Eileen Langsley photos 1976 – 2003

The great U.K. photographer has published a book of her best photos. Multi-sport.

Sport – My Way – A journey through the Art of Sport. Ebook, Apple iPad format £8.99.

The cover of the new book published July 2015 - 'Sport - My Way' by Eileen Langsley
The cover of the new book published July 2015 – ‘Sport – My Way’ by Eileen Langsley

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covergirl Laurie Hernandez

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Eileen Langsley – European Championships

A colourful photographic souvenir of a memorable Gymnastics event, with 96 pages and 352 colour images. Available as a soft back and a hardback edition as well as an e book. The book is designed around themed sections covering the competition action, the winners and medallists, the artistry and emotions on show as well as images from training and ceremonies. the text is in both English and French.


£9.49 – £36.00

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Strong Is The New Pretty

photographer Kate Parker:

“My goal with this project was to showcase my girls and their friends, to tell their story,” she added. “That there is beauty in confident, strong, fierce, messy, silly young girls. I hope that other girls see this and recognize that whatever they love, whatever makes them unique and special is beautiful and worthy of celebration, too.”

Huffpo – ‘Strong Is The New Pretty’ For These Young Girls, And It’s A Wonderful Thing


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Ludivine Furnon playing at the beach

Ludivine Furnon (born October 4, 1980 in Nîmes) is a retired Olympic athlete from France. She was the first French female gymnast to ever win a medal at the World Gymnastics Championships.

Although she attended dance classes from the age of eight, Furnon did not study gymnastics until April 1992, when she was eleven years old. …

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Matvey Petrov – Pommels

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no joke

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