Arizona athletic directors try Gymnastics

Athletic Director Greg Byrne and Associate Athletic Director John Mosbach. :-)

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new recruit at Cal

This guy trying to break into the Cal Vault line-up. :-)

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goal – no racism in sport

There are not many coaches left who feel gymnasts with African heritage – who get a chance to train gymnastics – are at a disadvantage. :-)

Sport is an environment where EVERYONE should have an equal chance for success.

Right now a VIDEO on racism at the University of Alabama is being shared online. Fraternities and sororities are still a problem.

I’ve not heard anyone complain about racism on the University of Alabama Gymnastics team.


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Wilbur Jackson was the first black football player signed by the University of Alabama 1970 by Bear Bryant. That worked out pretty well for the legendary coach.

Though the former slave States are ASSumed to be the most racist it turns out that’s not true based on one study.

racist States

Coaches can take pride in the fact that we help break down societal barriers.

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Olympic sports in the NCAA

There’s a real risk American Universities would drop ALL sports aside from football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball … if they were allowed. Right now they must offer at least 14 sports in order to compete Division I.

Here’s one positive new idea.

The U.S. Olympic Committee has once again begun the process of trying to confront the prospect of NCAA Division I schools dropping sports for financial reasons.

But this time, instead of forming a committee or just talking about the issue, the USOC is seeking applicants for a new job: director of collegiate partnerships. The position will entail, among other tasks, working with national sports governing bodies and the NCAA “to develop actionable plans to reduce expenses associated with sponsoring sports” while maintaining quality experiences for college athletes …

USOC initiative works to sustain Olympic programs at NCAA level

Sam Michigan

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NCAA gymnasts signing National Letters of Intent

Gymnastike is updating a master list of gymnasts signed who could join their college team in the fall of 2016.

Class Of 2016 NLI Signees

Schools are still announcing, one-by-one.

future Florida Gators
future Florida Gators

Alaina Kwan to Kentucky

Alaina Kwan, daughter of 1984 Olympic diver Andy Kwan, is going to be a Wildcat.

On September 30, 2015, International Gymnast Magazine announced that Alaina and All Olympia Gymnastics Center elite teammate, Kylie Dickson, had joined the Belarussian National Gymnastics team; despite having no affiliation to the country. …

This sparked outrage from gymnastics fans …

I doubt we’ve heard the end of that issue. My guess is that FIG Executive will be revisiting the requirements for change of nation status.

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NCAA Signing Day

Balance Beam Situation:

National Letter of Intent … signals an end to the recruiting process by confirming a gymnast’s commitment to attend the school in question. Once a gymnast signs an NLI, the choice of school is official, unlike the previously announced verbal commitments that can and do change. …

Madison Copiak, Michaela Nelson, Maya Washington

This is a good class for Washington, including Copiak, who was the alternate for Canada at Worlds this year …

NLI Week 2016-2017

BBS will be updating that post as press release confirm each school.

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