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Khorkina – still a bad ass

Svetlana Khorkina, a fierce competitor known as the Diva, won 7 Olympic medals and 20 Worlds medals. She posed for Russian Playboy. Her autobiography is titled “Somersaults in High Heels”.

When her son was born 2011 2005 she refused to name the father.

And she hangs out with bad boys.


Some translated excerpts from a recent interview:

“I was ashamed of the National Team in Beijing”

- Do not you think that the ambitions of the people working in professional sport in recent years have lessened? Fewer and fewer coaches are willing to work toward results with the same level of dedication that you once worked with alongside Boris Pilkin.

– I don’t even know what to say. We have decent coaches and there is a strong tradition in the schools, you just need to somehow work out a system. But you’re right, with Pilkin, we always worked for maximum results; looked for what we could do to win. After my coach passed away, I thought a lot about how lucky I was that fate connected me with him! Because I was refused from the gym. Not only because of my height, by the way, for many other criteria I was also considered a “no.” and Pilkin took me. …

At my last European Championship in 2004, I also competed with an injury – a broken metatarsal bone. I was supposed to be in a cast for 4 weeks but I removed the cast after 1 week and went to go compete. I didn’t understand how I could not do it? It’s my team!

… everyone still loves to talk about how Arkaev was a monster. Yes, he was tough and strict and in addition, he always called a spade a spade – and that’s not always pleasant. But, he got results and Alexandrov was invited back to get results. He did it. After Beijing, who could have imagined that in 2010, our team would have won the team finals at the World Championships for the first time in 19 years, and that Aliya Mustafina would become the all-around champion? …

– What is your impression of the current Russian team?

To be honest, the results sometimes make me feel ill. …

read more on Because Fan is short for Fanatictranslated interview with Khorkina

What can you say to that?

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Arabian full-out to Rudi

Many of the Worlds competitors are on some sort of break. Not Uchimura. He flew home after the banquet and competed all-around.

Not Diego Hypolito.

This guy is mad motivated. What would he need for a medal in Rio?

Something like this new combo.


Hypolito 2 de volta!!!!! Uhuuuuu treino em São Bernardo de volta também rs!!!!!!! Tem copa do mundo na Colômbia!!!!! Então borá treinar uhuuuuuuuu muito feliz

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Svetlana Khorkina in Nanning

Gymnastics Royalty.

One of the TV screenshots posted by wats-good-gabby.


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Australia is back

The Aussies looked super prepared. Very clean. Had smart routines.

With a 7th place finish in Team without former world champion Lauren Mitchell who withdrew last minute after an ankle injury in training, you’d best put the Aussies on the list of teams that will qualify for Rio. Some Down Under had doubts.


See more Australia photos on Couch Gymnast.

Nadia Boyce, the photographer, is posting the other nations as well on the Couch Gymnast 2014 Worlds Pictures page.

USA dominates Worlds 2014

Great meet. Though not without errors.

1. USA–179.280
2. China–172.587
3. Russia–171.462

4. Romania–170.963
5. Italy–169.023
6. Great Britain–168.495
7. Australia–165.988
8. Japan–165.422

Now with strong Bars, team USA is a few falls ahead of the best of the rest, even if they hit.


In 2011, Team USA won the gold by 4.082.
In 2012, Team USA won gold by 5.426.
In 2014, Team USA won gold by 6.693.

Everyone needs study the U.S. system. They are doing most everything right.

What can other nations emulate?

I’m happy Canada is adopting the U.S. age group program. A bigger base is one of their secrets to success.

Worlds prelims Team ranking


1 USA 235.038
2 CHN 230.753
3 RUS 228.135
4 GBR 224.596
5 ITA 222.459
6 JPN 221.360
7 ROU 219.161
8 AUS 218.034

Top 8 compete in the Team Final. The Aussies are celebrating.


Top 24 move on to World Championships 2015 in Glasgow.



Elegant Vasiliki MILLOUSI (GRE), 30, ranked first in the subdivision’s All-around standings with 53.933

Greece also celebrated their 24th-place overall finish, which secured them the last position for the 2015 World Championships in Glasgow.

My friends from Colombia are 25th at this point :-( , the alternate if any of the top teams are unable to attend.

full results

CHN, JPN, ITA photos

1980 Olympic all-around champion Elena Davidova is one of the Vault judges. She coached Kristina Vaculik to Olympics 2012.



Nastia and He Kexin


Brazil impresses at Worlds

Gym Blog Brazil called the team’s chances to qualify for the top 8 a DREAM.

But the Olympic host nation was fired up today. Last minute replacement Diego Hypólito looked fantastic on Floor with 15.900. I’m sure you’ll see him in the Final. He was World Champion in 2005 and 2007.

Not so old at age-28. :-)

With 348.100, they finished well ahead of UKR 345.540 and.BLR 340.367.

VERNIAIEV Oleg (UKR) leads the AA with 89.230 after the 2nd of 10 flights of competition. He had a fall on Pommels but looked much improved on his weak apparatus, Horizontal Bar.

Olympic Rings Champ ZANETTI Arthur (BRA) went 15.716. He competed Vault and Floor quite well. Respect. Brazil can’t afford to carry a specialist.

Chen Siyi – Floor

Many liked the “Moon River” routine. So I went back to look again.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

When she opened with triple twist punch front, I assumed it was Shang (who uses the same combination). It’s risky. Potential Achilles injury.

1/1-in and double pike are weak, obviously. This Floor is hard, a disadvantage for the lightest girls in the competition.

Overall I was very disappointed with China on Floor. Their plan to compete 3 ½ twist as their BIG trick has not panned out. Only Shang warmed one up, separate from the routine.

When Wang Yan joins Senior ranks next year, she’ll be their most important gymnast. Preparing Floor/Vault specialists is highest priority for Rio.

teach kids not to use the R word

In Canada, our Olympic Trampoline Champion and many others are pushing a campaign called Yellowcard.

Of the 60+ nations I’ve traveled, Canada is least racist. The most ethical. Sport is the best way to educate youth, not school.

Nastia in China

The Olympic Champion from Beijing has arrived. As if on cue, as she stepped into the arena this morning, the organizing committee played the American National Anthem. A rehearsal. :-)

Yang Wei in Nanning

The 2008 Olympic Champion was the last man to beat Uchimuara in the AA.