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Amazing Football/ Gymnastics Catch

Fooling around at Taiso Gymnastics in Saskatoon. 2011.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Taiso is building a new gym. :-)

new Taiso

Prayers for Blake Hyland

Somehow Blake hit his head on a concrete pit edge. :-(

A Texas teenager who suffered serious head injuries at a gymnastics class is starting to make progress a week after doctors said he had only a 50/50 chance of survival. …

The athletic teenager received his injuries while practicing a new move at his power tumbling class.

‘There was a pad on the side, but his side hit it. Then his head came down and there was no pad on the concrete and his head hit concrete,’ Mr Hyland said. …

Daily Mail

Prayers for Blake Hyland Facebook page

new pit at Matsport RSA

The South African Gymnastics Federation’s National Training Centre at Matsport Centre in Eldoraigne Centurion, has undergone a makeover

The pit, which is 26 meters long and 2m deep, has been under construction during the month of December. The unique pit has a trampoline base 0.7 meters above the pit floor, with the remaining 1.3 meters to be filled with foam. This trampoline at the base of the pit allows for less dust and more elasticity for when the gymnast lands on the foam. …

pit construction

South African Gymnastics Federation

FIG Age Group Training Camp and competition this weekend.

Comment from Dr. Bill Sands:

Just a short comment on trampoline pits. I have seen, more than once, that the weight of the foam on the trampoline bed presses the bed down such that the foam rests on the bottom floor of the pit. I have built a camera, light, and telescoping pole to look under the trampoline so that one can see if the trampoline remains off the floor. I know of one very serious injury where the victim hit the concrete of a trampoline-type pit. Moreover, when I stood in the foam of this pit, I could jump and my feet struck the floor.

I would just like to caution people to take considerable care in using this type of pit design. Although pit foam seems incredibly light, by accumulation the foam can weigh enough to push the trampoline bed down to the floor surface that the bed was designed to avoid.

flipping from 34m (112ft) crane

Greg Roe is one of the Bag Jump team.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Looks like fun. So long as you land flat.

new pit Arad, Romania

Coach Hegyi Ciprian posted photos of the new pit in Arad, Romania.

foam pit

Looks like they are gluing a layer of foam cubes to the bottom.

via GymFever

motor lift resi-pit

Bjorn linked to an install of one of those mechanical in-ground pits. Trampoline and pit.

motor pit

Click PLAY or watch one elevate on YouTube.

Amazing technology.

PE-redskaber A/S is in Denmark.

related – AMAZING motor lift resi-pit

Gymnast Flame Retardant Collaborative

An update by email from Courtney Carignan:

Dear GFRC member,

Thank you for joining the Gymnast Flame Retardant Collaborative. By joining our email list you have helped move this effort forward. Many of you are gymnast parents and coaches that had similar questions about alternatives and future studies. Below are some responses and updates:

1. We have updated the recommendations on the GFRC web page to be more specific. In addition to advising gymnasts to wash their hands after practice and before eating, we are also recommending that gyms implement hand washing policies and hang posters that encourage handwashing in the gym. We are also recommending gymnasts not participate in pit cleaning activities. One option for gyms may be to install a pit fluffer that could be used when the gym is not in use. If pit cleaning/fluffing must be done by hand, we suggest wearing a dust mask to reduce inhalation of suspended dust. …

Do those pit fluffers actually work?

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

How durable are they?

More pit fluffer videos.


Flame Retardants and Gymnastics

Amanda Turner linked to that single study on a small sample of Collegiate gymnasts. The researchers have put up their own web page dedicated to the topic:

We are a group of researchers from Dartmouth College, Boston University and Duke University who study how people are exposed to flame retardant chemicals.

More broadly, we study how chemicals in the environment can affect the health of people. We chose to do a study of gymnasts because one of us is a former competitive gymnast and because we were concerned competitive gymnasts may have elevated exposures to flame retardants due to their use of foam containing equipment.

The study included 11 collegiate gymnasts that was published in the scientific journal Environmental Science & Technology: Carignan CC, Heiger-Bernays W, McClean MD, Roberts SC, Stapleton HM, Sjödin A, Webster TF. Flame retardant exposure among collegiate U.S. gymnasts. 2013. Environ. Sci. Technol.


This website was developed to advise gymnasts and coaches to wash their hands after practice and before eating, to provide facts about flame retardants and gymnastics and to facilitate collaboration between flame retardant scientists, fire safety experts, equipment manufacturers and the gymnastics community. …


Flame-retardant chemicals …

Melissa Marlowe linked to a disturbing HuffPo article.

Flame-retardant chemicals permeate the world, and the bodies of nearly every person. But a new film and a new scientific study point to two groups of people whose risks of exposure may be particularly high: firefighters who venture into burning buildings and gymnasts who tumble into pits of foam blocks. …

…the new study … found four to 6.5 times more flame retardants in the blood of 11 collegiate gymnasts than in the U.S. general population.

In their attempts to pinpoint the source of exposures, the team found air and dust samples with concentrations of flame retardants greater than in residential homes. Hand-wipe samples showed the athletes had higher levels of the chemicals on their skin after practice than before practice …

Flame-Retardant Chemicals Endanger Firefighters, Gymnasts

elevated foam pit

No need to panic. Yet.

But if there’s even a slight risk I’d rather Gyms use foam without fire retardant chemicals. They’ve never been needed.

Taylor Lindsay-Noel’s injury

For the first time I’ve seen, Taylor talks about the injury on Bars that left her partially paralyzed.

She under-rotated a toe-on double front dismount. A new Bars skill. No pit.

Every coach I’ve spoken with feels that skill is too dangerous without a pit.

Taylor is very active online. Google her. She’s moving forward.




Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

via GymFever

Parallel Bars in the pit

Nick Blanton and crew are building an addition to their Gym in New Brunswick.


An original design and custom build I created… Sunken Parallel Bars and a one-of-a-kind, “In-Ground Parallel Blocks Station“. Only gym in the world to have it All soon to be carpet-bonded and padded up!

sunken P Bars

cost of pit foam blocks

Gary Ahlm from Speedy Foam in Minneapolis:

We offer high quality blocks at affordable prices with quick lead times and minimized shipping. Our blocks ship vacuum packed which can cut the shipping price nearly in half depending on location.


6in high end blocks $0.88 ea
8in high end blocks $1.90 ea

6in low end non fire retardant blocks $0.71 ea
8in low end non fire retardant blocks $1.64 ea

Give me a call for quotes on large quantities for reduced pricing and lead times! Gary at Speedyfoam 888-677-6739 or customerservice (a) speedyfoam.com

safer landing mats

Kalon Ludvigson was injured landing a 1/1-in triple pike backwards into the pit.

What are the safest possible landing mats for acrobatic sport?

Greg Roe likes this landing set-up.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.