Brenna Dowell returns to Elite

Oklahoma’s head coach K.J. Kindler announced this week that Dowell has decided to take a break from her NCAA career. She will defer for a year to return to elite gymnastics and chase her dreams for a place on the 2015 World Championship team.

“This decision was the toughest choice I have ever made,” Dowell said …

Beam Dreams

Click PLAY or watch her crazy 2014 Bars on YouTube.

Good luck Brenna. :-)

best Komova interview yet

Rewriting Russian Gymnastics posted a translation of an interview by Vladimir Ivanov:

– You came back after a succession of injuries – because you are inspired by the thought of yet another Olympics?

– Not only. I’m also inspired by the thought of going to Baku.

image via RGF/Seda_tutkhalyan_fans on Instagram
image via RGF/Seda_tutkhalyan_fans on Instagram

– What was the most difficult moment during these three years?

– Each of the injuries. After the last one I thought: there is always something happening – it never ends – I’m finished with the sport. But then I realized that for me exercise is like a drug. There is nothing to do but go to the gym. I think I will not be able to give it up until I die.

– What result in Baku will be enough for your self-satisfaction?

– Gold Medal.

– So soon? In the all-around?

– Yes Yes. Probably, I will fight it out with Aliya.

– Elfimov said that you do not need to set new programmes, but just re-establish all the London ones.

– Yes. Although we do have something to add. While I will not say what it is, I hope to show new elements and connections in Baku.

Viktoria Komova – ‘In general, I’m rarely sad’

Canadian Worlds Selection Pool

Damien Cachia – University of Calgary, AB
Zachary Clay – Twisters Gymnastics, BC
Rene Cournoyer – Gymnika, QC
Ken Ikeda – Twisters, BC
Anderson Loran – Taiso, SK
Kevin Lytwyn – University of Calgary, AB
Scott Morgan – Flicka Gymnastics, BC
Jackson Payne – Capital City Gymnastics, AB
Hugh Smith – Halifax Alta, NS
Robert Stanescu – Alpha Gymnastics Academy, ON
Robert Watson – Twisters, BC

Gymnastics Canada via email

@kevlyt nailing his rings routine at the #ArtisticCDNchamps!

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Aly Raisman’s Cosmo interview

It’s Cosmo. It’s a listicle. …

But I still enjoyed this article on Aly Raisman. :-)

14 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Became an Olympic Athlete


Jr CDN Champ Megan Roberts

I really like Megan as a Senior all-arounder for 2016.

In the AA Final at Canadian Nationals Megan had the 3rd highest Junior / Senior combined score55.400 – behind only Ellie and Bella.

She had the highest Vault (15.05) and Floor (14.20) scores over both days Junior / Senior combined.

Click PLAY or watch one of her Vaults on Vimeo.

Click PLAY or watch her Floor on Vimeo.

Click PLAY or watch her Bars on Vimeo.

Megan’s another strong candidate for the Senior team in the Olympic year. :-) Canada has depth.

Read Lauren Hopkins’ analysis of the Canadian scene.

A good number of serious contenders for the team did not compete due to injury. They are out of consideration for the Pan Am team (to be announced June 2nd) but will be home training to qualify for the Worlds team.

Jessica Dowling is still training, in fact. One of my favourite Canadian gymnasts. :-)

Victoria Moors Announces Retirement

My gymnastics career has been a long hall… And now it’s time for me to retire as a professional gymnast.

It’s been a tough road for me and I’ve been faced with some challenges that i just couldn’t overcome.

This sport has taught me so much about myself and life itself. I’ve made so many amazing friends that i know will stick by my side for my whole life and I know I will stick by theirs.

My love for this sport will truly never end and I will continue to inspire young athletes to be the best person/athlete that they can be.

This has been one of the toughest decisions that I’ve had to make but I have to look out for myself and do what’s best for me.

I would like to thank my friends, fans, coaches and my family who have stood by my side throughout my whole career I wouldn’t of been where I am without you thanks so much for believing in me and understanding this tough decision.


Click through to GymternetVictoria Moors Announces Retirement


Tori has had a fantastic career. One of the great Canadian gymnasts of all time.

Flanders International results

1 Flavia Saraiva Brazil 55.800
2 Rebeca Andrade Brazil 55.350
3 Marine Brevet France 55.050

1 Nina Derwael Belgium 56.050
2 Tabea Alt Germany 54.750
3 Maike Enderle Germany 54.350

Sr Team qualification
1 Brazil 221.350
2 Germany 216.500
3 France 215.650

Jr Team qualification
1 Germany 214.800
2 France 214.500
3 Great Britain 211.350

Belgium was 4th in both.


Click PLAY or watch Nina on Bars on YouTube. (Belgium Championships in April.)

Jr photos

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