Youth Sports Parent’s Promise

Josette Plank:

As a sports parent, I will remember that the No. 1 goal of youth sports is to have fun.

I will tell my child to “have fun” without adding any ifs, ands or buts. I will not say to my child, “Have fun … but if you don’t score a goal, find your own ride home.”

As a sports parent, I will support my child in positive ways. …

Through youth sports, my child will learn commitment to a team. I will make sure my child is on time to practices and games. If my child cannot make a game or practice due to family obligations or illness, we will let the coach know as soon as possible. …

I may not be at every practice, and that is OK. I will see more improvement over time if I’m not scrutinizing every drill and workout. …

conditioning at Buckeye Gymnastics
conditioning at Buckeye Gymnastics

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Julia Sharpe is amazing

Dips and Handstand @ 35 Wks Pregnant with Twins

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Dvora Meyers linked to that. And posted a profile feature on NY Magazine’s The Cut:

You started out in women’s gymnastics and then made the switch to men’s club at MIT. When and why did you make the switch from the balance beam to the rings?

I made the switch to men’s gymnastics after NAIGC Nationals in the spring of 2012. There were several reasons that I decided to switch. The MIT team only sent two male gymnasts to Nationals that year, and it seemed like the team was disappearing (like so many men’s programs these days), so I wanted to help keep it going.

I was also craving a new challenge. Women’s gymnastics at the NAIGC club level uses Level 9 rules [which are less demanding than varsity-level gymnastics rules], so my routines were very watered-down so that I could be super-clean and score well … In men’s gymnastics, I was able to go back to the basics and learn so many new things just from the other people on the team. In women’s gymnastics, I could maybe learn one new skill per year, but in men’s I was learning new skills all the time. …

Meet the Mom Who Competes in Men’s Gymnastics

Springfield College administration once disallowed her to compete. Because of gender. :-( They are lucky she didn’t sue.

Gym Mom on the J.O. Level system

Jodi Brichta-Coyne has it figured out:

… instead of wondering when she will make it to level 10 (and she may not ever make it and I am OK with that), I am going to sit back and watch her and enjoy the moment.

It is her sport, her journey, and wherever it takes her the lessons learned along the way are much more valuable then striving to get somewhere before it’s time.

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live in the moment

Strong Is The New Pretty

photographer Kate Parker:

“My goal with this project was to showcase my girls and their friends, to tell their story,” she added. “That there is beauty in confident, strong, fierce, messy, silly young girls. I hope that other girls see this and recognize that whatever they love, whatever makes them unique and special is beautiful and worthy of celebration, too.”

Huffpo – ‘Strong Is The New Pretty’ For These Young Girls, And It’s A Wonderful Thing


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Anne Josephson:

… 5. Honor thy teammates, coaches and gym. Don’t gossip in the gym. Be a good, constructive member of the community. If you have a problem with something, go speak to the person who can do something about it.

8. Thou shalt not use the pronoun “we” in referring to the child’s sport. “We” do not have gymnastics practice and “we” are not trying to move up to Level 5. This is your child’s activity and your child’s experience. …