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roll another donut you …

Just testing how the new flickr videos look embedded on this site …

Adult Rec hijinx at Seattle Gymnastics Academy.

I like that cargo net over the pit.

inaugural Gym for Life Challenge

This looks potentially even more interesting than Gymnastrada.

In 2009 the first ever Gym for Life Challenge will take place during July 15-19 in Dornbirn, Austria. There is now a time constraint of five minutes for each routine. Groups are separated by age: 16 or younger, 17 or older, and mixed age groups; then sub-separated by amount of gymnasts: 20 or less, and 21 or more. The criteria for evaluation will be overall impression; entertainment value; innovation, originality, and variety; and technique (quality and skill safety). …

All Gymnastics, All the time – 2009 Preview: The Gym for Life Challenge

I’ll recommend that Cirque du Soleil attend.

Click PLAY or watch the FIG promo video on YouTube.

offer circus class at your gym

Everyone talks about this idea.

But few actually have done it.

A good starting point is budgeting for an ACRiX Circus Kit. Available from Gymnastics British Columbia for CAD$950.

The kits include the following:

- 12 Juggling Clubs
- 12 Juggling Rings
- 10 Contact Juggling Balls
- 30 Juggling Balls
- 10 Flowersticks
- 10 Diabolos
- 30 Juggling Scarves
- 1 Embroidered ACRiX Program Duffle Bag


For more information email Louise Demers, Gymnastics for All Coordinator, Gymnastics BC

ldemers AT gymnastics.bc.ca

gymnastics for OLDIES

Gymnastics for All is a wonderful concept.

However, our demanding sport is MUCH easier for youth.

An FIG event in the Canary Islands offered some interesting workshops for adults:

targeting gymnasts 50 years and older and coined the “Golden Age Gym Festival”. The festival will put to good use the existing infrastructures in Grand Canary, and will be an opportunity to profit from the expertise of local organiser Jose Télo. A diverse line-up of sporting activities has been grouped into more than 20 workshops. To name a just a few: Aqua Gym Fitness – FunHydro Bio – Fit Ball Wellness – Tai Chi Chuan for beginners and advanced – Latin Aerobics – Line Dance – Chrisrobic – Flamenco Dance – Baile Salsa – Nordic Walking. All courses will be given by highly qualified instructors. …

Traditional Festival Blume

OK. Nordic walking is not an activity that anyone would call “gymnastics”.

But this is an interesting initiative. Expanding the definition of our sport.

I hear very good things about the FIG Sport for All organization , by the way.

Gymnaestrada 2011 Lausanne

14th World Gymnaestrada 2011 in Lausanne

… The city of Lausanne, nestled in Switzerland’s southwest corner, is preparing the 14th World Gymnaestrada, set for July 10 – 16, 2011. The event just might break a record for participation with the arrival of more than 20,000 expected gymnasts …


magic.jpgI’ve been to two Gymnaestrada festivals. And would love to get to one again.

I’m marking this on my calendar NOW.

Trampoline fun – Sky High and Sky Zone

Sky High is almost identical to Sky Zone

• All Trampoline Floors
• All Trampoline Walls
• Drop-ins are Welcome
• All Ages Welcome
• Jump for Only $9 per Hour
• 2nd Hour $6 (M-Th) excluding holidays

AIRobics, Dodgeball, Birthday parties.


Sky High Sports: Santa Clara and Sacramento, California

Thanks Blair Lowe.

doubts about the new Foundations Gymnastics Course

I just taught my first “Gymnastics Foundations Introductory Course”. It’s the introduction for coaches age-15 16 and older who want to teach “gymnastics sports”.


I was to “mentor” to a new (younger) course conductor. No new course conductor was available, so two of us veterans taught the course ourselves. (With the change this year to the Foundations model, it’s a good time to move out the OLD course conductors like myself — and start a new generation of course presenters. “Learning Facilitators” in the new parlance.)

For one thing, the new structure is confusing to OLD TIMERS. Does this flow chart make sense to you:


One problem in Alberta, where I live, is that some of the subsequent courses are not yet available. My coaches may get stuck in limbo, waiting for those to be offered.

I’ve been teaching the OLD Canadian Introductory Gymnastics Coaching course for 30yrs. And love it.

On the other hand, I have to concede that the new manual is a big improvement.

I guess it’s to be expected that any transition has some bumps.

more information on the Foundations Program (PDF file)

Canadians, leave a comment if you have an opinion on Foundations.

more adults signing up for gymnastics

When Thanh Smith started taking gymnastics, she could barely do a handstand and couldn’t do a cartwheel

But Smith figured that it wasn’t too late to learn — even though she is 67. When she heard about an adult gymnastics class at the Victory Family YMCA in York County, Va., she jumped right in.

The first day, it was a disaster,” said the Yorktown, Va., woman, who teaches yoga and tai chi at Christopher Newport University in Newport News, Va. “I had the flexibility, but this was much more about speed and momentum. I fell all over, but then I got more confidence. I’ve had to get my brain moving at a faster speed.”

While most gymnastics classes are packed with little kids, the weekly adult class at the York County YMCA — one of a growing number of programs nationwide — draws a different crowd. In addition to Smith, participants include Sam Parrucci, 61, of Newport News, a former college gymnast who never learned the flips of floor routines, and Kathy Childs, 34, of Yorktown, a mother of three who regrets not taking gymnastics as a girl.

“I just never had the opportunity,” Childs said. “I guess I’m living out a childhood dream.” …

More adults of all ages are taking gymnastics classes

original – flickr – brookenovak

gymnastics in the Bahamas

Class always starts with stretching and ends with a trip on the trampoline followed by a big group hug led Coach Jade. While that’s all well and good, the tots know that Head Coach Trevor Ramsey is the one to impress and they look forward to his high-five of approval. …


Gymnastics is Child’s Play for Tumbling Tots – Bahama’s Weekly

Gymnastics Canada – CANGYM

Attention Recreation Program Directors.

I’m impressed with the 2nd Edition of the CANGYM recreation program developed by Gymnastics Alberta. It’s a significant improvement on the original.

The CANGYM National Badge Program is Gymnastics Canada’s National Skill Development and Evaluation program for Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics. This program is intended for use with participants of varying abilities aged 6 and older, including beginner level participants through to entry level competitive gymnasts. …

The CANGYM Program binder is bilingual and comes complete with 5 distinct badge description sections outlining the skills in each level, and also includes original Participant Evaluation Forms and Progress Reports, along with Certificates of Participation and Completion that can be given to the participants. In addition, the CANGYM program includes a selection of Sample Coach’s comments and Routines which coaches can utilize near the end of the term. …

Gymnastics Canada


It’s a big binder with supporting documentation available on disk. There is no on-line support, however.

CANGYM is expensive at $110 from Gymnastics Canada. But a club needs purchase only 1 copy. Everything is photocopy ready. In fact, I would say it’s a bargain. I’m not aware of any other badge system as good.

The artwork has been completely redone. I like the new look:


The program is not perfect for every club, but it’s a great “starting point” for building your own program.


The most controversial part is the CANGYM badge program. Many clubs use it. Others clubs divide each badge level into two parts. Some clubs even produce their own badges rather than use those supplied with CANGYM ($2.50ea).

Overall, I highly recommend the binder as a resource for every recreation program.

details – Gymnastics Canada

gymnastics birthday party games

Recently I posted about the DVD available from Gymnastics Games guru Dave Adlard.

This brand new video is specific for birthday party games:

Birthday-party-games.jpgLearn how to run birthday parties at your gym. It’s a great way to get your gyms name out there and rake in some new students! Get some exciting ideas for games you can play. Come join the fun and get the party started with non-elimination games, fitness games, cooperative games, tag games, parachute games, relay and free play games.

Click on the RECREATION link on the GymSmarts home page to see the details of this and other resources.

NEW Gymnastics Canada Recreation manual


The new Foundations Recreational Coaching manual$75 from Gymnastics Canada


It looks fantastic.

And it’s a real successor to the biggest selling gymnastics coaching manual of all-time, the OLD Canadian Introductory Gymnastics NCCP 1 Technical manual.

The same author, Keith Russell, wrote this one.

Gene Schembri (Australia) did layout. The fantastic Georges McKail (Australia) the art.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all recreation gymnastics coaches. It’s the best book available in the English language.

Hat tip to Bev Dickinson from Ruschkin.

do handstands for you

Another very cute gymnastics video from the WordSmith from Nantucket.


This is another mish-mash video. I just couldn’t help from making it because I love the song, after hearing it on a TV ipod commercial.

To see it, click through to Gymnast Crossing