no joke

Hal Halverson shared this one.

Marta selfie stick

Yep. She’s a happy coach.

See it on instagram.

Team USA selfie with Martha… Watching this was the cutest thing ever! #Jesolo2015

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City of Jesolo photos

USAG posted PLENTY on Facebook.

Many of those found their way to tumblr.

Gymternet has the most detailed breakdown of results. And the best commentary.

Jesolo Finals today

It’s go time. :-)

Simone Jesolo

Watch the Italian live stream here.

Jesolo photos

The best source I’ve found is sparklesandchalk on tumblr. Many are reposted from Italian photographer Filippo Tomasi.

Our Olympic Champion is looking strong. :-)

Gabby Jesolo 2015

Canada Winter Games photos

Grace Chiu is posting some to Facebook.

Laurent Paradis
Laurent Paradis

Quebec Gold
Quebec Gold

There are quick links to CWGs in the right hand navigation.

Gymnastics Canada photo contest

Have you see the 2015 Canadian Gymnastics Week Photo Contest on Facebook?

Here’s one of many I LIKED. :-)

See Emma from Gemini Gymnastics on Facebook.