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Julia Sharpe is amazing

Dips and Handstand @ 35 Wks Pregnant with Twins

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Dvora Meyers linked to that. And posted a profile feature on NY Magazine’s The Cut:

You started out in women’s gymnastics and then made the switch to men’s club at MIT. When and why did you make the switch from the balance beam to the rings?

I made the switch to men’s gymnastics after NAIGC Nationals in the spring of 2012. There were several reasons that I decided to switch. The MIT team only sent two male gymnasts to Nationals that year, and it seemed like the team was disappearing (like so many men’s programs these days), so I wanted to help keep it going.

I was also craving a new challenge. Women’s gymnastics at the NAIGC club level uses Level 9 rules [which are less demanding than varsity-level gymnastics rules], so my routines were very watered-down so that I could be super-clean and score well … In men’s gymnastics, I was able to go back to the basics and learn so many new things just from the other people on the team. In women’s gymnastics, I could maybe learn one new skill per year, but in men’s I was learning new skills all the time. …

Meet the Mom Who Competes in Men’s Gymnastics

Springfield College administration once disallowed her to compete. Because of gender. :-( They are lucky she didn’t sue.

Utah 2015 Season Highlights

Do you miss NCAA Gymnastics? Summertime sadness?

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(via Greg Marsden)

Robert Ladanyi to Denver

Robert Ladanyi, former University of Florida assistant coach, will be the next University of Denver women’s gymnastics assistant coach, head coach Melissa Kutcher-Rinehart announced Monday. …

Ladanyi will begin coaching with the Pioneers on July 1, taking over for former DU assistant coach Carl Leland, who announced his retirement in April.

Denver Pioneers

Rachael Lukacs – Yurchenko double twist

Rachael Lukacs of North Stars wins Junior C with 38.375.

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Rachael is going to Georgia.

The Junior Olympic National Championships is the culmination event for the competitive season. The competition features eight age divisions (Junior A, Junior B, Junior C, Junior D, Senior A, Senior B, Senior C and Senior D), which are determined by birth date. …

USA Gymnastics has eight regions, and the top seven gymnasts from each region’s Regional Championships advanced to nationals. The top four all-around athletes in each age division also qualify to the 2015 Junior Olympic National Team and are invited to attend a National Training Camp at the USA Gymnastics National Team Training Center at the Karolyi Ranch, a U.S. Olympic Training Site, in Huntsville, Texas. …


Alicia Boren – Bars

Alicia Boren of North Stars wins Senior D: with 38.800.

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Alicia is going to Florida.

Macy Toronjo – Floor

Powerful. Flexible. Miss Val is going to work wonders with this future Bruin. :-)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (9.825 too high)

From Texas Dreams, Macy won the Senior C all-around with 38.650.

(via UCLA Gymnastics)