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gymnastics – Janssen-Fritsen Multibox

Dutch J&F were demonstrating an excellent piece of equipment at Worlds.

Love the internal storage compartment.

Two of these can be used together to make a circuit.

Also of interest is their JF-Multikast, an update of the traditional Swedish box horse.

Both have many attachments.

The descriptions are in Dutch. But having purchased equipment from J&F bringing it to Canada before, I can tell you it’s very expensive.

Air Floor – Elephant Vaulting

Another in my ongoing video series – how to void the warranty on your TumblTrak Air Floor. (See also water Air Floor tumbling)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

At Glacier Gymnastics, this was a blast. Elephant vaulting is one of my favourite gymnastics activities. It teaches motor fitness: agility, balance, rhythm, etc.)

related post – Rec Gymnastics – Elephant Vault

Here are a couple more photos from Glacier Gymnastics.

Glacier Gymnastics, Nelson, B.C.

A nice way to store grips and wristbands:

Glacier Gymnastics, Nelson, B.C.

gymnastics – foundation for sport

by site editor Rick McCharles

You and I know that “gymnastics” is fundamental to sport. All kids need to … Run, Gym, Swim.

Scheduled to teach a week long gymnastics course in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Oct. 11th – 18th, I was interested to see this article on Gulf News:

Dubai: The secretary-general of the Dubai Sports Council (DSC) has called for the implementation of gymnastics at the national level if the country is to taste success in sports at the international level.

“We have a belief that gymnastics is the basic ingredient of any sport, be it individual or team. And this is the only reason why we should have gymnastics as part of the national sports psyche in the UAE,” Dr Ahmad Sa’ad Al Sharif, Secretary-General of the DSC told Gulf News.

read more – Sports official pushes gymnastics

This concept is new in that region.

(via Full Twist)

best gymnastics facility?

What would you say is the best facility in the world for “gymnastics”?

… Better than University of Georgia for WAG?

… Better than Woodward West Gym Camp for WAG and MAG?

Woodward West

… Best facility for Trampoline sports?

… For Recreation gymnastics? … Cheer?

We’re particularly looking for best layout of apparatus for each discipline.

Leave a comment.

Gymnastics Rec Retreat, Jasper

August 27-29th Alberta Gymnastics and the Jasper Gymnastics Club hosted 63 coaches at the annual AGF REC Retreat. Jasper was the perfect setting to relax, rejuvenate, and learn new skills while networking with other coaches. …

Alberta Gymnastics


What! … This doesn’t look like gymnastics:


… I heard it was GREAT. And getting better each year.

Long-Term Athlete Development

A presentation by planning guru Dr. Istvan Balyi is posted online.

Salt Lake City, September 25, 2009. His LTAD is an overview of the career of all athletes. From cradle to grave.

Istvan notes that for all sports in Stage 1, gymnastics is recommended.

Kids need to Run, Swim and Gym before they start to specialize.

Long-Term Athlete Development
LTAD 101

have lunch with Tammy Biggs

Here’s a variation on the online coaches Congress rebranded as The Academy of Coaching Excellence.

You can get personal instruction once a month, for 6 months from any one of 3 different experts:

1. The Road to a College Scholarship: A six month program for parents with Cheryl Jarrett

2. The Coach’s Toolbox: Preschool and Recreation with Beth Gardner

3. Tammy’s Lunch Club: Get new techniques and drills with Tammy Biggs

Cost of each 6 month course is $295 … 30 person limit per course.

… actually, the Preschool / Rec course is 10 months, for the same cost.

Check out www.academyofcoachingexcellence.com for more information and registration!

50yr-old Jaeger

What’s your excuse?

gymmako learned giants at age-43. She trains 3-4 times / week.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via nicci1999 on Chalk Bucket)

… why gymnastics in schools?

An oldie, but a goodie.

Keith Russell, current President of the FIG Scientific Commission, wrote this decades ago. Advocating to keep some kind of gymnastics in school Physical Education. A losing battle, I fear.

Hazel Anderson and Lucile Wilcox, as Gymnasts

… The most useful aspect of the “Activity of Gymnastics” is the principle that you teach a student to control their own body in a variety of situations; while doing various locomotor activities: swinging, springing off hands and feet, balancing, landing etc and while on the ground, off the ground, right side up, upside down etc. …

It seems quite reasonable to assume that if students can first control and manoeuvre their own bodies with a fairly high degree of skill then they can subsequently better control and manoeuvre themselves PLUS an implement (bat, stick, racket) or themselves plus a projectile (ball, discus etc). Likewise, they could then better control themselves in various mediums (water, snow, etc), or better handle themselves PLUS an opponent. …


Keith also developed the Up Down All Around lesson plans, the best school gymnastics resource anywhere.

Gymnastics Canada parents video

I’ve linked to this promotional video before. Now Gymnastics Canada has posted it on YouTube.

A fair bit of the footage comes from Oakville Gymnastics in Ontario.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Sam Peszek – top 10 reasons to do gymnastics

2008 Olympian Samantha Peszek shares her top ten reason why kids should get involved in gymnastics.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

House of Air – trampoline gym

The Presidio of San Francisco is the fantastic urban park just across the Golden Gate Bridge.

Presidio.gov announced a great new attraction opening this summer:

… an indoor trampoline park, opens in an historic former airplane hangar.

House of Air provides aerial and physical training on trampolines, as well as trampoline dodgeball, fitness classes, and open jump time. Its grand opening, expected to be in August, …

The idea for House of Air was developed seven years ago by Dave Schaeffer and Paul McGeehan during one of many long drives back from snowboarding in Lake Tahoe. Its mission of “giving flight to the flightless,” embodied in its mascot, a penguin wearing a jetpack, is a fitting reuse for building 926, which once helped launch De Havilland DH-48 biplanes …

official website – House of Air SF

Thanks SportsGirlsPlay.com for the link.

Short Gymnasts Got, No Reason …

Real life in a real gymnastics club. This just might be my favourite yet of all of Michael’s movies.

from the Gymnast Crossing blog by The WordSmith from Nantucket

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.