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coach Terry Steiner wants feedback

Jessica O’Beirne showed me this Facebook post from Terry Steiner, USA National Coach for Women’s Wrestling.

Gutsy move.

The only similar action I can recall was by Bernard Petiot, then head coach of Gymnix, Quebec.

He hired Boris Verkhovsky to visit Gymnix, challenging him and his coaching staff on their training system.


class, dignity and sportsmanship by this incredible 10 year-old girl.

She might not have gotten to stand on the podium this time around, but this I know for sure: Zoe is a champion. …

Zoe, her teammates, coaches and me in a group hug after the meet.


To protect her privacy, I won’t say which child she is. But I will tell you, she is smiling!



Inspirational story from coach Charlie Amerosa

Swakopmund Gymnastics, Namibia

Via GYMNAST CROSSING … weighing in on the topic with this post — Character Counts

how young to recruit NCAA gymnasts?

Lya Wodraska:

Marlowe Clausi (age-13), the daughter of former Utah gymnast and Olympian Melissa Marlowe, has since received interest from UCLA, Florida, Auburn and other schools.

All the attention stuns even her mother, who grew up in the spotlight herself as an elite athlete.

“It’s crazy, it’s wonderful, but it’s so far away it just seems ridiculous,” Marlowe said of her daughter’s possible collegiate experience. “But it’s real.” …

Mom and daughter

… even those involved in the trend acknowledge they don’t like it.

“It is a huge concern,” Utah coach Greg Marsden said. “It opens up the door for more problems down the road. People change and situations change, so someone you thought might be a good fit when they were in the eighth grade may not be a good fit when they are a senior, but you can’t wait, either, because everyone else is doing it. You have to play the game.” …

Utah gymnastics: Coaches banking on young(er) talent

College programs are courting 13-, 14- and 15-year-olds to get an edge.

my DD future Olympian


(via Debbie Broderick Rodriguez)

accused Chinese molesters arrested, not charged

Dean Liu Zhiqiang, 48, and his deputy, Zeng Rong, 52, were arrested three months ago, but the case was not disclosed until Wednesday, when it was reported by the Shanghai-based Oriental Morning Post. The victims are less than 10 years old and were abused over two years. …

The pressure to excel is intense. Pupils live at the school and are only infrequently allowed to visit their parents. …

Liu Zhiqiang and Zeng Rong, who were expected to face trial earlier this year, have not yet been charged. Prosecutors have asked investigators to gather more evidence against them. …

Some media outlets wondered aloud whether Hunan officials have sought to keep the scandal quiet to protect the provincial gymnastic programme’s reputation. …

South China Morning Post – Chinese media outraged about sexual abuse at top gymnast academy

via FIG

on being named a team “alternate”

by Peter Wraae Marino

Gymnastics. What has changed in 30 years?

gymnastics cartoon

Click on the image to see the REST of the cartoon.

Gymnastics murder / suicide

Terrible. Terrible.

A former German Olympian killed his son before committing suicide on Tuesday, multiple German media outlets reported.

Jürgen Brümmer, a member of the West German gymnastics team at the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul, reportedly killed his disabled 15-year-old son before jumping to his own death off a bridge. …

The former gymnast was a nine-time West German champion and a member of the West German squad that finished eighth at the 1987 World Championships, 12th at the 1988 Olympics and 10th at the 1989 Worlds. business website, he worked with gymnasts, handball players and soccer players since establishing his own practice in 1997 in Stuttgart.

Brümmer, 49, is survived by his wife and another son, aged 16.

IG – Tragedy Strikes Family of Former German Olympian

Trans World Sport – Mustafina

Queen Elizabeth linked to an English language documentary focusing on Aliya’s personality and preparation for Worlds 2013.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

anti-bullying TV spot


“A day at work doesn’t look like this. What about a day at school?”

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Sydney Townsend documentary

“Perfect Balance” Episode 2. Training leading up to Nationals 2013 last June.

A show dedicated to Elite Canadian Gymnastics and the delicate balance between dreams achieved and lives lived to the full.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (19min)

Elite Canada 2014 for Men and Women is coming up Feb 7-9th, Gatineau, Quebec.
Elite Canada
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kid’s book – Tina Tumbles

Danielle Soucy Mills is getting close to the $8000 she needs to publish and distribute a new children’s gymnastics book.

But she needs people to preorder over the next few days.

Click PLAY or watch the promo on kickstarter.

Details on kickstarter.

Hard Way to Success – Julia Bombach

Great episode this month. Julia Bombach has a goal to compete for the Dutch National Team.

English subtitles. Videoproductions by www.sports2visuals.com.

Click PLAY or watch The Hard Way To Success – Episode 10 on YouTube.

She’s competing WOGA.

sports Mom goes too far

Get Me Psyched blog had a widely shared post last week:

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… The coach stood there and stared at me. And then it hit me. And I left like an idiot. I was pushing and pushing my daughter to do something that I actually thought was scary and insane. I wouldn’t get up on the high dive, but I was screaming at my daughter and in the meantime I was ruining my relationship with her because I wanted to be special. I wanted to be supermom. I didn’t realize nor care that my daughter just wanted to have fun. She had no intention of competing in diving.

I looked at the coach, smiled, and said “Well played coach, well played.”

Well Played Coach, Well Played.

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