indiegogo – La Sierra High PE

The goal is to make a documentary about an incredible PE program. To inspire schools to improve the quality of Physical Education.

In 1957 there was no PE program more impressive than the one at La Sierra High. Their results were so amazing that the program captured the attention of President John F. Kennedy, who announced his famous challenge for America to make a “Great National Effort” to become physically fit. Excitement surrounded La Sierra’s PE curriculum. Eventually over 4,000 schools across the nation followed this program.

…until PE programs were subject to budget CUTS and Kennedy’s goal for physical fitness for our children was virtually forgotten. …


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… The rate of obesity among children and adolescents in the United States has nearly tripled between the early 1980s and 2000. It has however not changed significantly between 2000 and 2006 with the most recent statistics showing a level just over 17 percent. …

related – A flood in 2014 shut down the school gym.

Gymnastics Explained – Yurchenko

British Gymnastics, in advance of their Championships, is posting a series explaining skills to the general public. (And Gym parents. :-) )

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There are more on BGtv: Sheep, Pak, Magyar & Silvado, Double Arabian.

Special Needs Gymnastics

Tumbl Trak is proud to introduce our latest work in Special Needs Movement. In collaboration with Occupational Therapists, teachers, parents and students we are learning more every day about the incredible benefits Tumbl Trak equipment offers students with special needs.

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Tumbl Trak is a long time sponsor of this site. I’m proud to be associated with them as an Ambassador. This is the kind of equipment development than more companies should be pursuing.

It’s crazy to put young children on equipment designed for Olympians.

Gymnastics so much MORE than a sport

Here’s an excellent 10min film based on a real story. Inspirational.

“We Are Gymnasts” is the first segment of the 2012 TRC Gymnastics team banquet video.

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Directed and Produced by XDP. All proceeds donated to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

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Why Gymnastics?

Tony Retrosi:

1. Dealing with difficult people
2. Doing a job under pressure.
3. Sticking with a hard task.
4. Ignoring Doubters.
5. Understanding the Boss (i.e. Coach)

10 Reasons to let your child get involved with competitive Gymnastics (or any competitive sport)

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Calgary Gymnastics Centre gymnasts via Brett MacAulay

I love gymnastics


on hand rips

The first time a child rips it’s a big shock. For the gymnast. And Mom.

hand rip

Gym Gab posted a discussion on the topic.

Rips are injuries. To be prevented as much as possible. Smarter gymnasts and coaches suffer fewer rips than the average gym.

Training Bar in a circuit is recommended. The hands cool off during the stations NOT causing friction on the rail.

Using Safety Straps is recommended. More reps, less distress.

Wearing grips is recommended. Gymnasts can start as young as age-7 or 8.

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Gymnastics Life Lessons

Anne Josephson:

Here are 25 lessons that gymnastics (and other sports) brings to us:

1. How to deal with fear
2. How to deal with failure
3. How to get along with others
4. How to manage time
5. How to take criticism


work - life lesson