Rhythmic World Championships, Stuttgart

The World of Rhythmic Gymnastics is in full swing. The 34th World Championships in Stuttgart (GER), from 7 to 13 September 2015, determine the participants of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. …

The IOC allots 96 places to the discipline, 14 groups (70 gymnasts) and 26 individual athletes. …




Artistic & Rhythmic at FISU

Fabian, Oleg, Kelly and more.

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Gymnastics Saskatchewan needs YOU

One of my former employers has 2 full-time administrative positions available.



… Technical Directors shall be responsible for technical program operations including the planning, implementation, coordination and evaluation of programs from pre-competitive to high performance levels for clubs, officials and athletes in their respective disciplines.

The Technical Directors shall provide leadership to, management of, planning, evaluation and administration for these programs, leading to achieving the mission, vision, goals and objectives of Gymnastics Saskatchewan. These positions are appointed by and report to the CEO. …

details – Gym Sask Job Postings July 2015 Technical Directors

strength training with hula hoop

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European Games format

For the first time in the same competition, our six disciplines, four Olympic (MAG, WAG, RG, TRA) and two non-Olympic disciplines (AER, ACRO) are gathered.

All finales will take place according to the principle of an alternation between two disciplines. Men’s artistic gymnastics with women’s artistic gymnastics, rhythmic (Olympic) with acrobatic (non-Olympic), trampoline (Olympic) with Aerobic (non-Olympic). …

… artistic, with an all-around final with 18 gymnasts instead of 24 and the apparatus finals with 6 instead of 8 gymnasts. …


The main booster of the European Games format is Georges Guelzec, President of the European Union of Gymnastics. He’s running to succeed Bruno Grandi as the next FIG President.

Georges Guelzec

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Baku readies for the European Games

I’m happy to see a new Muslim nation hosting a major multi-sport Games.

Azerbaijin gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Did not have a constitution until 1995. They’ve come a long way in twenty years. It’s a success story.

On the other hand, President Ilham Aliyev is more dictator than elected leader.

Human Rights Watch recently blasted Azerbaijan.

I’m hoping Sport will help that nation move more quickly forward. They’ll be a bright spotlight on Baku during the Games. It could be good for those working towards human rights.

The National Gymnastics Arena will be the competition venue and is home to their National Teams.

Baku venue

Here’s a recent press release:

Test trainings for gymnasts were held at the National Gymnastics Arena on May 18-19 in anticipation of the first Baku European Games 2015 – to be held in the county this summer.

Altay Hasanov, the vice-president of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, who attended the event, said Azerbaijan expects a celebration of gymnastics during the First European Games.

Hasanov reminded all that the Gymnastics competitions at the European Games will be held on June 14-21. As many as 28 gymnasts will represent Azerbaijan at the European Games.

“The European Games will, for the first time, be held in Baku, here is where the history of the European sport will begin,” Hasanov said. “We very much want to succeed at the European Games and everyone expects this to be a success – the fans and the federation. We’ve gathered here to see the level of preparation of our athletes.” …

Baku, where history of European sport begins, says Gymnastics Federation VP

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we need MORE GYMNASTS at the Olympics

Around 10,700 athletes competed at the London Olympics. (5,992 men, 4,776 women)

There were 26 sports.

That’s an average of about 411 / sport.

London medals

Artistic, Rhythmic and Trampoline Gymnastics are allocated 312 spots by IOC. (98 MAG, 98 WAG, 84 Rhythmic and 32 spots for Trampoline)

One thing EVERYONE agrees on is that Gymnastics gets too few spots considering FIG’s IOC status.

Only Athletics is ranked higher. Gymnastics and Swimming are second ahead of Basketball, Cycling, Soccer, Tennis and Volleyball.

Inside the Games – Swimming and gymnastics vault ahead as rate of increase slows in IOC revenue distributions to summer sports

Gymnastics TV ratings are amongst the highest at the Summer Olympics. We have some GREAT stories.


FIG must continue to petition IOC to add athletes. If it was up to me, I’d move some of the Summer Games sports to the Winter Olympics to make more space. In fact, I wouldn’t mind Gymnastics being moved to the Winter Olympics in exchange for adding another hundred athletes.

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