2016-17 NCAA rule changes

Bekah put together infographics of the (proposed) changes to NCAA Championships.


… Not as Bad as You Think

Click through to see them all. They are NOT all as bad I as I thought.

NCAA – Everything’s Going To Change Now, Isn’t It?

Balance Beam Situation sums up what we’ve heard of the proposed changes to Women’s Collegiate Gymnastics.

• Yurchenko full and Yurchenko 1/2, 9.95 start value.

• On Bars for a 10.0 start, gymnasts will be required to show one of these:

1) a D same-bar release

2) any release of E value (Shap 1/2, bhardwaj, etc.)

3) minimum of two D releases
… routines with a bail and a Shap are also still fine.

4) minimum of two E skills

• No apparatus finals at Championships

• Championships competition Friday and Sunday

Click through for his commentary – Everything’s Going To Change Now, Isn’t It?

Read Southern Utah coach Scott Bauman‘s opinion. (He’s not happy.)

Read Greg Marsden‘s opinion. He’s REALLY not happy.

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Region 3 College Bound showcase

Today at WOGA – Frisco, TX

Gymnasts must be a Level 10 having qualified to Regionals in 2014 or 2015 or a Level 9 having qualified to Westerns in 2014 or 2015. …

Cost is $150 per athlete Includes Region III leotard and inclusion in College Coach Flash Drive …

Region 3 Camp

D-D Breaux is a fighter

Here’s a superb article on one of the most successful and outspoken College coaches all time.

AS SHE HEADS INTO HER 39TH season with LSU’s gymnastics program, most of Breaux’s battles are over.

There is, however, one more thing worth fighting for.

“I want to drop a banner in the PMAC that says ‘national champion,’” Breaux says.

Breaux acknowledged she might think about winning a national championship a little too much. She even suggested her team’s fixation on capturing the program’s first national title was the culprit behind its implosion at the NCAA Semifinals this past season.

Even if Breaux decides to rein in the talk of winning championships, her gymnasts know how badly she wants to take one home. …

LEGENDS ISSUE: D-D Breaux has fought tooth and nail to make LSU Gymnastics what it is today – and what it will be tomorrow


via College Gymnastics Fans

CJ Maestas to Colorado Springs

Finished his degree at University of Illinois, coach Justin Spring is happy to see CJ move to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for focused training towards Team USA and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.


OTC is perfect for the USA. If National Team members want to train at their home gyms or at University, no problem. If they want a dedicated training lifestyle, they have as good a set-up as any National Training Centre in the World.

Right now OTC is packed with high level gymnasts.

South Carolina can bid for NCAA Championships

It’s only a flag. It’s only one flag. But we should celebrate the symbolism of South Carolina taking down a Confederate flag. For some, not all, that flag represents an evil slave society. For some, not all, it’s a symbol of racism.

The NCAA felt that way, for example.

Penn State Men’s Gymnastics

Click PLAY or watch a 2014-15 promo video on YouTube.

Congratulations to my man Wyatt Tyndall, a member of the Canadian Junior National Team, who signed with Penn for next season.

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