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Youth Olympic Games qualifications?


African championships is the first of five continental qualifications events this spring for artistic gymnastics …

Each of the five regions can secure a specific number of berths to the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China. The artistic gymnastics competition — for female gymnasts born in 1999 and male gymnasts born in 1997 and 1998 — takes place Aug. 17-24 at the Nanjing Olympic Sports Centre Gymnasium.

The inaugural Youth Summer Olympiad took place in 2010 in Singapore, where Viktoria Komova (Russia) and Yuya Kamoto (Japan) were crowned as the first Youth Olympic all-around champions …

Qualification Begins for Youth Olympic Games

Click through for details on how athletes qualify. Africa, for example, could send 4 MAG, 4 WAG.

On Thursday, Egypt dominated day one of the African championships. In the junior men’s competition, the Egyptian men won the team title over South Africa and Morocco. Egypt’s Ahmeed Youssef (76.000) topped teammate Ahmed Amin (75.133) to take the junior all-around title. South Africa’s Muhammad Khaalid Mia (73.433) won the bronze. …

Egypt can send 1 male gymnast. South Africa one, most likely Muhammad Mia.


Of course those nominations must be approved by the Egyptian and South African Olympic Committees. That’s not guaranteed.

Steve Penny says that USA, again, will not send a female gymnast to YOG. When is Marta going to retire? :-(

#AfricanChamps TV promo

The 12th African Gymnastics Championships in Pretoria is being used — in some cases — to select athletes for Youth Olympic Games 2014. And for Commonwealth Games 2014.

Click the image to watch the video clip.


Mia, featured in that interview, finished 3rd AA in Junior and is up for possible selection to YOGs.

Of course national Olympic Committees must APPROVE any gymnast selected to YOG.

Lais Souza not insured …


The former gymnast paralyzed while training for the winter Olympics is not covered by her sports Federations.

Linked by Ivan Fernandes for WOGymnastika.

Google Translate from the original Portuguese story:

Lais Souza is quadriplegic, someone has to pay for it, and it’s not you.

… Our skier Lais Souza is quadriplegic. … The insurance paid for the operation and treatment. But it will not pay anything more. Because life insurance or disability contracted by the Brazilian Olympic Committee, and the Brazilian Sports Confederation … covers only accidents that happen during the competition, and not during training. …

What will help Lais is money, big money. Now the Brazilian Olympic Committee started a campaign asking financial assistance

… Any idea how much it costs to be a quadriplegic? I’ll kick down a $15 thousand per month, U.S. $180,000 per year. Lais is 25 years old. …

The Olympic Committee is transferring the responsibility … Brazil invests billions in Cup stadiums, and billions more for the Olympics in Rio in 2016, and leaves a young quadriplegic …

… if you can do something for Lais, do:

Agency: 0548-7
Current Account: 0110490-0
Lais Souza da Silva

Lais Souza


• her first interview (Portuguese)

• LIKE the Força Lais: In Support of Lais Souza Facebook page

Thanks Amanda.

rumour – Shawn Johnson & the Donald

shawnThe rumors have been swirling about the possible cast for the seventh season of Donald Trump’s “Celebrity Apprentice,” which will be Season 14 of the franchise overall.

The official cast announcement is set for Thursday, March 20, with the season shooting this spring and airing sometime later this year on NBC. …


If true, I’m not convinced this is a good career move for Shawn. For one thing, Trump is in the IDIOT Hall of Fame.

Recall that Nadia did not fare too well in that show. She was fired.

Canadian Gymnix highlights

Gymnastics Canada:

Ellie Black leads Canadian medal sweep at L’International Gymnix

Rose-Kaying Woo wins junior all around competition at L’International Gymnix

Canadian gymnasts dominate at L’ International Gymnix

Gymnastics Canada is searching for a new National Team Director – Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG).

Kyna Fletcher stepped down in February.

Canadian MAG National Teams

A Team
Scott Morgan, Kevin Lytwyn, Anderson Loran, Ken Ikeda, Robert Watson, Hugh Smith, René Cournoyer, Evan Cruz, Nathan Gafuik, Jayd Lukenchuk

B Team
Jackson Payne, Scott Nabata, Robert Stanescu, Zachary Clay, Samuel Paquin, Josh Stuart, Damian Cachia, Joel Gagnon

Jackson Payne has been away two years in Korea. But plans to be back to try for Rio.

Click PLAY or watch his 2011 Pommels on YouTube.

Jr National Team
Justin Karstadt, Aaron Mah, Samuel Gaudet-Pellerin, Sam Zakutney, Jacob Bonnay, William Black, Ryan Oehrlein, Brad Earl

Gymnastics Canada via email

Karen Cockburn back training

The three time Olympic Trampoline medalist, age-33, wants one more major international competition. :-)

“I currently weigh less then my pre-pregnancy weight,” she said. “My focus in the gym is on regaining my lean muscle mass and improving my power. I started back on the trampoline two weeks ago and it feels great to be in the air again. I am trying to take it slow, as my mind wants to do everything I did before, but my body needs time to adapt to jumping on the trampoline again.”


Karen Cockburn hopes to bow out at Pan Am Games

critical Olympic traits

Garth Rowan:

Here are 9 of the most critical Olympic traits that the rest of us could apply in a crisis:

1) Confidence

That elusive factor that everyone strives for but few can conjure up at will. The fallacy is thinking that someone else can give it to us. Far from it; not even the best coach can hand us that secret. It comes from within, it’s about getting the small things going well and building from there. …

2) A Support network

3) The road map

4) Stay in the “Now”

5) Self assessment

6) Mental toughness

7) Preparation routine

8) Purposeful practice

9) Grab the best behaviour

Crisis Intelligence Blog – Lessons for critical communications from the Sochi Olympics


Darya Domracheva became Belarus’ most successful Olympian of all time on Monday with victory in the biathlon 12.5-kilometer mass start, her record third gold medal of the Sochi Winter Games.

Ashley Wagner face

McKayla Maroney, meet your Winter Olympics counterpart, Ashley Wagner. … Team USA figure skater

As a disappointing score of 63.10 was posted, Wagner’s expression changed from excitement to disgust. …


Mashable – Ashley Wagner’s Angry Face Inspires Olympics Meme

Figure Skating’s Faux-Nudity

Josh Levin:

This is the enduring image of the Sochi Games:

Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova with her palms facing the ceiling, imploring the crowd to cheer her on during the women’s free skate. The home fans complied, helping to lift Sotnikova to a controversial victory over South Korea’s Yuna Kim. Take a closer look at that iconic photo, and you’ll see something else besides Sotnikova’s sly grin. The 17-year-old gold medalist is wearing flesh-colored fabric in three different places: on her upper torso, her hands, and her legs.


The International Skating Union requires that costumes “be modest, dignified, and appropriate for athletic competition” and “not give the effect of excessive nudity.” Griffies uses a stretchy, translucent fabric called nude mesh; he prefers it to the alternative, nude lycra, because it allows you to see a skater’s muscle tone. …

What about the nude gloves that Sotnikova was wearing? Griffies, who was a competitive figure skater before he moved into fashion, explains that most triple-toe-loopers wear gloves in practice to stay warm, as well as to prevent cuts and scrapes (which can arise from falling on the ice or grabbing your blade during a spin). It feels strange to compete without them, Griffies says, so many skaters go with flesh-colored gloves, which make them feel comfortable but don’t distract the judges. …

Sotnikova completed her flesh-colored look with a set of over-the-boot tights. Griffies hates that look—he prefers the classic feel of a bright white skate. (So does Gracie Gold.) Sotnikova and other skaters wear those “OTB tights” for a bunch of reasons: because they supposedly make their legs look longer …

Nude Mesh vs. Nude Lycra: Figure Skating’s Faux-Nudity Secrets Revealed

Hate it. :-(

Putin and Obama – the dance

Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Medal standings:

United States

Putin Obama

Thanks Dana.

Silver Medal Face

Academic studies have found that silver medalists are less happy with their reward than the bronze medalists they’ve outperformed. Third-place finishers are thrilled to be on the podium. Silver medalists—particularly those who’ve just lost championship games—are still in the grip of self-recrimination …


silver medal

David Wise – Super Quad

David Wise (born June 30, 1990) is an American freestyle skier.

On February 18, 2014 he became the first ever men’s Olympic gold medalist in halfpipe.

Click PLAY or watch him training Tramp in an X Games promo on YouTube.

That Super Tramp is made by Max Air. The “original” version was made by Dave Ross at Rebound Trampoline.

(via Trampoline Pundit)