanovaFan has many WAG Code related videos.

Gymnastics Fear Cure System $377

If you are desperate for one of your gymnasts — here’s your last faint hope.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your Investment in Your in this System is 100% Guaranteed with a full and complete Money Back Guarantee that you may request for up to a year after purchase. The System Must Work for You to your Complete Satisfaction or you will receive a complete full refund.

Your 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee is guaranteed 2 Ways by:

PayPal Customer Buyer Protection Program

link on the bottom of this post – Overcoming Fear in Gymnastics

Sounds like quackery, for sure. Please leave a comment if you know anyone who’s tried it.

That post has some good content, but misses some of the most important factors regarding serious fear issues in gymnastics:

• almost exclusively WAG, not MAG
• almost always on backwards skills
• almost never very young gymnasts
• most pronounced just before and during competitive season

Strategies often not considered by WAG coaches:

- progress slower on backward skills, faster on forward skills
- introduce forward skills first (e.g. forward flyaway before backward)
- spot backwards skills as little as possible
- train more difficulty early season than you want to compete (take out skills to reduce distress when you get close to season)

MAG coaches need not worry, though these are strategies I like to use with boys, too.

Courtney has the right idea — at her club she feels the boys train smarter than the girls.

If girls trained more like guys, they’d have fewer mental blocks due to fear.

Jason Shen – How Gymnastics Taught Me to Man Up, Get Tough and Crush Fear