Happy 1st Birthday Gymternet

Congratulations to Lauren Hopkins and all the other contributors who make thegymter.net essential reading for fans of women’s Gymnastics.

“best performance mini-tramp available in North America”

That’s the claim by Rebound. I’d have to agree. The quality of materials is much better than anything else I’ve seen. Lifespan should be longer than any other brand. It’s much heavier than anything else, however.

With the new Mini-Tramp, Dave Ross set out to create a powerhouse: engineer a low flex frame that can safely handle our legendary Bed and Springs. That meant re-designing the frame to be saddle shaped and allow for optimal transfer of athlete speed into height. …

The Dave Ross 2 String Bed is the longest lasting trampoline bed in the world. They are hand crafted and have no stitching in the bed. …


Rebound Products $1300 CAD ($1060 US)

Dave Ross was inspired by the mini-tramp acrobatics of TeamGym. He engineered a mini-tramp that could handle that kind of power yet still be used by regular kids.

Manjak’s Gymnastics is successfully using one with all their Artistic kids. Manjak’s has a number of different mini-tramps.

They use all of them for different Vault drills, for example.



Air-O-Board is closest to a competition Spring Board. You can use it for Yurchenko approach.

The new Rebound produces by far the most power.

Leave a comment if you have an opinion on using mini-tramps for Vault.

DRILLS and SKILLS video sites

UPDATE – This is a repost from June 2nd. Folks have been checking out some of these sites and sending feedback.

For example, mannaweb.net has more than 700 skills and drills with a graphic and links to videos. A good format.

There are a number of good coaching manuals available. Some DVDs, the best being the Success Videos available from John Geddert.

But the future is online video.

Here are some of the best sites in English that include graphics and/or video.

Of the free resources, best are the American Gymnast Gymnastics on Demand videos on now free on the JoeLangley YouTube channel (1150+ coaching tutorials).


For young WAG gymnasts, even better are Jason Mortimer’s tutorials on the JAO YouTube channel.

GymDrills.NET is great. An open source of gymnastics coaching ideas and useful tools (FIG Code of Points ONLINE browser, Simple Graphic Editor) Free membership required.

The Gymneo WAG coaching video tutorials (many more in French than English) are superb. But an English language subscription costs 259€ / year. ($352) They do post free teasers on their Facebook page.

drillsandskills.com offers small videos of a large number of skills.

sportplan.net has a nifty interface. Much of the Gymnastics video content is free with free registration. The focus is more recreational than competitive.

TumblingDrills.com by Peter Wraae Marino has well done computer graphics.

If you are coaching tricking, check club540.com.

Gymnastike offers one-of-a-kind technique videos with different experts. Those are free. Their free Workout Wednesday series is great too. Many, including me, are critical of Gymnastike’s business practices. We try not to link back to Gymnastike as they don’t link to their sources.

Swing Big is excellent for WAG coaches. A site where Zari Goldmann shares her own drills and the best of the rest she finds online.

The Gymnastics Minute, now defunct, was the best source of coaching DVDs. But you can still watch their short promo videos on the thegymnasticminute YouTube channel.

Are there any other video tutorial sites you like?

If so, leave a comment.

iPad E-Z GRIP case

Coach Jean Sebastien Tougas showed me a good case for an iPad in the Gym.


Good for kids with chalky or sweaty hands.

That one by Xtreme is $20. No doubt you can easily find similar products.

Tumbl Trak – Pit Pillow

I really like the Pit Pillow Mat because it is perfect size for just about anything in training, GREAT for any dismount, timers or many drills. We also use it for bars release skills. …

– Liang Chow

I visit about 40 gyms every year. Often I ask the kids: “What’s your favourite soft mat?”

They bring me some old beaten up wreck of a mat that’s normally kept in the pit. It’s soft. Friendly. Perfect for “timers”.

Tumbl Trak can sell you a mat like that. And they are comparatively inexpensive.


I guarantee this mat would get a LOT of use in your facility.

related – Pit Pillow as trampoline throw mat

upgrade your Tumbl Trak

Here’s something every WAG gym needs.

A Downhill Incline (on sale for $211.65 right now) …

Tumbl Trak downhill incline

… combined with a Quick Flex Bar-in-a-Bag ($254.15).

Bar in a Bag

Leave it on permanently. Kids can step over the soft rail. Or do a seat drop on it. :-)

Leave a comment if you have a permanent Quick Flex (Al Fong) Bar in your Gym already.

Norberts spotting boxes

Calgary Gymnastics Centre got new Canyon Bar Blocks. These are even better than an in-ground trench pit, in my opinion, since the set up is so adjustable.

And the blocks can be used for many, many other purposes.

Norberts spotting boxes