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foam pit – log rolling

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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The Boulder®

Some elite coaches trash talk backward handspring training devices.

And it’s true you can teach a great backward handspring without one.

Personally, I love them all. They have hundreds of uses in the gym. And are ideal for older and non-competing gymnasts.

The best of them all is The Boulder®.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.


They start at $344. Cheap. :-)

special needs gymnastics

Tumbl Trak has spent a lot of energy researching best equipment for special needs kids. Soft, safe, rounded edges.

This is one heartwarming edit. :-)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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USA National Gymnastics Day


September 20th, 2014


• To increase awareness and excitement for the sport of gymnastics

• To teach the importance of charitable outreach through sport and play

• To introduce gymnastics to youth who may not otherwise have the means to participate

more information (PDF)

Nat Gym Day

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Kyle Shewfelt’s new gym

… The 11,000+ square foot facility in Calgary is very well done. Bright and appealing. Lots of parking. …

Opened 10 months ago, Kyle has about 950 members a week. Business is great.

If you want to see a new club well launched, check out Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics. …


That’s the club mascot, not Kyle. :-)

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Gymnastics BC Congress

While most everyone in the gymnastics world is watching the U.S. Championships, I’m in gorgeous Whistler BC, venue for the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Here’s Dean Bercovitch teaching off-axis twisting for Action Sports.


Penny Erickson and I were gymnasts together in Calgary, back in the day. She’s leading a session on advanced recreational gymnastics.


Peggy Willcox sent 3 of her coaches from Quesnel Technics, staying home to run the gym. But she got a glimpse of the action via Skype.


The U.S. Congress sessions are mostly in lecture halls. Limited. I’ve got the entire GYM all day Sunday for Beginner Competitive Boys.

On the other hand, I’m sharing the gym with Nicole Langevin from Precision. Something tells me her choreography sessions will be dominating. :-)

2014 GBC Technical Congress

gymnastics games – heart rate

While videotaping Gymnastics Games for Tumbl Trak last week we tried something new.

Monitoring heart rates of children while they played.

heart rate

heart rate monitors

The kids are wearing a simple, light weight monitoring device.

This is all part of a bigger project collecting data for how we can get normal kids to do more aerobic training in schools.

Thanks to Twisters Gymnastics for hosting. :-)

GymConUSA – June 16-18, Vegas

I have 3 presentations scheduled:

#1: Safest, Funest, Fastest, Easiest, least “spottingest” Training

There are MANY ways to teach important gymnastics basics: handstand, kip, cast handstands, handspring vault, round-off, giants, etc. International clinician Rick McCharles will show video of “best practice” for each of those critical skills … and many more!

best practice

#2 Games!- Hands On Session

Kids from age-6 to age-96 love GAMES! Tumbl Trak will be launching a new resource in the Summer 2014 — KidFit games & activities ideal for developing motor and physical fitness. This is a “hand-on session so arrive dressed for FUN!

Click PLAY or watch a Landings Activity on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch a GAME called Starfish on YouTube.

#3: Have More Fun in the Gym

Fun, Fitness, Fundamentals. First priority is Fun. Rick McCharles presents an overview of dozens of activities that can make your gym a happier, more productive training center. A place people WANT to be. This session is geared for all coaches, from preschool all the way up to elite.

hmm …

I’m scheduled at the same time as Tammy Biggs for one of my sessions. I might be a little lonely during that one. :-)

gymconusa.com | speakers | schedule

Register here. It’s great value for what you get compared with the (generic) USAG Congress events.

Coaching Clinic Washington State

New Twisters Gymnastics Location, Port Hadlock, WA on the Olympic Peninsula. $40

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

SteveJoin us for our summer series of Coaches Clinics geared toward Recreational to Pre Team level coaches looking to create a foundation of good habits in themselves and their athletes.

Clinicians will include: Doug Davis, Randy Parrish, Steve Roney and Kelle Riley!


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gymnasts have dense bones

Professor Marta Erlandson:

Research shows elite gymnasts – girls training at least 15 hours a week through childhood and adolescence – have much higher bone strength than other athletes or children who don’t participate in anything, she said. They also tend to maintain a higher bone density after they retire.

Marta Westerns

However, elite gymnastics isn’t something every child can do, and there’s some suggestion that it’s tied to high injury rates, Erlandson said.

She decided to look at recreational gymnastics, to see if just an hour a week of the activity would have any benefit.

Erlandson followed 160 young gymnasts over four years during her master’s and Ph.D studies. They had higher bone mineral content and higher bone strength than those who did other activities such as swimming, hockey and soccer. …

Kids’ gymnastics leads to better bones

Marta is volunteering at Western Canadian Championships, head of Medical.

LIVE Westerns scoring

gymnastics in Africa?

I attended the 12th African Championships to gain better perspective on the potential of FIG gymnastics disciplines in Africa.

I’ve led coaching clinics in Senegal, Nigeria, Mozambique and South Africa and need a better answer to this question:

Bread, not circuses?

Should international sport truly be a priority for African nations?

Shouldn’t resources be spent on health and education?

Martin Luther King

South Africa and Egypt have proved they can compete with the rest of the world. The Algerian men are world class, too. What about the other African nations?

I’m not willing to deny any African the right to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

young gymnasts

If sport is your passion, I’m willing to volunteer to help.

My hope is that sport and arts can bring the nations, religions and tribes of Africa together. Indeed, I cannot report a single incident of racism at this competition. Athletes were judged only on their gymnastics, so far as I can see.

Gymnastics in Africa!



In 1986 a football team that lived on a small island in Thailand called “Koh Panyee“. It’s a floating village in the sea that has not an inch of soil. The kids here loved to watch football but had nowhere to play or practice. But they didn’t let that stop them. …

Click PLAY or watch a reenactment on YouTube.

That was put together by Thai Military Bank. :-)

Inspired by the 1986 FIFA World Cup, children built the pitch from old scraps of wood and fishing rafts. After making it to the Semi-final on an inland tournament, all the village were inspired to take up the sport. They Built a brand new pitch, although the wooden one still remains and is popular among tourists. As of 2011, Panyee FC is one of the most successful youth soccer clubs in Southern Thailand, and the boys who built the pitch back in 1986 are now grown men.

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• Angolan Youth and Sports minister, Gonçalves Muandumba, met the Rhythmic Team on return from the airport. Wants to prioritize basic training in gymnastics.

12th African Gymnastics Championships a great success!

South African gymnastsHold Their Breath” awaiting decisions of the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee. Are their scores good enough for approval to Commonwealth Games and/or Youth Olympic Games.

World Autism Day

Wednesday, April 2, 2014 is World Autism Day. One of only four official health-specific United Nations Days, this annual day focuses on bringing the world’s attention to autism.

One in 88 children are affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). And the number of children with autism continues to grow. Between 2007 and 2012 there was a 78 percent increase in reported diagnoses. …

Traditional therapy options include behaviour and communication therapies, educational therapies, family therapies and medications.

Another option is gymnastics. Yes, gymnastics!

forward roll

Gymnastics BC PLAY

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inner city JoBurg gymnastics

I was pleased to be invited to assist with one of coach Daniel’s recreational gymnastics classes at MES Johannesburg in the notorious Hillbrow district of Johannesburg


The kids love gymnastics. Equipment is pretty good. But there are long line-ups.


The organization hopes to hire one more coach soon.

Check the playground. :-)




more of my MES photos