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Guangxi Sports Center

Worlds 2014 host Guangxi Sports Center is incredible. It looks more like an Olympic venue than a Worlds site.

Guangxi Sports Center venues

One challenge. Toilets in Japan are ultramodern. But here at the Guangxi, they are all holes in the ground. Lucky we are gymnasts. :-)

960 volunteers, most of whom speak English, enthusiastically try to help visitors in every way.

Guangxi Sports Center, Nanning

Details are first class. And if you get jetlagged in the middle of the day, lie down in the Quiet Room.

Guangxi Sports Center, Nanning-2

Men have their first training on the AAI competition equipment tomorrow.

In case you are worried about unusual Chinese cuisine, turns out, we won’t starve. :-)

Guangxi Sports Center, Nanning-3

impressive Nanning

Media does not get access to the World Championships venue until September 28th, but we’re already anticipating a fantastic competition.

The airport is ultramodern, upgraded 2012.

Nanning Air

Advertising for the competition is everywhere throughout the city. The budget, like this mascot, must be HUGE.

Rick Nanning

October 1st is National Day, celebrating the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. It’s the start of a week long festival. Flags decorate the streets.

National Day

Facebook, YouTube, Google and Twitter are blocked but my websites are working. I’ll get a VPN unless the media centre provides open internet. I’m assuming they will.

new training centre Montreal

The official opening of the National Sports Institute of Quebec (Quebec INS) Gymnastics facility was celebrated September 15th.

One of the best training gyms in the world. Congratulations to everyone who made this happen.

Look for former Men’s National Coach Andre Simard. This was his brainchild some 40yrs ago. :-)

Kyle Shewfelt’s new gym

… The 11,000+ square foot facility in Calgary is very well done. Bright and appealing. Lots of parking. …

Opened 10 months ago, Kyle has about 950 members a week. Business is great.

If you want to see a new club well launched, check out Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics. …


That’s the club mascot, not Kyle. :-)

read more on Rec Gymnastics

beating Usain Bolt

You’re going to need one of these Jetpacks.

Click PLAY or watch it on Vimeo.

(via engadget)

GymneoTV in English

Good news. The great French coach education site offering online training videos is finally being translated.

In 100 days, on October 25, 2014, GymneoTV will be available in English


From that link, send in your email address. GymneoTV is a paid service. But those who “register” in advance will be offered deep discounts. Early bird pricing.

Here’s a sample, their first presentation in English.

Click PLAY or watch Spotting Jaeger on YouTube.

contact (a) gymneo.com

ANZ Bank supports Commonwealths

The New ZealandBlack Flips” are all in. Looking for a best ever Team result and some Apparatus finals.

The girls trained together at the Christchurch School of Gymnastics. Here’s just one story of dedication towards this goal.

Gymnastics BC goes Jr Olympic

Great news.

Another Canadian Province is adopting the American J.O. system, the most successful in the world.

As of September 1, 2014, Gymnastics BC will use the USA Junior Olympic Program (JO) for its provincial level competitive categories. JO will replace the Canadian Provincial Program (CPP), GYMSTART and KIP. Interclub and Performance Plus will continue to be offered, but the athletes will now also have the option to easily transition to the JO program levels 1 and 2. …

read more – New era for women’s artistic gymnastics begins in B.C.

This is all good. :-)

J.O. is better for kids. Better for parents. Better for judges. Better for coaches … who will have a far easier time getting PAID since their kids will be happier.



100 GymCastic episodes

It’s hard to believe that Jessica O’Beirne‘s ‘new’ audiocast has already posted 100 episodes.

Congratulations. I’ve listened to every one.

#100 is called Biomechanical Booty Advantage

100 episodes

Dr. Uncle Tim, Blythe Lawrence, Ev Heiter and the rest keep us entertained. And informed.

Gymnastics Coaching drills

I had 4 presentations at GymCon 2014.

Here’s one – Safest, Funest, Fastest, Easiest, least “Spottingest” Training.

best gymnastics drills

Some of my favourite drills. I tried to include some that I don’t see often enough in the Gyms I visit.

VIDEO (22min) – no audio

Plan on GymCon 2015. The total cost for what you get (hotel, food, entertainment, flight) is less for most people than for USAG Congress events. And it gets you to VEGAS, baby. :-)

GymCon sessions are smaller, friendlier. You get more interaction time with clinicians. The hosts – Inside Gymnastics, Tumbl Trak and Cirque du Soleil – are awesome. too. The kind of people you want to hang out with.

official website – GymConUSA.com

brainstorming the T-Trainer

I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on one of these new mini-tramp / Vault trainers. It’s a brilliant product.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.


Basic T-Trainer on sale right now for $764.

new product – Vault T-Trainer

Ask Al Fong.

He’ll tell you the best product ever developed by Tumbl Trak (after the Tumbl Trak) was the Porta Table.

I bought the last one before it was discontinued in 2006.

It’s back. But better, lighter and cheaper. ($764.15 right now)

t trainer

It’s a vault trainer. And it’s a mini-tramp.

Let me tell you it took years of prototypes to get this right. At one stage Tumbl Trak took it to Scott Morgan‘s gym to see if one of the strongest tumblers and vaulters in the world could bottom it out. He couldn’t. :-)

Click PLAY or watch the new T-Trainer on YouTube.

The top surface is made with our Xtreme bed material and measures the same as a vault table, (3’ x 4’). …

The removable Suede Cover (sold separately), attaches by Velcro to the top, making it look and feel more like a traditional vault top. …


There are not yet many in existence. But Tumbl Trak is taking preorders.

I’ll be touring with one at most of my events this summer.


Two choices.

1. You can simply assume there is no privacy. No privacy online. None on phone.

Or …

2. you can try taking some small steps to discourage the NSA and other organizations from collecting data on you.

I’m switching from Google search to DuckDuckGo, for example. That might help. Apple is now offering DuckDuckGo as an alternative web search engine.

On the other hand, Google is responding to criticism, now offering end-to-end mail encryption, to try to make your email private.

reset the net

Watch the RESET the NET VIDEO .