Komova montage

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She has great form. Like Courtney McCool.

It’s impossible to accurately and consistently reward “artistry” in Artistic Gymnastics. But if the judges simply did not deduct those gymnasts with feet together, legs together, hands on shins (not thighs) … artistic gymnasts like Komova would be rewarded.

In 2015 gymnasts with great form and line do not get much credit over those who don’t. :-(

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the Leyva on P Bars

Giant 1/1 to one bar.

Great idea. He was credited an E-part and will like have the skill named. But I’m not sure I want to credit the one he competed at Doha. Not enough control in the final handstand.

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D 6.700 + E 8.600 = 15.300 (4th)

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how FIG values new elements

Experts sit in a room and discuss. Come up with a preliminary value. The full Men’s Tech Committee need to ratify the recommendation. Then it’s officially posted in an MTC newsletter.

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In this case they were submitted for Leyva and Dalton at Doha.


MAG has historically done a good job. WAG has been wildly inconsistent and hilariously wrong over the decades. The current Code still has two different spellings for the name of this legend:

Schuschunova (Bars)
Schuschunova (Floor)

Shushunova (Beam)

It’s Shushunova in wikipedia. Shushunova in the IG Hall of Fame.

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Laura Jurca – Bars

Coach Lucian Sandu often seems to touch the gymnasts while spotting in competition. I appreciate his caution, but any brush should be a deduction. This is not the first time this issue has come up.

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Eythora Thorsdottir – artistic Beam

How can you measure artistry?

You can’t. It’s too subjective.

But if a gymnast still looks beautiful while wobbling, she’s artistic. :-)

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Kelly Simm – Tkachev Tkachev

If you want to see interesting Bars, look to the U.K.

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Coach M reminds that it was the great Elise Ray (USA) who first competed 2 Tkachev skills in series.

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That’s the kind of connection that should be rewarded more. :-)

Kelly was 3rd AA, 2nd on Vault and 1st on Floor. :-)

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Aly Raisman on “body shaming”

Our Olympic Floor Champion is very well spoken. A leader and role model.

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related – Aly Raisman will grace the cover of the April issue of Inside Gymnastics.