should everyone get a trophy?

Anne Josephson:

James Harrison returned his children’s participation trophies and my Facebook newsfeed blew up with news of the story as well as numerous op ed pieces, most all crediting Harrison for a parenting job well done. …

I want to be clear: I have no problem with the parenting choice Harrison made. In fact, I have huge admiration for his Instagram post.

Not so much for the act of returning the trophies as for these lines “I am very proud of my boys for everything they do and will encourage them till the day I die…” and “I’m not about to raise two boys to be men by making them believe that they are entitled to something just because they tried their best…cause sometimes your best is not enough, and that should drive you to want to do better.”

But I am not convinced that jumping on the “no participation trophy” bandwagon is the way to go. At least without considering the unintended consequences of doing so. …


gymnast trophy

I tend to agree with Anne. Extrinsic rewards are neither good nor bad. It depends on how they are used.

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Marvin Sharp charged with child molesting

A one-time US Women’s Olympic coach who owns a gymnastics academy in Indianapolis is facing several felony charges relating to sexual misconduct with children.

Marvin Sharp, 48, is charged with four counts of child molesting, three counts of sexual misconduct with a minor and knowing possession of child pornography. The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office says the crimes took place beginning in May 2013 and up until May 2015, at times with victims younger than 14.

Sharp, the owner of Sharp’s Gymnastics Academy, was taken into custody Sunday night. …

Former Olympic coach of the year Marvin Sharp charged with child molestation, child porn possession

That’s a shocker for me. :-(

He’s made no public statement, so far as I’ve heard.

BAN pay-for-play Trampoline facilities

Trampoline and Gymnastics professionals recommend parents get an experienced, certified coach.

Sending kids in to a barely supervised free-for-all Trampoline facility is dangerous and irresponsible. :-(

Christopher McKenna broke his neck at a Trampoline centre
Christopher McKenna broke his neck at a Trampoline centre


Lessons Gymnasts Learn

Check out a terrific article by Terri Laymon:

Staying fit and healthy will always be the top priority! …

Gymnastics creates a strong mind. …

Determination builds confidence. …

A gymnast has learned to fall and get back up. …

A gymnast is disciplined to show up for practice …


staying on Beam

Gymnastics News Network – Lifelong Lessons Gymnasts Learn Even After Retiring

Dara Torres doesn’t watch practice

… Torres, 48, who has competed in five Olympic Games and won 12 Olympic medals, is now a swim mom herself. She dutifully takes Tessa to swim practice near their Massachusetts home twice a week — and then she quickly disappears. …

Parents don’t need to get too stressed

“My mom was very laid-back (as a swim mom). She took me to every swim meet, but she never questioned anything. She never watched my practices. I don’t know if she knew my times! But she was always there at every meet.”

Olympian Dara Torres: ‘I leave and go to dinner’ during daughter’s swim practice

coach-parent-athlete relationship

book coverIf a child is going to be a successful gymnast, they need parental and family support.

But what kind of support?

How best can coaches and parents work together to best help a developing child grow and an athlete and person?

Anne Josephson:

The coach-parent-athlete triad is a complicated yet important part of the development of a happy, healthy athlete. Establishing a positive partnership, rooted in trust and mutual respect, doesn’t happen by accident.

In fact, if there is not a deliberate effort to develop and maintain a healthy relationship between each of the parties, most certainly there will be problems ranging from misunderstandings to full blown distrust. We all can tell horror stories …

10 Habits of Coaches, Parents and Athletes in Strong and Healthy Relationships

confidence – women vs men

Lindsey Wilson:

Men tend to overestimate their skills while women tend to underestimate them.”

If only I had a nickel for every time I heard that from a coach when they were asked, “What’s the difference between coaching men and coaching women?”

Which brings me to a question that has literally been nagging me for years:

Do women naturally have less confidence than men? …

Positive Performance – Confidence and Female Athletes: Haves or Have Nots?

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