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Jonna Adlerteg – Bars

Swedish Cup, August 15th, 2014.

6.4 D score

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Love it. But someday soon FIG needs crack down on crediting similar skills. Routines with the widest variety of skills should be rewarded.

Locklear, Downie, Jinnan

According to the latest update from The All Around, here are the highest BAR scores of the year:

1. Ashton Locklear (USA) 15,600 US Classic (0.1 stick bonus)
2. Rebecca Downie (GBR) 15,500 Europeans EF
3. Yao Jinnan (CHN) 15,500 China Ch AA
4. Larrissa Miller (AUS) 15,475 AUS Ch Day 2
5. Rebecca Tunney (GBR) 15,400 British Ch EF
6. Shang Chunsong (CHN) 15,400 China Ch AA

Ashton is great, but not in the same league as Aliya or these other 5 routines if compared by the same judging panel. The Classics judges got a little too excited.

Still, Marta needs consistent and high scoring Bar routines. Ashton’s got a chance to be selected for Worlds 2014 if consistent enough.

Long term, stoop Stalder elements need to be devalued by FIG. Or the gymnasts deducted correctly 0.1 for flexed feet.

Click PLAY or watch Yao Jinnan on YouTube. D7.0 + E8.434 = 15.634 (+0.2 bonus) … or was the final score actually 15,500?

Click PLAY or watch Rebecca Downie on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Ashton on YouTube.

6.6 + 9.1 + 0.1 bonus = 15.60

Kyla Ross – Bars

15.000 (5.9, 9.1)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I count 0.6 in execution deductions. No stick bonus.

That was the cleanest Bar routine of the Secret competition, in my opinion.

Ashton Locklear was scored 9.1 execution as well. By the same panel. Kyla’s is clearly cleaner. Check Ashton’s routine VIDEO.

crediting double layout

Nellie KIM, President of the Women’s Technical Committee on THE WOMEN’S ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS NEWSLETTER – N° 35 – August 2014 (PDF)

Element Recognition

• Double salto bwd stretched: If gymnast grabs the thighs to assist with the performance of the second salto then it will be considered double salto bwd pike.

Click PLAY or watch an example on YouTube.

via GymFever

Dipa Karmakar – Gymnastics in India

Dipa is a big media story in India.

She hopes her Bronze medal at Commonwealth Games will help popularize the sport.

Ashish Kumar’s medals from the Commonwealth and Asian Games in 2010 didn’t change much for Indian gymnasts. Fighting federations that led to de-recognition by the Sports Ministry, lack of funds, and no international tournaments in two years, meant the gymnasts got all of just three months’ training before the Glasgow Games.

“With this little training I managed to get a bronze and I am happy with that, but I would’ve done better if we got more international tours”, said Dipa.

There’s no time for Dipa to celebrate though, as she and the other Indian gymnasts prepare for the Asian Games in Incheon in September. …

Gymnastics is Not Circus, Says Dipa Karmakar After Historic Commonwealth Games Bronze

Jim Holt has been assisting the Men’s Team for some months. I’m looking forward to his assessment of how Dipa’s medals (hopefully) improves the sport in India.

There is plenty of heated discussion online, some Indian non-gymnasts assuming that any negative comment about Dipa’s vault is racism.

I recall a discussion with Raj Bhavsar and Mohini Bhardwaj a couple of years ago. There should be far more successful gymnasts from the subcontinent. They have excellent genetics for acrobatic sport.

On the bright side, I saw many people recommend the start score for handspring double front be reduced from 7.0 to 6.5.

That would help. I’d still rather see the Vault banned for WAG for this cycle. And perhaps one more. I don’t trust the judges. A cannonball landing should be deducted 3.0 – they deduct 0.3. :-(

Even if WAG judges applied the current code, that would help a lot. Any analysis of the women’s Vault judging from Glasgow will quickly reveal that those E-scores are absurd. And that many vaults credited as layout were not layout.

best Euros D-score Bars

Combining …

Rebecca Downie
Alija Mustafina
Daria Spiridonova
Rebecca Tunney
Sophie Scheder
Larisa Andreea Iordache
Kim Bui
Roxana Popa Nedelcu

… you can put together a 7.0 start routine.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch the Jr 6.5 routine on YouTube.

Vault Gold – Fragapane or Black?

Online, many felt that Ellie Black should have won Vault over local star, Claudia Fragapane.

Watching LIVE in real time, I had thought the ranking was OK.

But I went back to check.

Claudia had higher start values. (0.5 over 2 vaults) Ellie was much cleaner.

The judges seemed to be crediting just about anything as layout. Chant and Fragapane both were credited layout. I assume Dipa’s bizarre Kasamatsu was also credited layout.

1. FRAGAPANE 14.766 (14.500 & 14.633)
2. BLACK 14.433 (14.433 & 14.433)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Ellie starts here. Claudia starts here.

OK. I’m convinced.

Ellie Black should have been the Commonwealth Vault Champion. Claudia should have had more than 0.5 execution deduction compared with Ellie over the two vaults. The judges got it wrong.

Somebody call Nellie. :-(

Fragapane – layout or piked?

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I’m not contesting Claudia’s Gold medal. Simply pointing out that WAG judges are very inconsistent on what’s awarded layout.

The way they deduct landings is worse. There’s very little reward for landing safely and with complete control. :-(

Vault – Fragapane, Black, Karmakar

Vault Final results
1. Claudia Fragapane ENG
2. Ellie Black CAN
3. Dipa Karmakar IND

Ellie was superb. She could hardly do either vault better. :-)

Karmakar is only an average international vaulter. Her first Vault (Kaz) was poor technique. (Compare with Black and Chant.)

Yet she’s gutsy enough to chuck a double front, holding the tuck until some fairly random contact position with the Floor. This time it worked. That’s the best landing since Produnova in 1999 FISUs. But it was luck.

FIG again rewards a gymnast for that dangerous vault. More coaches, especially those in the developing world, will decide that’s the best route to get famous. Sooner or later we’ll see a catastrophic injury. FIG will be partially to blame.

I strongly feel FIG WTC should ban the vault.

Inside Gymnastics cover boy

August Issue cover revealed.

Style. Grace. Charisma. Dance. Emotion. Expressiveness. Where has it gone in our sport?

In this special issue of Inside Gymnastics magazine, we zone in to explore artistry in the sport today. We take a look back at the most artistic eras and also get candid commentary on the state of artistry today, from the NCAA to Elite ranks. Gracing this special throwback cover is Dmitri Bilozertchev, one of the most successful and artistic gymnasts of all time.


Dipa Karmakar – Produnova

As I feared, here’s yet another gymnast from a developing nation competing another dangerous Handspring double front.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

What does FIG do with those?

Vault 1 – 13.200
Vault 2 – 14.400
Total Score – 13.800

They reward the gymnast by putting them into the Final. :-(

Women’s Vault qualifiers:
1. Claudia Fragapane, ENG, 14.453
2. Ellie Black, CAN, 14.149
3. Kirsten Beckett, RSA, 14.000
4. Kelly Simm, ENG, 13.966
5. Maegan Chant, CAN, 13.950
6. Georgia Rose Brown, AUS, 13.849
7. Dipa Karmakar, IND, 13.800
8. Emma White, SCO, 13.73

via GymFever

Euros Beam – maximum difficulty

evey24evey continues a series on how to maximize D-scores with elements competed at European Championships 2014.

Click PLAY or watch Best SENIOR D-score balance beam on YouTube. 7.60

Ferarri couldn’t have got credit for that Ring.

Click PLAY or watch Best JUNIOR D-score balance beam on YouTube. 7.10

Yamilet PEÑA – Vault

Good news. She did not compete the (dangerous) Handspring double front at Pan-American Sports Festival 2014 Finals.

Click PLAY or watch Vault 1 on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Vault 2 on YouTube.