Inside Gymnastics Road Trip

– “Inside Gymnastics Road Trip” to Criss-Cross Country on Tour

– Magazine To Be Involved With Dozens of Gymnastics Meets During the 2016 Season

– Event Involvement To Include On-site Presence, Magazine Distribution, Prizes, Coverage and More!

Inside Gymnastics magazine is pleased to announce that it has formed partnerships with dozens of gymnastics competitions across the country for the 2016 meet season. Through a combination of on-site presence with a booth at select stops to bonus distribution of the magazine to promotions and giveaways, the Inside Gymnastics Road Trip will visit cities from Florida to California and everywhere in between. …


Inside Gymnastics

They have a Cheer tour scheduled, as well.

Inside Gymnastics – 50 Most Photogenic

Chris Korotky, Publisher

 I’m very pleased to announce that we’ve selected Eythora Thorsdottir of the Netherlands to grace the cover of our 2016 50 Most Photogenic issue

Cover photo by Grace Chiu.

50 most photogenic

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