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World of Gymnastics magazine


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Though a bit slow to load, this is one of the better online magazine experiences. It includes embedded videos. And links to event websites, Facebook feeds, photos, etc.

Simone Biles – Simply Unstoppable

The October 2014 issue of Inside Gymnastics magazine will feature two-time U.S. Champ Simone Biles in our cover story, Simply Unstoppable! And YOU will decide which picture of Simone graces the cover of the magazine! …

Of the 4 choices, I voted for this one.


Click over to Inside Gymnastics to vote.

Inside Gymnastics cover boy

August Issue cover revealed.

Style. Grace. Charisma. Dance. Emotion. Expressiveness. Where has it gone in our sport?

In this special issue of Inside Gymnastics magazine, we zone in to explore artistry in the sport today. We take a look back at the most artistic eras and also get candid commentary on the state of artistry today, from the NCAA to Elite ranks. Gracing this special throwback cover is Dmitri Bilozertchev, one of the most successful and artistic gymnasts of all time.


Chris Silcox – Parkour

Stunts and tricks in Hollywood.

Horizontal Bar to tramp.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Chris was one of the Inside Gymnastics magazine staff that hosted GymCon USA 2014.

FIG magazine online

Now available free. Worldwide.

Post by FIG.

Personally I’m not a big fan of this magazine format. :-(

World of Gymnastics is better than most. You can link to specific articles. Click through to the Beth Tweddle article, for example. :-)

CrossFit athlete in Vogue

It’s not often you see women with muscle in an issue of VOGUE magazine which is why the profile on Annie Thorisdottir, known as “Iceland Annie”, is a big deal. At least for female athletes and women who with muscle. Annie was sidelined with an injury last year but has her sights set on reclaiming her title (she’s won the CrossFit Games twice) in July. …

Annie Vogue

Hard Body

Annie is a former gymnast.