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Pit Rescue Training

Menlo Park Gymnastics, California

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ride ‘em Cowgirl


Gymnast Crossing:

This was the last week of summer camp and the theme was “Welcome to the Wild West“. …

… “how fun would it be to play “bustin’ bronco” atop an octagon barrel by suspending it over the top of a pit? …

Welcome to the Wild, Wild Gym

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pole vault back flip

Thanks Scott.

nothing but net

Sky Tower In Denmark Might Be The Scariest Theme Park Ride Ever

… nearly 100 foot total free fall at 55MPH is one of the most CRAZY rides on the planet! There is NOTHING between you and the net below!

This version of the ride is called “Sky Tower” and is located at Tivoli Friheden in Denmark.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via HuffPo)

Air Barrel balancing

Coach Deb and her girls wanted to try this balancing challenge on a Tumbl Trak Air Barrel.

walking the barrel

That’s dangerous without spot.

So they took it to the pit.

Air Barrel pit

Fun. :-)

That’s Avant Coeur Gymnastics at IEGA.

coaching course Nova Scotia

Gymnastics Canada piloted the NEW Level 2 Technical course over 5 days at Taiso Gymnastics.

Keith Russell and Guy Lavoie were the clinicians.

L2 at Taiso Nova Scotia 2014

Official launch of the revised course (“Competitive Introduction“) is yet to be announced. Clinicians will need to be trained first.

pit with post

I cannot recall any other pit with a post in the centre. Leave a comment if you’ve seen one.

It works well. Taiso has a very functional facility.

roof flyaway double back


55m (180ft) Bag Jump

Greg Roe.

… Jumping into a BAGJUMP Freestyle airbag is the latest trend …

Greg Roe and Daniel Moesl are amongst few people who can actually perform these kind of freestyle tricks from heights up to 55m or 180ft into a freestyle airbag that works a bit like a foam pit but absorbs a lot more force.

… landing at an incredible speed of almost 150km/h (93mph), that’s just nuts!

… This shoot took place in Innsbruck/Austria at the Prangl crane company’s backyard …

See Greg Roe performing his jumps from various terrifying heights like a double full double / quadruple flip with spin (double front flip full twist double front flip) …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

new gym for UNC

Flip Fest Summer Camp

Seems the coaches at Flip Fest must sleep in the gym this year. :-)

Tkachev pit landing mat

This mat seemed a good idea. At the time. :-)

Tramp “catcher”

A safety issue in many gyms are the mats used at the END of your tumbling trampoline. Here’s a new alternative that costs less than $2000. What would the equivalent mats cost?

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via Rec Gymnastics)

Blake Hyland walks home

He’d started the day doing one thing doctors said he might never do — walking out of a Ft. Worth hospital at noon. Two hours later he walked again, along a path of love and admiration and prayer from his friends and classmates.

It was three months and a week after a crippling gymnastics accident almost cost him his life, and the 15-year old was happy to be here. …

Standing ovation for injured gymnast who returns home

Click PLAY or watch it on ABC News.

KXXV-TV News Channel 25 – Central Texas News and Weather for Waco, Temple, Killeen |

On February 18th at a gym in Waco, TX, Blake jumped into a foam pit. He hit his shoulder on the edge of the pit “whiplashing his head into the surrounding concrete“.

There can never be any exposed concrete anywhere near a safety landing pit.