cancel Cable TV

For your health.

child TVThere were three main reasons I hopped on the cord cutting bandwagon:

1. I got old.
2. I had a kid.
3. Netflix.

The kid thing was huge. We don’t let our three-year-old watch a lot of TV, but when we do it’s through No. 3 — Netflix. There’s a great selection of kid-friendly content and no commercials yelling at him in between breaks in the action. …

GigaOm – A lifelong cable hoarder cuts the cord and it’s a relief… kinda

baseball injury, coach sued

Only in the U.S. of A.

Mike Meissner coached a youth baseball team in North Carolina for sixteen years.

“I think I’ve made a difference in some kids’ lives,” he says.

He sought to teach his players not only about the game but about sportsmanship and being a good loser.

But, when he thinks back on those sixteen years, the first thing that comes to mind is not the positive lessons he imparted upon his players — it is the lawsuit. …

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Finally, a jury decided that Mike was not negligent in conducting his pop fly drill that day.

Though he was eventually vindicated, the lawsuit still taints Mike’s memories of the many years he spent as a volunteer coach.

“What you don’t need is something like this discouraging people from the thought of going out and helping other children,” he says.

This video is part of the campaign.

Gymnastics documentary from Ukraine

Some errors. Some mis-translations.

Fairly hyperbolic about the dangers of the sport.

Still, it’s well worth watching. English sub-titles.

Podkopaeva, Zakharova and Omelianchik are interviewed.

Click over to Olesya Sazonova’s official website to watch it.


Thank Alan Owen for getting that translation done. He’s now living in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Road Bike Party 2

You might have seen trials-riding legend Martyn Ashton’s Road Bike Party on YouTube, where he rides Mark Cavendish’s high-end road bike where road bikes have never gone before. The video has been viewed more than nine million times.

Ashton was close to finishing his sequel Road Bike Party 2 video when he tumbled during a September trials demo and broke his back, leaving him in a wheelchair. Pals – like trials champions and veteran YouTubers Danny MacAskill and Chris Akrigg – helped him finish the video …

Denver Post

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(via Outside)

are we overusing ice?

Editor in Chief of The Physician and Sports Medicine Journal (Dr. Nick DiNubile) once posed this question:

“Seriously, do you honestly believe that your body’s natural inflammatory response is a mistake?”


Why Ice and Anti-inflammatory Medication is NOT the Answer

Closing thoughts from the author Joshua J. Stone, MA, ATC, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, FNS:

Bottom line, ice and NSAIDs are over utilized.

I am not saying never, but I am saying ice is not a magical cure all that fixes everything and is required for healing.

… before immediately turning to ice and NSAIDs. Is it really the best option? Is it necessary for this injury at this stage?

I understand it is not the only form of treatment clinicians use, but ice certainly is the most heavily used.

Gymnast Flame Retardant Collaborative

An update by email from Courtney Carignan:

Dear GFRC member,

Thank you for joining the Gymnast Flame Retardant Collaborative. By joining our email list you have helped move this effort forward. Many of you are gymnast parents and coaches that had similar questions about alternatives and future studies. Below are some responses and updates:

1. We have updated the recommendations on the GFRC web page to be more specific. In addition to advising gymnasts to wash their hands after practice and before eating, we are also recommending that gyms implement hand washing policies and hang posters that encourage handwashing in the gym. We are also recommending gymnasts not participate in pit cleaning activities. One option for gyms may be to install a pit fluffer that could be used when the gym is not in use. If pit cleaning/fluffing must be done by hand, we suggest wearing a dust mask to reduce inhalation of suspended dust. …

Do those pit fluffers actually work?

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

How durable are they?

More pit fluffer videos.


Gymnastics Club collisions

Arabian Punch Front linked to this set-up video.

It’s a good reminder, though.

We must plan traffic flow in our facilities. Get the competitive kids out of the way during the busiest Rec class times.