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Florida, Oklahoma, L.S.U.

The official 2015 Preseaon Coaches’ Poll is out.

1 Florida 756 (19)
2 Oklahoma 746 (8)
3 L.S.U. 689 (2)
4 Alabama 669
5 UCLA 618 (1)
6 Utah 604 (1)
7 Georgia 596
8 Michigan 540
9 Nebraska 531
10 Stanford 525
11 Oregon State 413
12 Auburn 364

See the top 25 on College Gym Fans.


Gator Zone – Defending NCAA champion Florida gymnasts top 2015 GymInfo Preseason Poll

Balance Beam Situation:

I’m with them on the top 3, as I think pretty much everyone would be. I too would place Florida just ahead of Oklahoma because, even though Florida has lost a few more significant scores than Oklahoma, they’re also bringing in a stronger freshman class. Still, there’s very, very little between the teams as it stands now—it’s basically a dead heat until we see competition routines …

1. Florida
2. Oklahoma
3. LSU
4. Alabama
5. Utah
6. Stanford
8. Georgia
9. Nebraska
10. Auburn
11. Michigan
12. Oregon State

2015 Preseason Coaches Poll and Commentary

Peszek, Wieber cameos on Full Out

MCS Maria:

The movie is the real life story of UCLA gymnast, Ariana Berlin, who as a teenager was one of the top junior olympic (JO) athletes in the country. At thirteen, Ariana and her mother were involved in a near fatal car accident that left her unable to do gymnastics. She became an accomplished hip-hop dancer and later became a walk on to the Bruins’ gymnastics team …

The movie has no official release date yet …

Samantha Peszek and Jordyn Wieber on the Set of Full Out

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Dave Eby 1974

Now that’s a tuck position. :-)

NCAA – feet apart on landing

One of the bigger scoring complaints that gets tossed around during the NCAA season is about landing stuck dismounts with feet apart. Are the judges taking this deduction? Should it be a deduction? Should it be a deduction only for the school I want to lose?

So, I thought people might be interested in the clarification given by the joint technical committee this spring (which can be found in a recent newsletter if you want to read the whole thing).

Regarding landings on vault and dismounts on uneven bars and balance beam: No deduction applied for landing with feet a maximum of hip-width apart, provided that they join (slide) the heels together on the controlled extension. If the entire foot/feet are sliding or lifted off the floor to join, it is considered a small step and a deduction of up to 0.10 would be applied. Landing with feet further than hip-width apart will receive a 0.10 deduction. A deduction of up to 0.10 would be applied for landing with feet staggered (one foot in front of the other).

Keep in mind that when a deduction is “up to,” the full “up to” value is almost never taken in NCAA. Otherwise, the scores would be more like JO. …

Balance Beam Situation


American Men’s University Gymnastics since 1898

Jerry Wright compiled a list of all American Universities that have “at sometime, since 1898, fielded a men’s varsity gymnastics team (some teams were probably club teams and not varsity)”.

See the list on CGA.RoadToNationals.com

College Gymnastics

Thanks Ono.

Oklahoma #1 in NCAA coaches poll

The College Gymnastics Association (CGA) released their official Pre-season Coaches Poll for the 2015 season on Nov 30, 2014. The poll is the result of a survey of Head Coaches from all NCAA varsity teams as well as college club teams listed with the association.

Topping out the top five were Oklahoma (326 points), Michigan (318 points), Ohio State (292 points), Stanford (291 points), and Illinois (269 points).

See the full rankings on the NEW official home page of Men’s College Gymnastics – CGA.RoadToNationals.com

They’ve partnered with the excellent RoadToNationals.com on that. I’ll be linking to NCAA results via that link on the top of the home page throughout the 2015 season.


LSU’s upgraded training facility

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via College Gymnastics Board)

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NCAA Road to Nationals | MAG home page CGA.RoadToNationals.com

Cal Men’s Gymnastics 2015

Fun edit. Watch for coach McClure dancin‘.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Sarah Finnegan to LSU

The rumours were true.

The LSU gymnastics team added one of the nation’s top recruits when Sarah Finnegan signed her National Letter of Intent with the Tigers Monday. …

… Finnegan is a senior international elite gymnast who served as an alternate for the U.S. Gymnastics Olympic team, known as the “Fierce Five,” that won gold at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. …

“I have to give a lot of credit to (LSU associate head coach) Jay (Clark) because he has worked so hard in his consistent, tenacious effort to recruit the best gymnasts to LSU. Sarah certainly fits in that category along with our other signees Lexie Priessman, Julianna Cannamela, McKenna Kelley and Kaitlyn Szafranski.” …

They will enroll at LSU in 2015 and compete as freshmen for the Tigers in the 2016 season. …


LSU Sports

A record tying eight LSU gymnastics meets will be televised during the 2015 season, ESPN and the Southeastern Conference office announced ….

The stars are aligning for LSU. How long could it be before they win a National Championships?

Click PLAY or watch highlights from their Nov 7th mock meet on YouTube. A little rough, I thought.

(via GymCastic)

2015 NCAA gymnasts sign

Balance Beam Situation:

Ah, yes. NLI week. The time of year where schools can finally publicly acknowledge what they’ve known for the last 3-5 years and announce which gymnasts will be joining their teams for the 2015-2016 season. …

Just to review, NLI stands for National Letter of Intent

NLI Week 2015-2016

Click through to see the list of top schools.

“We are thrilled about our 2015 recruiting class,” said UCLA head coach Valorie Kondos Field.

“With the addition of Macy Toronjo, Madison Kocian and Simone Biles, we are bringing in not only talent but a lot of competitive experience and rock-solid character.

… Simone Biles is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, recruitable talent in NCAA history. Her explosive gymnastics and energetic personality are contagious and are elements we’re hoping will permeate throughout our team.

All three of these student-athletes are great gymnasts who have strong personal character and represent all that UCLA Gymnastics has been built on.”


Biles and Kocian plan to defer enrolment until after the 2016 Olympics.

Larry G Nassar adds important commentary:

I have a love/hate relationship at this time of the year.

I love seeing all the seniors finally signing their college letters to confirm their NCAA Gymnastics dreams!! I search facebook and instagram looking for all the pictures and praises!!

I hate thinking how horrible it is for all those seniors that were injured or just needed one more year to be at the level needed to do college gymnastics. But, here they sit, with no scholarship since the NCAA schools have tied up their scholarships with 8th and 9th grade children. There is just something wrong with that. Just not right. Makes me sad.

Champions are made …

11yr-old golfer commits to NCAA

Brad Dalke was 12 years old in the summer of 2010, and entering the seventh grade, when he announced a verbal commitment to play college golf at Oklahoma.

Dalke has been trumped by a full year. Last month, 11-year-old Ben James of Milford, Conn., told Connecticut head coach Dave Pezzino he plans to carry a UConn bag beginning in the fall of 2021. …

James Golf

Golf Week – 11-year-old commits to Connecticut

How much stupider can this get?

Can I verbally commit my unborn daughter to compete for OSU?