jump turns

Tired of watching questionable Gymnastics turns?

Dancers Andrei Batalov and Leonid Sarafanov show the real stuff. :-)

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Thanks Vadim.

synchro switch Ring fulls

Nush and Peng prepping for that yet-to-be-announced new Olympic discipline – Sychro Floor Exercise. :-)

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Learning new leaps in synch #obvi @pengpengclee 👯

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Christine is in the pool of gymnasts being considered for the Canadian Olympic Team. Danusia is eligible to compete internationally for Jamaica.

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turning leap drill

Al Fong posted a good drill.

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But our current Code of Points gives far too much reward for these elements. The take-off is often cheated. The landing is usually cheated. And most are simply not pretty to watch. :-(

Eythora Thorsdittor – Beam

Eef van Leeuwen:

… the second Dutch women qualification match for the European Championships 2015 in Montpellier. As in the first qualification, Eythora Thorsdittor won the All-Around.

Thorsdottir scored a massive 57.300 AA after a good competition without any big mistakes. She exhibited some beautifully performed and steady routines for Europeans. …

Couch Gymnast – Dutch Euro Qualification (Part 2)

Eythora shows some fantastic amplitude. :-) Click PLAY or watch her on YouTube.

Carlotta Ferlito – Floor

Increasingly I’m liking routines with only 3 tumbling passes. Like this one.

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Swing Big – leap and jump drills

The Swing Big WAG coaching site has a new look.

Check it out.

Swing Big new look


Here’s a sample post from their Facebook page.

Elisa Meneghini – 5.6 Floor

A judging analysis by sporteverywhere.

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The last two Codes, intending to promote artistry and choreography, instead made turning leaps and jumps, well done or not, compulsory elements. :-(

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