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Vault Champion nearly loses leg


2010 world vault champion Thomas Bouhail (France) publicly accused doctors of medical negligence, nearly six months after the Christmas Eve accident that may have cut short his brilliant gymnastics career.

On Dec. 24, Bouhail suffered a broken tibia and torn knee ligaments in a fall off high bar. He held a press conference Friday afternoon, speaking publicly for the first time about the incident …

“I almost lost my leg,” he said. “It’s a miracle it was saved. I’ve undergone 15 operations and they’ve taken a lot of my muscle. Today, I still cannot lift my foot.” …

IG – Devastated Bouhail Accuses Doctors of Negligence

Greg Roe’s Trampoline Compilation 3

Extreme Trampoline.

… I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the flips & twists.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (Slipknot soundtrack warning.)

The crew from Skyriders in Toronto will be a highlight of the Canadian National T&T Championships next week.

Recommended by TrampGuy.

legally blind gymnast

Lola Walters.

Talk about inspirational. The best feature I’ve yet seen on this girl.

Lola, from California, is legally blind, suffering from a condition called Nystagmus, which means her eyes move constantly, causing her to see double.

It means she has no depth perception whatsoever and when she’s running up to the bar she cannot see it until she’s just five feet away. …

Lola feels the tag “legally blind” is not accurate. She can see. But not with much precision. She wants to be treated the same as every other athlete.

Click PLAY or watch it on the Daily Mail.

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gymnast body piercings policy

Has this ever been a problem for you as a coach?

British Gymnastics Policy on Body Piercing and Adornments (PDF)

There are some workarounds. For example, fake magnetic jewelry.

(via Gymnastics Wales on Facebook)

Kyle Shewfelt was bullied

The 2004 Olympic Floor Champ signed on as a spokesperson with I’ve Been Bullied.

Kyle Shewfelt grew-up much smaller than the other boys.

‘WIMP’, ‘Pansy’, ‘Homo’..were all words he would hear regularly, causing him to cry on occasion. At six he began gymnastics and continued to receive name calling for his choice in athletic sports. This bullying only made Kyle push harder.

He refused to be known as a wimp, so he continued training in gymnastics and forced himself to become tougher. …

If you want to help eradicate bullying, click over to Facebook photo and SHARE.

Kyle’s not gay. But suffered bullying from homophobes.

Happily, I think things are changing for the better. At least in some parts of the world.

Josh Dixon came out publicly while competing for Stanford, I think. He’s now at the USOTC in Colorado Springs commenting:

… he has not had a single negative response “in any way, shape or form.” If anything, the only homophobia he has encountered has been from within himself. He acknowledges he once felt internal pressure about being a gay man in what some label the “gay sport” of gymnastics. He didn’t want to fall into a stereotype. But he’s come to embrace it, and he says his sexual orientation now makes him stand out more at the elite level. …

Out Sports

Beyoncé – Move Your Body

The greatest danger to children in 2012 is childhood obesity. It’s hopeless, so far as I can see. Kids are going to get fatter before they get fitter. :(

… Some are trying to make fitness cool.

Let’s Move! Flash Workout initiative by Beyoncé Knowles is a part of a larger Let’s Move! campaign to end childhood obesity in the United States.

The campaign was started by First Lady Michelle Obama. The Let’s Move! Initiative has the goal of “solving the challenge of childhood obesity within a generation so that children born today will reach adulthood at a healthy weight”. …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

… Watch thousands of students from across the country and around the world dance to Beyoncé’s “Move Your Body” in the 2011 Let’s Move! Flash Workout. …

Click PLAY or watch a mashup on YouTube.


related – A big fat (cigar smoking) idiot had the nerve to criticize Let’s Move founder Michelle Obama for her diet and fitness. Talk about picking the wrong battle.

double bed trampoline

First, I recommend to all parents that they not purchase any backyard trampoline.

All are dangerous.

Kids should do trampoline in a club with expert coaches.

Yet it’s worth checking out this innovation.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

That’s the AlleyOop Sports brand DoubleBounce Trampoline by Jump Sports.

JM sent a link to TrampolineSafety.com recommending this brand over SpringFree.

securing a top mat

Kori applies water (creatively) to ensure the top mat does not slide upon landing her dismount.

learning from defeat

On this site we often celebrate those who succeeded in their gymnastics goals.

Tom Burgdorf:

But what about those who don’t “make it” in their performances at the big events? They win too. So much learning and growing occurs when a less than desired result happens. That is why we can’t lose.

… As parents we get to help guide them through this period and we will learn a lot about the core of our child based on their “rebound.”

… I really believe that more is learned from adversity and the recovery than with success all of the time.

… Life doesn’t end with a fall off beam or not moving on to Nationals.

… Parents: your children will be okay even though they may be hurting right now. Guide them but make sure you give them some space to do a little “figuring it out themselves.” …

Coaches & Parents – Learning In Victory and in Disappointment
Gymnet Sports on Facebook

Al Fong – channel pit

At his recent clinic at GAGE, Al explained his elaborate “trench” pit. This it the 5th version and he’s finally happy with how it works.

Note the free standing elevated chalk box.

Those segments are 8ft long, wide enough to leave a 2ft channel.

The white base spotting box is the minimum height you’d possibly ever want to use. The yellow pieces can be stacked as high as needed for the height of the gymnast. This day it was set so the tallest girl in the gym could swing.

The blue mat in-between is custom made to fit.

Construction is layers of rigid foam, glued together. Then topped with carpet bonded ethafoam from an old roll strip.

Al’s gym makes their own covers having purchased a $1600 industrial sewing machine.

A contractor friend of mine priced out one of the yellow sections at less than $200 including handles and perhaps even a zipper closure. GAGE has dozens. Each is light enough to easily be moved by two small kids.

Al finds this system far superior to the below ground channel pits.

Leave a comment if you’ve an opinion. Or any alternative this useful.

Bieber on bullying

A new film — Bully —  is being rolled out across North America. Educators, including coaches, should see it.

Click PLAY or watch a trailer on YouTube.

Bieber decided to lend his voice to a song featured in the documentary …

After watching the film that premiered in various theaters on March 30, Bieber took to his Twitter account to speak about the inspiration it had given him, and urged witnesses of bullying to speak up and help protect victims of the act.

“Just watched the #BULLY movie. really intense,” Bieber tweeted. “Really powerful. We need to stand up for each other.”

Justin Bieber, Bullied in School, Stands Up for Victims in Song

It’s great to see the Bieb adding his celebrity to this cause.

In 2012 there’s far less bullying in school than when I was a child. The bigger danger is online bullying.

Air Floor – martial arts

Demonstrating that Tumbl Trak’s floor filled with air, the Air Floor, is a great tool for Martial Arts training. @ Victory Taekwondo Academy

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

The videographer, Chris Hutchinson, did some shooting at Oakville this week. I’m looking forward to what he ends up doing with that footage. :)

I Believe I can Fly

Of all the terrifying YouTube clips, this one freaked me out most, so far.

I Believe I can Fly ( flight of the frenchies). Trailer
by sebastien montaz-rosset

Tancrède, Julien, Seb and Antoine are pioneers in ‘highlining’ – a vertiginous combination of climbing, slackline and tightrope walking.

Click PLAY or watch it on Vimeo. (full screen!)

Song: The Rural Alberta Advantage.