Faith & Values Awards – Gabby Douglas Story

I’d never heard of the Faith & Values Awards before, but The Gabby Douglas Story won two awards.

The film won for best TV movie. And Imani Hakim won the Grace Award for TV for her role as Gabby.

Gabrielle Douglas, Asha Bromfield and Imani Hakim
Gabrielle Douglas, Asha Bromfield and Imani Hakim

Imani Hakim (born August 12, 1993) is an American actress.

She is best known for her role as Tonya Rock on the UPN/CW sitcom Everybody Hates Chris as well as portraying Olympic gold medalist Gabrielle Douglas in the 2014 Lifetime original movie The Gabby Douglas Story. …

Sugar = The White Death

Fed Up is a 2014 American documentary film directed, written and produced by Stephanie Soechtig. The film focuses on the causes of obesity in the US, presenting evidence showing that the large quantities of sugar in processed foods are an overlooked root of the problem, and points to the monied lobbying power of “Big Sugar” in blocking attempts to enact effective policies to address the issue.

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Hard Way To Success 2014

A recap of the excellent documentaries of the past year.

This edit features Paul Ziert, Carol-Angela Orchard, Edwin Cornelissen and Brinn Bevan.

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Indian Gymnastics | Making Dreams Alive

Official trailer for a new documentary.

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics is a tough sport. Even tougher in India. These girls face many challenges.

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Full Out budget $1.5 million

According to Jay Deverett, the total budget for the film is approximately $1.5 million, which he said is “higher than average productions by independent film standards, but it’s not a lot.” The producers hope to eventually sell the movie rights to a major U.S. television network.

$1.5M gymnastics movie filmed this week at Oakville club


… As she zoned in on her Olympic goals, 14 year old Ariana Berlin’s life took a sharp turn when she was involved in a debilitating car accident.

Gaining her confidence and movement back through learning hip hop dance, she unexpectedly found herself called back to the gymnastics world thanks to world renowned UCLA Coach Valorie Kondos Field. With Val’s help, Ariana was eventually able to secure a spot on the UCLA gymnastics team and win an NCAA championship …


(via Christy Ann Linder)

Jackie Chan would have been a great gymnast

new Gymnastics film – The Bronze

The Bronze is an upcoming American comedy film directed by Bryan Buckley and written by Melissa Rauch and Winston Rauch. …

Principal photography of the film began in early July 2014 in Amherst, Ohio. Some gymnastics scenes filmed at Sokol Ceska Sin, in Cleveland, Ohio. Sony Pictures Worldwide Acquisitions will release the film in 2015. …

Plot – A foul-mouthed former gymnastics bronze medalist Hope Annabelle Greggory (Melissa Rauch) must fight for her local celebrity status when a young athlete’s star rises in town. …

The Bronze

It will premiere at Sundance 2015.

(via Australian Gymnastics Blog)