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Jumps and Leaps – Ring drill

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Kacy Catanzaro & the Jumping Spider

Kacy Catanzaro‘s history-making run on this season of “American Ninja Warrior” came to a splashing end at the National Finals episode that aired Monday. The former gymnast fell on an obstacle called the “jumping spider.”


Click through to watch the video. Seems to me it’s nearly impossible for someone 5 feet tall, no matter how good their splits.


She plans on coming back for the next season of American Ninja Warrior.

Komova can change your life


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leap drills


I’m happy to say there will be a lot more original content coming to Swing Big! in the coming months (including today’s video). …

Swing Big

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Washington Ballet dance moves

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why dancers have low ACL injury rates

Kim Shore-Bechard linked to this important video. Must watch.

NYU Langone’s Harkness Center for Dance Injuries (HCDI) performed a study on the biomechanics of jump landing, comparing athletes and dancers to learn more about the incidence of anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries in both groups.

From this study, HCDI has been able to identify training methods that dancers implement early on that can be useful to athletes who experience a higher rate of ACL injuries than dancers.

To learn more about Harkness Center for Dance Injuries, visit http://hjd.med.nyu.edu/harkness

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amazing jump twisting

I’m particularly impressed how he STICKS the dismount.

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Anna Pavlova to Azerbaijan

Blythe Lawrence gives us an update on how tiny Azerbaijan suddenly decided to become an Olympic contender in gymnastics.

fan favorite and newly naturalized Azeri Anna Pavlova, who for the past five years has been overlooked by the Russian team masters for big international competitions, even when she could have potentially medalled on vault, by far her strongest event.

The dynamics of The Pavlova Situation in Russia have never been well explained: Whether the Russian head coaches simply chose to focus on the new generation after Pavlova tore her ACL in 2008 or whether there were issues of attitude problems and/or bad training habits is unknown.

Either way, Pavlova showed up at numerous Russian Championships between 2010 and 2013, performed well on beam, often won vault, and was never selected for major teams. She earned her living competing for foreign clubs, like Haguenau in France, as well as in the German Bundesliga league, before her nationality switch to Azerbaijan was greenlighted by the International Gymnastics Federation late last year. …

Examiner – Grow your own Olympic team

Anna pavlova Switch Ring

Ring leap drill?

radissonclaire posted this GIF.

switch ring

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Nia’s full twisting leap on Beam

mcsmaria linked to this, more fantastic Beam amplitude from Nia Dennis.

Nia Dennis Switch full

Nia Dennis Doing A Switch Full on Beam

CDN Jr AA prelims: Woo, Olsen, Townsend

Woo Woo! :-)

1 Woo, Rose-Kaying 58,500
2 Olsen, Shallon 55,700
3 Townsend, Sydney 55,150
4 Ruttan, Meaghan 54,925
5 Roberts, Megan 54,600
6 Rousseau, Audrey 53,650

full results (PDF)

guess the gymnast

Bekah posted a contest on her Tumblr.

Guess Who

OR … see the answers here.

Thi Ha Thanh Phan (VIE) – Beam

Thi Ha Thanh Phan is the great vaulter who competes for Vietnam.

Turns out she’s fantastic on Beam too.


D 5.9
E 8.125

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

That’s one of the best 1/1 twisting leaps you’ll ever see.

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