gymnastics at Blue Heron school

Tumbl Trak, one of the co-sponsors, sent me to assist at a 2-day fitness event in January. We taught “gymnastics” to students at Blue Heron Middle School in Washington State.

Carrie Spender put together a highlights photo montage.

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Note the equipment, mostly round, soft and safe. Safety was highest priority.

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USAG Dora the Explorer

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Thanks Brigid.

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Play it Forward – Rec Gym

Dar wants underprivileged kids to do Gymnastics.

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She’s the Rec guru behind GymtasticsGymTools.

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thanks Prince Albert Gymnastics

Thanks to P.A. Aerials for having me guest coach last week. I replaced Mike Amouri while he was away on vacation.

They have an astonishingly excellent facility for a remote town of 35,000 people.

I led two sessions for their Rec / Preschool coaches:

• Have More FUN in the Gym
• Detailed Class Planning

How about this? Three dedicated safety strap bars, including this one — an SA men’s rail in the low bar slot of an SA set of Bars.

more photos

Age Is No Barrier (1989)

No hips were broken in the making of this video. :)

This short documentary features a group of seniors called the “U of Agers” who meet twice a week at the University of Alberta to do gymnastics. The U of Agers are just “ordinary” people trying to do “extraordinary” things …

Click PLAY or watch it on National Film Board. (24min)


“happy gymnastics” in China

I postulate that totalitarian States like China will increasingly see entrepreneurs opening for profit gymnastics clubs.

Chinese Gymnastics Blog in 2010 estimated 10,000 girls training Artistic gymnastics:

… In contrast, there are 5.2 million (76% female) 6 year and older gymnastics participants in the States according to the statistics published on USA gymnastics website.

… fewer and fewer families are willing to send their daughters to train for sports when these young girls could study computers or play piano instead. The number of kids training for gymnastics is even considerable less than many other sports, like table tennis and badminton, which also operate under the same “whole country” regime …

On the potential solutions to the unpopularity of the sports, … the idea of “happy gymnastics” training method. Li Ning , the former champions and one of most successful athlete-turned entrepreneur in China, is undoubtedly the pioneer in promoting “happy gymnastic”. Li Ning built two private gymnastics schools in Guandong province, which are different from the state-funded sports school. Recently Li Ning is planning to take over another successful gymnastics-oriented elementary school in Shanghai and convert it to Li Ning Gymnastics school No. 3.

All those efforts, along with other attempts to build club-style gymnastics system (like the one in the States), will help Chinese gymnastics to establish a more diversified training system. …

Brief Introduction to Chinese Gymnastics System

I couldn’t quickly find a link to Li Ning’s clubs. Leave a comment if you’ve seen them online.

Canadian Pre-CIT program

At the recent Alberta Gymnastics Congress I got my first chance to see this document. It’s a Rec instructor training program for ages 13-14.

Gymnastics Canada has updated their (old) Development Leader (Dev’L) program, rebranding it the “Pre-CIT program”.

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