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@FLICKFLAPP inspiration

I’m enjoying the series of captioned photos being regularly released by FLICKFLAPP.

beauty of gymnastics

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Christy Ann Linder – Jr Secret photos

There are many, many talented American Juniors. You know some of them, but not all, will end up excellent Seniors. Much will depend on how each handles their own growth and development. Some of these kids will weight twice as much by the time they are age-15.

295 MORE Junior photos on Facebook

Christy spends a lot of time bringing us those. Do not crop or repost any of them without attribution.

Using her Facebook embed feature works on many sites. Including this one.

Christy Ann Linder – Secret photos

The long and the short of it in 2014.

Here it comes. :-)

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no crotch shots

Sports editors many times publish gymnast crotch shot photos. I consider that unethical. :-(

But for Scotland’s Frank Banes, I’ll make an exception. :-)

 Picture: Reuters via Scotsman

Picture: Reuters via Scotsman

good luck at Commonwealths

Lauren Hopkins posted a collection of social media pics from Commonwealth Games Teams. This one from Team Malaysia, for example.


Artistic Gymnasts compete half the apparatus Monday, the other half Tuesday.

England intimidates

Bring it.

Commonwealth Games 2014.

Post by FIG.

Romanian selfie

via Couch Gymnast

deja vu all over again

What film am I reminded of? :-)

Marta Pihan-Kulesza

Gym Momentum Camp photos

The official photographer has posted some Camp pics on Facebook.

new British Gymnastics Book

British Gymnasts

The Face of the Future

By Eileen Langsley (2014)

… a tribute to the new generation of young British Gymnasts who are following on from the London 2012 generation of seniors. With 84 pages and over 240 images and text supplied by the gymnasts and their coaches, this book is a must …

British Gymnastics book

Preview 38 pages of the book.

Cost £6.99 – £34.18 depending on format.

1970s Cal Men’s Gymnastics

Dave Demanty was an assistant and team photographer at Cal back in the day. He’s been uploading some of his old photos to Facebook. Here are some of the best in a tribute montage.


An affectionate look back at some of the scenes and personalities that made my stay at UC Berkeley during the mid-1970s so memorable. Focused on the non-performance dimensions of the men’s gymnastics team, and, in particular, the contribution of Dr. Harold Frey in maintaining high standards in the face of so many different personalities.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

pretty Chinese gymnasts

This image was taken at the Chinese National Gymnastics Training Centre in Beijing back in November 2009

… It only took about ten minutes and three takes and we were done. The girls were so accurate in terms of their timing when performing their moves, that the process of coordinating everyone and ensuring no one overlapped was amazingly straight-forward.

KL International Photoawards: The best of Adam Pretty

Pretty CHN gymnasts

Pictured from left to right: Tan Sixin, Sui Lu, Wu Liufang, Chen Shihua, Huang Qiushuang and Huang Huidan. Photo Credit: Adam Pretty)