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Canadians moving to Jr Olympics


Gymnastics British Columbia has a webpage with resources for Canadian coaches.

Some Canadian Provinces start competing (modified) J.O. this season or last. Some are waiting until September 2015.

BC Gymnastics started September 2014 because 26 competitive clubs in the Province voted unanimously to adopt the JO program, even at the cost of some confusion at the beginning.

Smart decision.

Elisabeth Seitz – Bars

Toe Tkachev tucked.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Nico thinks it would be credited a C-part.

He recalled that release from Free Hip. (VIDEO)

Svetlana Baitova 1987.

Dr Léglise suspended

With regard to sanctions surrounding the Rhythmic Gymnastics Intercontinental Judges Course in December 2012 in Bucharest (ROU) …

Dr Léglise is suspended from his position as Vice President of Acrobatic Gymnastics, and as member of the FIG Presidential Commission until August 31, 2016.

Disciplinary decision: FIG Vice President sanctioned

Léglise was many years responsible for FIG’s Medical and Anti-doping Commissions. I’ve always been disappointed the Medical group has not done a better job intervening to protect athletes.

Canada goes Jr Olympic

by site editor Rick McCharles

I’m thrilled Canada has finally wised-up and adopted the USA Junior Olympic rules for girls.

2012 comparison

I’ve been promoting the idea for years. Wearing an NCAA Gymnastics ballcap much of the time.

The J.O./NCAA competitive structure is the best in the world. Parents, gymnasts, coaches and judges will soon be far happier than we were in the bad old days.

As of September 2014 these Regional Sports Governing bodies are in: ON, BC, NS, NB, NL, PEI, YK. The rest are looking to start Sept 2015.

The biggest downside of J.O., as Marta Karolyi can tell you, is that some talented potential Elites will opt for the easier NCAA route.

I prefer the Canadian MAG and Trampoline structures over the American, by the way. USAG should be studying the Canadian rules.

point your toes

tumbling fwd 3/1, 1/1 to 1/2

Max chasing Kenzo.

Next Code, FIG truly must limit the number of twisting elements that can be counted in one routine. This is not good for the knees.

(via GymCastic+)

Mustafina v Biles

Andy Thorton:

I think the old Mustafina is finally back.

Ever since tearing her ACL at the 2011 European Championships, there’s been something missing from the 2010 world all-around champion’s gymnastics. Although she still managed to win multiple medals at the 2012 Olympics and 2013 world championships, Aliya Mustafina has never quite shown the same fierce competitive confidence that allowed her to dominate the world in 2010 …

With some recent upgrades at this weekend’s Russian Cup, a more confident look on balance beam, and some cleaner tumbling on floor, the Russian just may be inching closer to reigning world champion Simone Biles

Here’s an event-by-event look at the best difficulty scores put up recently by both of these gymnasts – using scores from the P&G Championships for Simone Biles and the Russian Cup for Aliya Mustafina …

Can Mustafina Challenge Simone Biles? An Event-By-Event Look

Click through for details.

Both meets were somewhat over-scored so we may be able to compare apples with oranges this time.

Projected D-scores:

Simone = 25.1
Aliya = 24.4

Ross = 23.3

Both Simone and Aliya could upgrade. Mustafina will almost certainly up her Bars start score, though perhaps not until Apparatus Finals.

My advice to Valentina :-), however, would be to ask Aliya to go clean. Try to stay within 1 fall of Simone’s final AA score. Simone may not be able to win with a fall in 2014. She finished 0.9 ahead of Kyla in 2013.

linked by RRG

linked by RRG

Madison Kocian – Bars

Click PLAY or watch it on Gymnastike.

Watch more videos on Gymnastike

Maddie has BIG goals on Bars too. No doubt she’s training upgrades. :-)

Ashton Locklear – Bars

Ashton Locklear won gold with this gorgeous routine. She was originally awarded a 6.1 difficulty score but after an inquiry, it was raised to a 6.4. Her final score was a 14.975.

Click PLAY or watch it on Gymnastike.

Watch more videos on Gymnastike

Ashton’s been astonishingly consistent. Her ticket to Worlds is pretty much a lock at this point.

She’s improving, as well.

Recall her 9.1 over-scored execution routine from the Secret? (VIDEO)

Today’s Final is far cleaner, though she still has conspicuous deductions.


Let’s assume there are 2 Chinese gymnasts and 2 Russian gymnasts in the World’s Bar final.

Four spots are left open?

Will Ashton get one of those?

It’s certainly possible. There will be quite a few gymnasts with the goal to qualify for the Bar final in Nanning. The top 2 American routines will be in the fight.

But … sooner or later judges are going to stop rewarding routines composed mostly of Shaposh variations and Stoop Stalders. Truly harder routines will be scored higher, IF the gymnasts hits. Two somersault releases or more. Rebecca Downie (VIDEO), for example.

Gymnasts who use a wide variety of types of skills to achieve their start score should be rewarded. Nastia in Beijing, for example.

FIG WTC should count only 1 Shaposh variation in the next Code. Perhaps devalue the Stoop Stalder, as did MAG years ago.

Jason MacDonald had an important comment:

As she keeps performing the way she is and gaining that confidence in her routine I think she could be a major player on bars at worlds. In terms of difficulty she has skills she is not using and this routine probably will be different come 2015. Check out her Ricna at 3:38 of Everest’s Workout Wednesday.

Jason tells that Ashton trains plenty of routines with the 2nd release. I’m hoping she’ll use that when she needs it. Possibly in the Worlds Bar Final. :-)

Mykayla Skinner – Floor

Highest score Day 1 Pan Ams.


Click PLAY or watch it on Gymnastike.

Watch more videos on Gymnastike

Score looks low to me. On the other hand, perhaps the judges were as tough on everyone. No scores above 14.0.

Maria Kharenkova – Beam

16.2/17.0 ??

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Maria had the highest Beam score of the year, so far, according to TAA – 15,600.

That routine went 16.200.

Too high?

(via GymCastic)

Marcus Cheatham on that link credits the start score as 6.5.

Perhaps some kind of Russian bonus is included in the 17.0.

Flavia Saraiva v Seda Tutkhalyan

Youth Olympic Games Finals – FLOOR:
1. Flavia Saraiva (BRA)- 13.766 GOLD
2. Seda Tutkhalyan (RUS)- 13.733 SILVER

3. Ellie Downie (GBR)- 13.466 BRONZE

Flavia is getting raves for her personality and choreography. Should she have won the Gold at YOGs?

Click PLAY or watch Flavia Saraiva on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Seda Tutkhalyan on YouTube.

(via Let’s Talk Gymnastics)

Alyssa Baumann – Beam

Pretty. :-)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

15.150 (5.9, 9.250)

Beautiful Gymnastics felt that E-score was too high. But I’m happy to see such fluid movement rewarded.