World Gymnaestrada 2015 – highlights slideshow

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Disability Gymnastics Victoria

Gymnastics Victoria, VicHealth and Scope launched a Research Report in March 2015, titled “The benefits of gymnastics for children with Disability”.

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Disability Gymnastics South Africa

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Fitness Wheel – Special Needs Gymnastics

Soft. Safe. Round.

The unique inflatable Fitness Wheel is ideal for those with special needs. ALL CHILDREN are special. It’s great for everyone. :-)

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Tumbl Trak posted a series of videos on Special Needs Gymnastics. Browse the Grow Through Movement playlist.

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coach Rec in China

English speaking coaches needed.

The Inspire Sports International Group ( has a wonderful opportunity for you as a Gymnastic Coach in China.

Inspire Sports is one of the first recreational gymnastics facilities to enter China, with gyms in Shanghai and Jiangsu province, and many more in the works! We have large, fully equipped gyms with child friendly equipment. Lessons are taught in English alongside a Chinese teaching aid. …

Gymnastics Alberta

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Special Needs Gymnastics

Tumbl Trak is proud to introduce our latest work in Special Needs Movement. In collaboration with Occupational Therapists, teachers, parents and students we are learning more every day about the incredible benefits Tumbl Trak equipment offers students with special needs.

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Tumbl Trak is a long time sponsor of this site. I’m proud to be associated with them as an Ambassador. This is the kind of equipment development than more companies should be pursuing.

It’s crazy to put young children on equipment designed for Olympians.

BEFORE you teach Flyaway off a Bar

If I have Rings in the gym, I introduce drills like this as early as age-5. It’s FUN. It’s SAFE. (I introduce it over the pit if I have Rings over the pit.)

The gymnast quickly gains confidence in releasing something, flying through the air while traveling forwards. The main goal I ask of them is to stick the landing.

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Ideally I’d do this for the first year of twice a week training, starting Bar release in the second year.

Eventually, your kids will be as skilled as Jake Dalton. :-)

Found my next career? Cirque? #justkidding #playingaround

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If you don’t have Rings in the gym, budget to buy an inexpensive set. They only cost about $80, one of the best value / dollar investments you can add to your facility. Hang them on a high rail.

Thanks to Jeremy Mosier and Gymtastics for hosting this video.

Gymtastics is still my favourite club website, by the way. Compare it to yours. :-)