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Georgia Gymnastics intro

Video scoreboard intro for the 2014 Georgia Gym Dogs vs Florida

Georgia Gym Dogs Hype: So Sick from Georgia Gymnastics on Vimeo.

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Glenville – Acrobatics & Tumbling


GLENVILLE, W. Va. – Glenville State College … announced the addition of Acrobatics & Tumbling as the College’s 13th varsity sport. In addition, Amber King has been named the program’s first head coach …

Glenville State … is a member of the Mountain East Conference, an NCAA Division II-affiliated conference …

Intending to begin competition in 2016, Glenville State becomes the 12th member of the NCATA, further bolstering the presence of the sport in the Mountain State as the third member from the state of West Virginia, joining Alderson-Broaddus College in Phillipi, and Fairmont State University in Fairmont. …


Glenville State College Adds Acrobatics & Tumbling

related – what is “Acrobatics & Tumbling”?

NCAA Vault – a stick contest

Since College judges do not much reward height, distance or body position, getting a good score is pretty much determined by the landing.

Click PLAY or watch Utah training landings on YouTube.

hmm … Victoria Moors at UCLA?


Some of the UCLA crew is in Toronto as the new Gymnastics movie is being filmed there.

Real Val and fake Val (Jennifer Beals) ????

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Two 2 UCLA Olympians (@jordyn_wieber @samanthapeszek) are visiting Toronto, as well.

LSU training

Here’s a chance to see their upgrading facility.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via College Gymnastics Board)

Jennifer Beals as Miss Val

BealsJennifer Beals has joined the cast of Sean Cisterna’s Full Out, a inspirational sports movie based on the true story of Ariana Berlin, a California gymnast …

Beals will play UCLA gymnastics coach Valorie Kondos Field, who helped Berlin return to her school’s gymnastics team and win an NCAA championship. …

The ‘Flashdance’ star plays a UCLA coach alongside co-star Ana Golja of ‘Degrassi’ fame

Hal Frey dead at 90

Hal Frey was the ‘indispensable man’ for Cal and USA Gymnastics,” said former Golden Bear Ron Bell (’79). “He was a powerhouse coach and motivator, a keen organizer, a visionary inventor and masterful showman and promoter of gymnastics. Dr. Frey, as we liked to call him, was as close as one could come to perpetual motion. He created an environment at Cal where young motivated men could reach their potential and beyond, where champions were inevitable.”

Frey served the Golden Bear gymnastics program for more than four decades, including 27 years as head coach from 1958-69 and 1971-83 …

“Dr. Frey came into the gym every couple of weeks during my first few months on the job,” said Cal head coach Brett McClure. “I could instantly see the joy he had watching the guys train and how proud he was of the team. We will continue his legacy as he had hoped and continue the excellence he created here at Cal. He will be deeply missed by the entire gymnastics community.” …

“Hal Frey was a great example for me,” said former head coach Barry Weiner. “Not only did Hal have an excellent record evidenced by his USAG Hall of Fame career, but his love of Cal was infectious. …

Former Gymnastics Coach Dr. Hal Frey Passes Away

Dr Frey
photo via Dave Demanty

Hal Frey was one of my first Gymnastics Summer Camp directors.

Rest in peace.

105th annual Gymnastics Exhibition

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. — Nearly 100 student gymnasts and dancers will participate in one of the oldest traditions on the Springfield College campus. The college will host its 105th Gymnastics Exhibition Show, “Motion and Film,” in two performances Friday, October 17 and Saturday, October 18th ..

Stephen Posner, men’s gymnastics coach at Springfield College, said those who see the show are in for a treat. …


Springfield College Gymnastics show upholds century-old tradition

Sean Senters – triple twisting Yurchenko

UCLA facility upgrade

The Bruins have launched a crowdsourced fund-raising campaign to raise their training equipment up on to platforms to simulate the podium used at NCAA Championships.

$150,000 in 30 days. That should be no problem with their rich & famous fan base. :-)

Hopefully injuries will be reduced, as well.

details here

Ariana Berlin – the movie

Ariana Berlin’s comeback story was made for Hollywood: Nearly-fatal car accident ends a young girl’s Olympic gymnastics aspirations. Girl turns to dance but does not give up her other dream of competing for the UCLA Gymnastics team. Girl gets an opportunity to make the team at UCLA and ends up becoming an All-American.

… art is now imitating life, as Berlin’s story is being turned into a movie called Full Out.

Learn more about Berlin’s story in the third installment of UCLA’s “I Am” series: “I Am … Full Out: The Ariana Berlin Movie”.


Ariana Berlin with Ana Golja, the actress who will play Ariana.


Watch a promo video on UCLA Bruins.

Brenna at Oklahoma

NCAA fans rejoice. :-)

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Silvia Colussi-Pelaez OSU

Oregon State Gymnastics sophomore Silvia Colussi-Pelaez transferred from Florida to Oregon State University. A former international gymnast for Spain, check her Bars.

Silvia’s sister, who trains at Manjak’s in Toronto, will join OSU next season.