Europa Gymnastics Centre

Click PLAY or check out Europa on British Gymnastics TV.

Have you ever seen BIGGER inflatables inside a gymnastics facility?

That’s posted on the Europa Gymnastics Centre Facebook.

See more photos of Great Britain’s latest, greatest facility from my visit there in January.

visiting Tumbl Trak

I spent last week with the Tumbl Trak video team, visiting Washington State gyms, brainstorming best use of their products with different kinds of user groups. In different kinds of facilities.

Here we are at rural Brinnon Elementary.

Instruction was provided by Carrie Lennox of Jefferson County Parks & Rec who was there 4 days. Fun and fitness in a safe but challenging environment. A mobile program.

We dropped in (and trained) at the Twisters Adult class in Port Renfrew.

Here’s Carrie’s regular “Kid Fit” Parks & Rec class in Port Townsend, a set-up, take-down facility. She’s worked closely with Tumbl Trak for years.

First day in the program for this lad:

Again, the goal is high activity in a fun, safe environment. Rather than put little kids up high on a rope, why not have them sliding on the floor? Fun … and much safer.

I’ll post details on each of those programs on Rec Gymnastics over the coming week.

John Smith at NASA Gymnastics is genius at coming up with drills for Team. We got plenty of video.

The biggest news at Tumbl Trak is that they have a viral video — nearly 600,000 views. You can’t buy that kind of publicity. :)

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Tumbl Trak is a valued sponsor of this site. Their corporate mission is exactly in line with my own coaching philosophy.

Recreation Report Cards

Here’s one system that worked for us at Taiso.

Short. Simple. Not too onerous for the coach.

Page 1

Page 2

Those were photocopied back-to-back twice. Folded. One copy kept in the gymnast’s file, the other sent home to the parent on the second last week of the Recreation session.

I posted some thoughts over on RecGymnastics. Leave comments there, if you have strong opinions on the topic.

We’re still looking for Rec Experts to guest post on that site. Email me if interested.

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Special Needs gymnastics

Mary Wright on how special needs kids enjoy her program at Olympus, Utah.

Click PLAY or watch it on Vimeo.

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Olympic membership surge?

coach Howard:

… Once every four years since Russian pixie gymnast, Olga Korbut first captured the hearts and minds of America’s future gymnasts and their parents, there has been a surge of new gymnasts pouring into gymnastics facilities in the days, weeks and months after gymnastics is highlighted in the Summer Olympics on TV.

This has been a quadrennial boon to the sport at all levels and has fueled the growth of the sport at the beginner and team levels for years. On average, there has been a 25% – 37% increase in gym student enrollment in each of the Olympic years, after the television coverage lasting for months afterwards.

In years when there is an American gymnastics heroine (e.g., Mary Lou Retton) or a young international gymnast that captures the heart of the whole world (e.g., Nadia Comanechi) the number of new enrollees is at its highest. ….

read more on Gymnastics ZonePreparing for the Gymnastics Surge

After the Beijing Olympics many clubs reported NOT seeing an Olympic membership surge. I speculated that some markets are now “saturated”. That all the kids in a city who might have wanted to try gymnastics, already had.

What about your gym?

Do you have marketing and a strategy for increasing numbers IF you get a flood of new kids?

Calgary, Canada – Rec Director needed

At Altadore Gymnastics. Looking for someone GREAT. :)

$42,000 / year. Details on

Masters Gymnastics competition

A fun montage.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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