WAG Code of Points app


Android only, for now. Apple version in the works.

Filter all 500+ elements from the Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Code Of Points by apparatus, difficulty value and element group.


It’s called Gymnastics Code of Points (WA) in the Google PLAY store.

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Thanks Ben.

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Shatilov – Walstrom on H Bar

Yamawaki with a 1/1.


It's time for a party! @yairshechter

A video posted by Alexander (@alexander_shatilov) on

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Owen Walstrom was a Canadian gymnast, a teammate of the great Philippe Delasalle.

The original “Wally Whirl” looked nothing like this, however. It was more of a barrel roll over the bar. :-

Shatilov can swing. :-)

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via Nico on GymFever2012

2 million points on Pommels

I have NO idea what this is about.

Someone please enlighten me. :-)


Update. These are characters from the TV show American Dad. Thanks Hutch.

TumbleTally 2.0 for Android

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skills added to the WAG Code

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British boys under age-14

2014 British U12 and U14 Championships.

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As much as I admire the gymnasts from Great Britain, it’s a mistake to have boys so young competing on the FIG Pommel. I don’t know the rules they are using, but they seem to be pushing difficulty in competition too soon.

Elisa Meneghini – 5.6 Floor

A judging analysis by sporteverywhere.

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The last two Codes, intending to promote artistry and choreography, instead made turning leaps and jumps, well done or not, compulsory elements. :-(

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