Tumbl Trak Fitness Wheel

My prototype “Fitness Wheel” from Tumbl Trak has arrived.

I’ll be taking it on the road with me, summer camp to summer camp. FUN.

They can be preordered now. I like the 8 foot diameter Fitness Wheel $1,899.00 over the 5 foot diameter (pictured) $1,399.00 model.

Olympic membership bump?

Are you ready for more kids?

In Michigan, it’s already happening.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

“Fitness Wheels” by Tumbl Trak

Most big gyms will have one of these within a year, I predict.

It’s a stand alone mobile “circuit”. Brilliant for Rec. Useful for all your other programs.

It’s so obvious (now) that a round, soft shape is safe for kids. Why wasn’t this concept popularized sooner?

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Look for Peng Peng in that edit. We took one to Oakville.

As a Tumbl Trak Ambassador, I’ve got one in transit to my gym right now. :)

Doug Davis and crew will have units on DEMO in San Jose. They go on sale sometime in July, last I heard.

(via Rec Gymnastics)

Coach in New Brunswick

Beauséjour Gymnos Gymnastics Club is a not-for-profit organization located in Moncton, New Brunswick – one of Canada’s top rated places to live! The club has a large recreational membership with an average of 700 participants …

We are currently seeking an enthusiastic, responsible, and dynamic team member to fulfill the position of Recreational Program Director. …

details on Rec Gymnastics

Norbert’s Ball Corral

Want to keep the little ones out of your foam pit?

Coming SOON from Norberts:

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86yr-old lady gymnast competes

Hey Leyva. Can you do this? :)

Johanna QUAAS – Germany’s oldest (86) top senior gymnast on parallel bars at the 89th JAHNTURNFEST, 2011, August in the Jahn City of Freyburg (Saxony-Anhalt)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Via Rec Gymnastics. Thank Avril Enslow for the link.

visiting 10 gyms in Europe

In January I traveled to London for the Olympic Test Meet, a “dress rehearsal” of the Olympics.

From there I visited 10 gyms, some of my travel expenses covered by the Tumbl Trak Ambassador’s program:

Ireland: Excel, Renmore, Trojan, Janz and Sugarloaf.
Belgium: Melsele, St-Niklaas, Bazel and Gymclub Apollo.
England: Europa Gymnastics Centre

Gymnastics is gymnastics, the clubs in Europe not all that different than in America. Coaches all seek best ways to keep their kids happy, healthy and improving.

Thanks so much to my host in Belgium, Lieven Vercruyssen, the inspirational founder of Eurogym Belgium and EuroTumble.

A short version of my report is now posted via Rec Gymnastics – Tumbl Trak’s March Newsletter. Or you can read a longer version as a PDF.