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USA Pommel history

Dave Demanty on Facebook:

Second in a series of short video slideshows set to music.

Gymnasts include Mark Adams, Glenn Seymour, Tom Weeden, Steve Hug, and Ted Marcy. …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Kacy Catanzaro’s College Coach

Gymnastics coach Vicki Chliszczyk is loving every minute of Kacy Catanzaro’s success at “American Ninja Warrior.”

Watch an interview on WBAL TV.

Ninja gymnast

Kate Richardson – Beam

Dee Dee Foster on Alabama

David Patterson coached the great Dee Dee Foster to become the first Elite gymnast from the state of Alabama, the first gymnast in the State to qualify as a USA national team member.

Dee Foster Worley:

… when I learned Sarah and David were stepping down as one of the most dominant coaching tandems in any sport – and that Dana had been tapped as the new head coach – I cried.

I cried for the 35 years Sarah and David have been in my life, teaching me to properly steward my gifts and my womanhood.

I cried because I know that Sarah’s passionate commitment to the University of Alabama gymnastics program is an eternal flame that will never extinguish.

I cried because David, who is one of the best coaches that has ever or will ever grace the planet, will end his gymnastics coaching career as he lived it: humbly in the background, holding everyone up with his quiet might and taking none of the credit for his immeasurable contribution to their success.

I cried because, although I will miss seeing my mentors at the helm, I am almost airborne with joy because my good friend has earned the opportunity of a lifetime.

I cried because I know Dana will be heavily armed with the beautiful burden of continuing a legacy of – not just excellence – but supremacy.

I cried because I can see what’s ahead for my good friend. And it’s the same thing that’s always been ahead for her: a steady, sturdy, next-level rise and a long, fruitful trailblazing journey.

Roll Tide.

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David, Dee Dee, Sarah

Dee was the 1985 USA National All-Around champion. The first African-American gymnast to compete for the Crimson Tide.

Men’s NCAA alumni database

… Your information is completely confidential and will not be used for any reason other than initial correspondence from the CGA Men’s Gymnastics Executive Committee. The purpose of this database is for communication and assessment.

As a result of the past 30 year trend of discontinuing men’s programs, many in our gymnastics community have been lost, beat down and disheartened. We intend to fix this problem, change the landscape and unite all collegiate gymnastics alumni & friends. We appreciate your support with this initiative and please feel free to spread this form to any and all members of the past and present NCAA gymnastics community.

Please contact Mike Burns (burns265 (a) umn.edu) with any questions you may have about this database. It is our new mission to Preserve, Protect and Build for the future generations of gymnasts & fans.

database registration

Though I’m not an alumni, I was able to add my name to the list of supporters as a “fan”.

Kacy Catanzaro crushes Ninja Warrior


2014 Dallas Finals | American Ninja Warrior

Kacy Catanzaro shocks the ANW universe once again and becomes the first woman in history to qualify for Mt. Midoriyama.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Kacy is a former Towson University gymnast.

‘Bama after Sarah Patterson

Balance Beam Situation posted the most nuanced reaction I’ve seen so far:

… I was completely caught off guard by this one, and it comes with more of a sour note and less of a celebratory one than we’d usually have for the retirement of a member of the coaching Mount Olympus because it’s clear she’s not retiring of her own choice. As outlined in the announcement, a series of knee replacement surgeries will take her out of action for the next year, so she has decided to give herself a medical retirement rather than redshirt the season. …

The head coaching legends are abandoning us. We do have Marsden now and forever, and D-D Breaux signed a new contract, so they’re still flying the flag for the 3-decade team. …

And now we have so much more to talk about when it comes to Alabama and 2015. All eyes on the Tide.

There was already a workable chain of succession in place at Alabama, and assistant Dana Duckworth will now take over as the head coach. …

The world won’t be expected of Dana right away. She’ll have some leeway, and if Alabama is able to keep this string of top finishes going in the 2015 season, that will be seen as a bonus. …

The End of a Sarah

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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Sarah Patterson Steps Down


This is a shocker.

… I have decided to step down from the only job I have ever known since graduating from college,” Patterson said. “This is something I have tried to postpone but, through ongoing consultation with my physicians, it has become evident that surgery to replace both knees is necessary. My physician shared with me that it will be a year or more before I am back to a normal lifestyle.”

Patterson, who led Alabama to six NCAA Championships, winning the first in 1988, has been battling degenerative issues in both knees for several years. …

Roll Tide – Legendary Alabama Gymnastics Coach Sarah Patterson Steps Down


Two-time NCAA balance beam champion Dana Duckworth has been named head coach of the University of Alabama gymnastics team, Director of Athletics Bill Battle announced Tuesday.

Roll Tide

via @GymCastic

SEC coaches – “Sarah & Suzanne”

Watch that documentary on the great rivalry between the Alabama and Georgia head coaches on College Gymnastics Board. (52min)

Sarah Suzanne

Florida Gators summer

Marissa King updates us on what’s happening in Gainsville.

What do the 2 time defending NCAA Champions do during the off season?

Plenty of conditioning. Plenty of fun.

Lindsey Lemke from R-Athletics

Region 5 Gymnastics Insider via Kim Janowicz:

Cool Senior Video of Lindsey Lemke from R-Athletics. The video was filmed and edited by Captured Productions. Thank you Lindsey for all you have done for Region 5 and we wish you luck at UNC.

Click PLAY or watch it on Vimeo. (6min)

2014 R-Athletics Lindsey Video from Captured Productions on Vimeo.

Kim Jacob wins the Honda

KimA stunned Kim Jacob smiled brightly Monday night as she was presented the 40th annual Honda Cup as the Collegiate Women Sports Awards Athlete of the Year in Los Angeles during the live awards broadcast on the CBS Sports Network.

Jacob, the 2014 NCAA All-Around Champion and the Honda Award winner for the sport of gymnastics, was one of 12 women from 12 different sports under consideration for the prestigious accolade that honors the best collegiate NCAA Division I female athlete in the nation over the past academic year. …

Jacob is just the third gymnast in the history of the award to win the Honda Cup, following Missy Marlowe (Utah, 1993) and Courtney Kupets (Georgia, 2009). …

Roll Tide

Chalk it Up – the movie

It’s happening.

CHALK IT UP is a family-friendly feature film that will make you laugh-out-loud and love the sport of gymnastics.

They are doing another round of fund-raising on indiegogo. Click through to watch a preview of the movie.

Tryouts for the NEW Harvard women’s Gymnastics team. :-)