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Rhythmic diving


nude Parkour London

If most people ran around London naked, hanging off rooftops or running through tube stations, they’d probably be arrested, however World Freerun Championship winner Tim Shieff managed to get away with it. …

Beautiful photographs capture naked free runner across London

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Tree of Life

Worlds, Nanning – slideshow

The fantastic lights. Wonderful photos. And a glimpse at the post-competition party. :-)

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Guangxi Sports Center, Nanning

A few leftover photos from the excellent venue at Worlds.

Jordyn Pederson

tourist at Worlds

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Nanning Sports School

Our friends from the Netherlands captured some pics yesterday. How have we gone this long in China without seeing the little kids training?

more photos

USA Team photos

by John Cheng

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Is this the most artistic Artistic Gymnastics team USA has fielded?

Australia is back

The Aussies looked super prepared. Very clean. Had smart routines.

With a 7th place finish in Team without former world champion Lauren Mitchell who withdrew last minute after an ankle injury in training, you’d best put the Aussies on the list of teams that will qualify for Rio. Some Down Under had doubts.


See more Australia photos on Couch Gymnast.

Nadia Boyce, the photographer, is posting the other nations as well on the Couch Gymnast 2014 Worlds Pictures page.

Men’s Worlds photos – USA, RUS & MORE

Grace Chiu on Inside Gymnastics.

Bobby Kriangkum – Thailand

For those nations that will not qualify for the top 24 teams, this IS the Olympics. It’s great to see teams from so many developing nations. Even Angola. :-)

Jake Dalton

Say no more.

Men’s Podium day 2

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V Cross

China vs USA

#FIGWorlds2014ART podium training

China is much closer to USA than I would have expected.

Bars was a shocker. Any of the 5 girls could qualify to the Bar Final. Second in the line-up, Tan Jiaxin, dismounts double double layout!

They are the dominant Bars nation making the “compulsory” routine done by the best of the rest look (somehow) easy.

Beam was excellent too. China is always beautiful on Beam, but did make mistakes. They could fall. It’s possible. Without a fall I predict they finish ahead of ROM, USA, ITA …

After all that excitement, Team China moved to Floor. Not good. Shang warmed up 3 ½ after her routine. Other than that, most of the tumbling was average or weak. The Floor is hard, not helping girls who weigh 45-65 pounds.

Despite lacking power, the Chinese girls run slowly into their Tumbling. :-(

USA should finish a fair bit ahead of China on FX.

We expected the same story on Vault. But – surprisingly – China has 4 DTYs. One very weak. One quite strong.

Many expected that the Chinese girls would be tired and sore having just come from Asian Games, but so far they are getting through.

Bottom line. If USA has a fall in 3-up, 3-count Team Final, it could be very close.

China Beam

Check Nadia Boyce’s photos.

USA, RUS, CAN + podium photos

Grace Chiu.