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Aliya Mustafina’s new coach

Denis Ablyazin’s coach.

Queen E posted an interview translation:

The latest news, that Aliya Mustafina now has a personal coach – not just a personal coach, one of Russia’s best coaches, Sergei Starkin – was only released yesterday. …

Russia- Do you believe that in today’s gymnastics one coach can work with two top-level gymnasts – in this case a man and a woman?

– I believe that in any case you should try. The first thing I did when I decided to take this work on was to sit down and write daily training schedules for Aliya and Denis. On paper, it became apparent that on average p personal trainer works with each gymnast for four and a half hours daily, and that Aliya’s and Denis’s classes do not overlap. Thus I can, without prejudice to each of the students, divide myself fairly between them both. …

– How did the team leaders react? – Andrei Rodionenko and Valentina Rodionenko?

- Oh! Andrei Fedorovich and Valentina responded quickly and with joy. I didn’t expect this, and had a few sleepless nights.

– Aliya is now having treatment in Munich. When will you begin work with her?

- Early on the morning of December 18 I will fly to Germany. I will visit the clinic with Aliya and talk with the doctor. After that, we will plan our work. First of all, Aliya has to get better. If, in order to do so, Aliya needs to miss Russian and European Championships, then we will skip them. Our task is to return to the level of the strongest gymnast in the world. This may take a long time. Possibly up to six months.

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inspirational training video

Featuring swimmers Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and others.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Fail Harder | Basketball Motivation

Don’t be afraid to fail in training.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via Denis Vachon)

consistent USA


Beam Dreams has nice profile on the USA women:

In 2011, the U.S. women’s program began a new era of dominance in consistency. Podium training, qualifications, team finals, all-around finals, and event finals look pretty much the same. Hit routine after hit routine. Compete, hit, repeat. Of course, there have been a few exceptions, but for the most part, gone are the nail-biting days of wondering if a gymnast is going to fall. Because, they just don’t. …

USA Women are Persistent About Being Consistent

Count the female / male coaching ratio. :-)

China in the training hall


Piibunina has training videos of the Chinese girls up on youku. I assume those are not geoblocked.

We feared they’d be tired and sore having just competed Asian Games. But they look quite fresh. So far. This is a long, long competition.


If you’ve not yet seen it, be sure to read Albert Minguillon’s detailed Women’s World’s analysis. Albert crunches the numbers for The All Around.

via GymFever2012

you can’t get it wrong

Most of the gymnasts getting ready to compete Worlds are mainly focused on consistency at this point.

China at Worlds?

Blossom linked to photos of China podium training at Asian Games.

China at Asian Games

In Team preliminaries I’d say this ranking is a safe bet:

1. USA
2-3 CHN & RUS
4-5-6 ROM & GBR & ITA

In Team Final, 3-up, 3-count, Romania might be slightly less disadvantaged by lack of depth.

Seems to me China might have the best chance of upsetting the USA. Are they 1 or 2 falls behind, if everyone hits?

It’s difficult to compare scores from Chinese competition as the judging tends to be severe there.

Those girls competing Asian Games will fly directly to Worlds. And be tired.

Canada goes Jr Olympic

by site editor Rick McCharles

I’m thrilled Canada has finally wised-up and adopted the USA Junior Olympic rules for girls.

2012 comparison

I’ve been promoting the idea for years. Wearing an NCAA Gymnastics ballcap much of the time.

The J.O./NCAA competitive structure is the best in the world. Parents, gymnasts, coaches and judges will soon be far happier than we were in the bad old days.

As of September 2014 these Regional Sports Governing bodies are in: ON, BC, NS, NB, NL, PEI, YK. The rest are looking to start Sept 2015.

The biggest downside of J.O., as Marta Karolyi can tell you, is that some talented potential Elites will opt for the easier NCAA route.

I prefer the Canadian MAG and Trampoline structures over the American, by the way. USAG should be studying the Canadian rules.

Scott Morgan – planning

Simone Biles – Olympic Champion?

That’s the way it looks, peering 2 years into the future.

Marta Simone

Mary Lou Retton:

“She’s not human,” Retton said. “She may be the most talented gymnast I’ve ever seen in my life, honestly. And I don’t even think she’s tapped into what she really can do. I think she’s unbeatable.”

Olympic Talk

I called Simone the Uchimura of women’s gymnastics. She can fall once or twice over 4 routines and, most likely finish higher in the all-around than the second best female gymnast in the world.

On the other hand, it’s a long road to Rio.

Dvora MeyerAnxious About The World’s Most Dominant Gymnast? Blame It On Rio.

Simone is not indestructible. She can miss in competition.

But Simone has something that other presumed future Olympic Champions did not have. A relaxed attitude towards the sport.

Simone Biles, Kyla Ross, Brenna Dowell

I believe that increases her chances for a long run at or near the top of the world.

… On the other hand, we felt that way about Katelyn Ohashi. Katelyn is, seemingly, out of contention due to injury. :-(

Siimone Katelyn

Still, it would be an excellent idea to bet NOW on Simone Biles winning the 2016 Olympics.

Biles, Ross, Baumann, Skinner, Kocian, Locklear

Andy Thornton’s projected Women’s Worlds Team:

Simone Biles
Kyla Ross
Alyssa Baumann
MyKayla Skinner
Madison Kocian
Ashton Locklear

Maggie Nichols
Brenna Dowell

Here would be a possible team finals lineup with this team:

Baumman or Ross



Baumann or Ross

I know I may get some backlash for not putting Maggie Nichols on this team, so I wanted to explain why. I’ll say first that in a fair world, she WOULD be on this team. I think she totally earned it. She has hit every single routine at both the Secret U.S. Classic and the P&G Championships, placed 3rd in the all-around at both competitions, and has improved her all-around totals with each one (57.6, 58.65, 59.25). She is a rock solid competitor, could be put up on any of the four events, and would likely hit under pressure. But her greatest strength is as a very solid all-arounder. …

Leave your backlash comments on American GymnastSo What’s The Verdict? A Projected Six-Member Women’s World Team

top 3 AA

Andy is very astute. But Marta loves consistency. I could see her finding a way to put Maggie on the competition Floor if anyone is slightly injured or inconsistent in training. :-)

The only team that can defeat USA in Team … is USA.

Flavia Saraiva at YOGs

There was some doubt whether Flavia would end up being Brazil’s representative.

She is.

FIG posted a terrific interview from podium training:

Just 1.33 metres tall, Brazil’s Flavia Lopes Saraiva is the shortest gymnast of the Nanjing 2014 Women’s Artistic Gymnastics line-up, but she certainly did not go unnoticed at Friday’s podium training. With her remarkable form, difficult elements and beautiful presentation the tiny teenager drew attention to herself and made us want to get to know her better. …

Q: Looking at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, where you could make it on the Brazilian team, what is your goal?

Flavia: I want to win a medal for Brazil. The YOG are a first step for me on the road to Rio. …

Q: Do you have a favourite apparatus?

Flavia: Yes, the beam.

Q: What is your goal at this competition?

Flavia: I want to score 57.000 points, no matter the ranking. …

read more – Brazil’s Flavia Saraiva aiming for Rio 2016


Alexandrov has them training every day. Up to 3 sessions a day. Sundays and holidays included.

I hope Brazil does not burn out before the qualifying Worlds.

gymnasts in Summer

Sarah Chrane has a cute post on The Gymternet:


A sample …

9. Summer conditioning.

summer conditioning

My goal for summer training is to accomplish every skill we want to compete in the following season.