The Bronze – very profane trailer

I’d been excited to finally see this new film.

But the latest trailer turns me off. Nothing but F-bombs. How many little kids are going to be shocked clicking PLAY to see something about Gymnastics?

The Bronze

Watch it here, if you like.

Universal Sports TV shutting down

Some people are able to watch Worlds on Universal. I can’t in Scotland. The site doesn’t tell me why. :-(


… NBC, which holds a minority stake in the channel, will pick up the channel’s portfolio of Olympic sports rights.

The uncertainty surrounding Universal’s future, which has lasted throughout most of ’15, has frustrated some Olympic sports NGBs as they tried to do deals covering ’16 while not knowing the channel’s future.

Universal Sports TV Channel Slated To Shut Down Next Month

I always found Universal coverage confusing. Did not use it much. Rarely linked.

Hopefully NBC will do a better job – in future – of online coverage complimentary to their TV broadcasts.

AirTrack Factory – Netherlands

The Dutch company is starting to distribute and market in the USA. There are many things I like about inflatable mats. But none of those things are included in this demo video.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Have you guys seen this, to me it looks like an accident waiting to happen by encouraging kids to practice big tricks at home on their own AirTrack …

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hosting NCAAs in Texas a mistake?

Some are criticizing the venue. But if it was FULL, it would have been OK. It’s the site of the 1979 World Championships. There’s a retro vibe.

Super 6

Still, I was disappointed with attendance. :-(

The Men’s Championships at Oklahoma seemed to have a higher percentage rate of bums/seats.

… A few thousand people have watched this weekend’s events at the Fort Worth Convention Center, a far cry from Utah’s record Huntsman Center crowd of 16,019 fans who watched the Utes on March 6.

Seeing all the empty sections has made Utah coach Greg Marsden more convinced than ever holding the championships at a neutral site isn’t a good idea for the sport. …

… we need to be on television and we need the stands full,” he said. …

Fort Worth will host the championships again next year, then the championships move to St. Louis for 2017 and 2018. …

LYA WODRASKA – Utah gymnastics: Neutral site not popular with fans, coaches

From what I’ve heard, both the LIVE video streaming and LIVE scoring was poor. Hopefully they can fix that over the year.

One of the NCAA commentators, Lincoln Rose @LincolnRose, is a sports guy, but no Gymnastics expert. He needs help by the sounds of it.

Personally, I’d love to go back to Utah or Georgia or LSU or Alabama’s home arena for Championships.

gymternet plagerism? – Gymnastike responds

Check the comments for additional information on whether or not this kind of cut and pasting is illegal. Seems it is.

Gymnastike got back to me with this response:

That article from British Gymnastics is a press release. Below is a screenshot of the email that came to me from British Gymnastics and you will see it’s clearly branded as a press release. We get press releases from media sources every day. They want to get their message out, and encourage us to post it. It is in no way illegal. …

BG press release

Apologies to Gymnastike.

Perhaps this is common practice. I still don’t like it. Some are calling it lazy journalism.

Gymnastike does not often link to other sites. They should not be surprised if that policy is reciprocated.

___ original post:

This site is an aggregator. We link to good content wherever we find it — and try to send interested readers to other websites.

While not perfect, I don’t think there’s any other gymnastics site that tries harder to credit and promote the source of original content. With a lot of traffic, a link from Gymnastics Coaching gives increased PageRank to the sites we link.

On September 15th British Gymnastics put up a great post – 2014 World Championship team announced.

Soon after Gymnastike cut and pasted the entire textBritish Gymnastics Officially Announces Worlds Team.

They changed a few words. With this credit – Release via British Gymnastics. (with no link because they don’t actually want their readers to leave Gymnastike)

Worse, they went through the British Gymnastics replacing the BG links with links to Gymnastike pages. Some BG links were left, so someone at Gymnastike went to the trouble of removing those links.

I checked, not a single link to British Gymnastics remained in the end. It might have been faster to simply write their own story.

This may not be illegal, but it’s certainly unethical. I’ll continue my boycott of Gymnastike and recommend you do the same.

I feel badly for Anne and the other ethical people at Flocasts Gymnastike. But everyone I’ve spoken with feels you should work from within to address the many complaints.

boycott Gymnastike?

Early September 2014 Flocasts, parent company of Gymnastike, put up a very controversial post. They admitted the mistake, but a proper apology was slow in coming. has been, over recent years, charged with plagiarism. Here’s one example.

I find the practice of editing a press release and changing ALL the links lazy at best, unethical at worse.

I don’t trust Flocasts. And will only rarely link to Gymnastike in future until I believe the corporate culture changes for the better.

in defence of CrossFit

Carl Paoli asks good questions. But I’m not convinced by his answers.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Obviously there are better and worse drills for each individual at a CrossFit gym. Having everyone do the same Workout Of the Day is already a mistake, as far as I’m concerned. Some common easy warm-up could be safe and effective, but after that the program should be individualized.

CrossFit is getting better. The best gyms are excellent. Yet I feel many have a long way to go.

As a competitive sport, the judging is far worse than in Artistic Gymnastics.