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8yr-old dancer Gavin Morales

This video was turning up so often in my Facebook feed that I finally took the time to watch it.


Choreography by Chris Todar, Dolce Dance Studio, California

Click PLAY or watch it on Superstar.

tour jeté full

It’s really difficult to do twisting leaps well.

The Gym Press on Facebook linked to a good one.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

judging leaps and jumps

SuperDuperJudge has a YouTube channel with many videos of interest to Judges.

One sample, looking at jumps and leaps, measuring split. She judges in the American Jr Olympic program.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

In addition, we need to go back to some sort of system rewarding Virtuosity.

Look how high Pavlova gets her front leg on this switch split, … never mind the awesome Ring itself.

GIF by gifsartist

GIF by gifsartist

(via WOGymnastike)

Elizabeth Vasileva training

Former Rhythmic gymnast Elizabeth Vasileva from Bulgaria.

Amazing stuff.

Click PLAY or watch some floor training on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch some Beam training on YouTube.

related – Elizabeth Vasileva – Beam

how split is Ponor?


Not many human beings can consistently, accurately assess multiple angles like this from where judges are seated.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I have not much faith in the Execution panels at Worlds.

They are guessing.

Computer assistance is easily and inexpensively available.

FIG should be piloting studies on how this could be implemented. Rhythmic needs it most.

Komova out of Worlds

Couch Gymnast and others are reporting that Vika’s doctor decided she needs another month recovery.

This makes Antwerp a whole lot less beautiful. :-(


(GIF by zarariel.tumblr, linked by wogymnastike)

leaps & jumps – back leg drills

Drills posted by Mary Lee.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

LOVE Catherine Lyons

One of the most popular up-and-coming girls on the Gymternet right now. :-)

Catherine is a British gymnast born August 30, 2000. She is the 2012 Espoir British Champion, 2013 English and British AA silver medalist. She also won a silver medal as part of the team at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival (AYOF). …

Catherine trains at Europa Gymnastics Centre under Rochelle Douglas, who is a former British gymnast. Rochelle Douglas is also Catherine’s choreographer. …

Catherine has beautiful form and ridiculous flexibility and is one of the most artistic gymnasts out there. She has the potential to be an excellent All Around gymnast, but for now beam and floor are definitely her best events. …

TCG Junior Watch: Catherine Lyons


(via Korbut Flip)

Yana Kudryavtseva – next GREAT one?

Yana became the youngest gold medalist at the Europeans since Alina Kabaeva won also at 15 years of age. …

Click PLAY or watch her artistry on YouTube.

That’s being shared on Facebook by Artistic Gymnastics coaches.

How much superior are the leaps, jumps and turns in Rhythmic?

Makes our crappy switch split halfs look … crappy. :-(

Xiao Sa – Ring

This gorgeous photo is getting widely shared on social media.

switch Ring

Photo Credit: Gymjiajia – via Blossom