Bjarke Hellden – parkour

This guy’s got a unique style and some interesting playground acrobatics.

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Dunno’ about doing Giants on a tree branch!

Thanks Vadim.

crazy Bar transitions

Love playground gymnastics.

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crazy strong female acrobats

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Some of the best stuff there comes from Check out their videos. Playground acrobats from Switzerland.

Battle of The Bars 6

Playground fitness competition. Bizarre and creative stuff.

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details – Fit Expo – World Calisthenics Organization™ – Battle of the Bars™

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My lovely Bars

Coach Chris Sommer recommends this entertaining and impressive edit. How many different ways can you connect swings on Bars?

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I like that Flyaway ¼ twist as a progression for Geinger. :-)

Battle of the Bars

The third edition of the Battle of the Bars at the Los Angeles Fit Expo 2014 organised by the World Calisthenics Organisation!

The second day of competition was dedicated to the open calisthenic competition!

This reminds me of the “playground gymnastics” in Russia formalized into a competition. Judged on:

Strength & Control
Creativity/Acrobatics/Crowd Interaction
Technique/ Execution

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They call it “Street Workout”.

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feats of strength

The very last exercise in this compilation I’ve never seen before. Planche push-ups in series clapping behind the back on each.

Thanks Bede.