BEFORE you teach Flyaway off a Bar

If I have Rings in the gym, I introduce drills like this as early as age-5. It’s FUN. It’s SAFE. (I introduce it over the pit if I have Rings over the pit.)

The gymnast quickly gains confidence in releasing something, flying through the air while traveling forwards. The main goal I ask of them is to stick the landing.

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Ideally I’d do this for the first year of twice a week training, starting Bar release in the second year.

Eventually, your kids will be as skilled as Jake Dalton. :-)

Found my next career? Cirque? #justkidding #playingaround

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If you don’t have Rings in the gym, budget to buy an inexpensive set. They only cost about $80, one of the best value / dollar investments you can add to your facility. Hang them on a high rail.

Thanks to Jeremy Mosier and Gymtastics for hosting this video.

Gymtastics is still my favourite club website, by the way. Compare it to yours. :-)

Mom’s house a ball pit

Funny viral video. :-)

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fun double layout drill

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foam pit – log rolling

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teen paralyzed in a pit landing

Corey Sands at North Harbour Gymnastics, New Zealand.

Another example of how pits are not foolproof. :-(

Corey’s twin, Callum, told the Weekend Herald that his brother had attempted a back-flip off a high bar and into a foam pit below.

It wasn’t clear exactly how the injury happened.

Corey’s friend Oscar Arnold reacted quickly – something Callum believes saved his brother’s life.

Oscar said last night he and friend Ben Padden waited about 10 seconds, believing their friend would emerge.

“Ben heard him say, ‘get me out of here’. Then we jumped in and tried to clear the foam,” said Oscar.

“Ben created an air pocket for him to breathe, and I just talked to him and tried to calm him down. He was so scared.” …

Teen feared paralysed after horror gym fall


fundraiser – Corey Sands

There are more details on a dedicated Facebook page.

Pit Rescue Training

Menlo Park Gymnastics, California

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ride ‘em Cowgirl


Gymnast Crossing:

This was the last week of summer camp and the theme was “Welcome to the Wild West“. …

… “how fun would it be to play “bustin’ bronco” atop an octagon barrel by suspending it over the top of a pit? …

Welcome to the Wild, Wild Gym

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