Visual Data in Collegiate Gymnastics

Posted February 17, 2015 by Michigan Men’s Gymnastics Team member Hub Humphrey:

Visual Data has transformed the way collegiate gymnastics is analyzed. Pie graphs, line charts, and bar graphs give gymnasts and coaches the ability to analyze trends of each team and individual gymnast by competition.

Road to Nationals is the best and only website that I know of that takes all the results and statistics of each competition and displays it in a visual form. …

The Value of Visual Data in Collegiate Gymnastics

road to Nationals

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Uptown Abs at Manjak’s

Two sets. :-)


The first training day after a competition is a perfect time for conditioning.

Uptown Abs by Andrew Vetter is well over 20 million views on Facebook and YouTube. (VIDEO)

Manjak’s Gymnastics.

USA Sr Team on 2014

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Team USA had few injuries in 2014 compared with past years.

Sports Medicine at Colorado Springs

Dr. Bill Moreau, Managing Director of Sports Medicine at the Colorado Springs Training Center, shows us around the USA’s Training Camp. He tells us about the sports medicine side of the complex, including recovery and prevention of injury.

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Aliya Mustafina’s new coach

Denis Ablyazin’s coach.

Queen E posted an interview translation:

The latest news, that Aliya Mustafina now has a personal coach – not just a personal coach, one of Russia’s best coaches, Sergei Starkin – was only released yesterday. …

Russia- Do you believe that in today’s gymnastics one coach can work with two top-level gymnasts – in this case a man and a woman?

– I believe that in any case you should try. The first thing I did when I decided to take this work on was to sit down and write daily training schedules for Aliya and Denis. On paper, it became apparent that on average p personal trainer works with each gymnast for four and a half hours daily, and that Aliya’s and Denis’s classes do not overlap. Thus I can, without prejudice to each of the students, divide myself fairly between them both. …

– How did the team leaders react? – Andrei Rodionenko and Valentina Rodionenko?

- Oh! Andrei Fedorovich and Valentina responded quickly and with joy. I didn’t expect this, and had a few sleepless nights.

– Aliya is now having treatment in Munich. When will you begin work with her?

- Early on the morning of December 18 I will fly to Germany. I will visit the clinic with Aliya and talk with the doctor. After that, we will plan our work. First of all, Aliya has to get better. If, in order to do so, Aliya needs to miss Russian and European Championships, then we will skip them. Our task is to return to the level of the strongest gymnast in the world. This may take a long time. Possibly up to six months.

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inspirational training video

Featuring swimmers Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte and others.

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Fail Harder | Basketball Motivation

Don’t be afraid to fail in training.

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