Sam Peszek – 9.95 Vault

I think we can call this a STICK. :-)

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LSU 197.350 – 197.225 Alabama

Alabama was seeking its 50th straight home win, but the Tigers halted the streak behind solid routines throughout the meet. Before tonight the last time Alabama lost at home was Feb. 13, 2009 when LSU won …

Gymnastics Beats Alabama; Undefeated in SEC


Oklahoma 457.300 – another new record


When the Sooners broke the record Feb 14th against Michigan, some felt it was just one of those nights when everything went right. That College judges got a little excited in the moment.

But to do it AGAIN Feb 27th. …

It’s nearly impossible for so many guys to hit so many routines so well, two meets in series.

And the first record night had a 6-up/5-count lineup format. This time it was 5-up/5-count!

The top-ranked Oklahoma men’s gymnastics team rewrote history, again, as it topped its own NCAA record on Saturday in a showdown between the nation’s top two teams, defeating No. 2 Illinois 457.300 to 434.200 …

The Sooners were stellar across all events on the night, recording 24 scores of 15 or higher …

NCAA Record Falls for Second Straight Meet

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Oyama sticks the landing on vault for a 15.6! #Sooners lead No. 2 Illinois after four events 305.850-291.950!

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Men’s NCAA Championships goes April 9-11th in Oklahoma.

The Oklahoma women had an OK night too. 197.875 away at Illinois. :-)

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Mackenzie Parker – Floor

Canada Winter Games Finals. BIG tumbling.

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Mackenzie is looking to compete in the NCAA.

15,000+ fans at Utah Gymnastics

Every time someone tells me they tried and failed to market Gymnastics, I respond: “Greg Marsden did. Why can’t you?”

JOHN BRANCH reports:

Utah’s Huntsman Center holds 15,000. But more than that were squeezing in to watch what was, on the schedule, just an ordinary conference dual meet with Stanford. The standing-room-only attendance was announced at 15,202.

The night after the gymnastics meet, Utah’s women’s basketball team played No. 7 Oregon State in the same arena. Official attendance was 788.

Utah gymnastics has the highest average attendance in women’s college sports nearly every year, beating out the likes of Tennessee and Connecticut basketball, Nebraska and Hawaii volleyball, and Alabama and Georgia gymnastics, most of them quite easily. It vaults past professional women’s sports, too, like the W.N.B.A., where top teams hope to draw 10,000.

The gymnastics team, ranked fourth this season, is averaging 14,682 through four meets. That is on pace to break the team record of 14,376 last year, when only 18 Division I men’s basketball teams regularly played in front of bigger crowds. …

… if Utah can sell 7,500 season tickets (ranging from $30 to $120), attract 15,000 fans to a two-hour meet, and essentially break even financially, why don’t more universities do the same thing? …

Utah audience

Alabama’s Sarah Patterson:

“Greg started earliest, and he set the standard,” said Patterson, who started coaching Alabama in 1978. “There were two people I took great advice from at the start of my career. One was Pat Summitt. The other was Greg Marsden.”

Both Marsden and Summitt, the longtime Tennessee women’s basketball coach, stressed the value of marketing the program. …

Georgia’s Suzanne Yoculan:

“If Greg and Sarah and I could stand up and speak to everybody who is a decision-maker at other schools, I think we could convince them to add gymnastics,” said Yoculan, who retired from Georgia in 2009.

Utah gymnastics, with a $750,000 budget, breaks even, the university said, thanks mostly to arena revenues from its meets and booster contributions that cover the 12 scholarships. …

Greg Marsden

NY Times – At Packed Utah Women’s Gymnastics Meets, Marketing Earns High Scores, Too

future Bruins

UCLA should request to field two teams. :-)

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"A storm is Bruin"💙💛🐻// A new version of my Future Bruins edit to include Kyla!😊//PC: Christy Ann Linder

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LSU NCAA Champions?

They were good last season. But the Tigers are even better in 2015.

Rheagan Courville, Jessie Jordan and Lloimincia Hall are all Seniors. It won’t be easy to replace those consistent high scores.

This is the year they need to win it all. :-)

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