7 FIG Artistic judges warned

From Worlds 2014. Shame it takes nearly a year to get these evaluations processed.

… five from Men’s Artistic Gymnastics and two from Women’s Artistic — received warnings, urging them to “pay closer attention” in future competitions.

Following notification of their sanctions, each judge has 21 days to appeal.


old Soviet Men’s compulsories

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Soviet compulsories

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Shaposh variations on Bars

No Turn Half Turn Full Turn
Clear Hip Shaposhnikova (D) Khorkina (E)
Toe-On Maloney (D) Van Leeuwen (E) Seitz (E)
Stalder Chow (D) Chow half (E)
Inbar Komova II (E) Komova (E)

You Asked, The Gymternet Answered

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Rhythmic World Championships Stuttgart prelims.

18.933 (Difficulty : 9.500, Execution : 9.433).

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It’s a shame the sport is beset with one judging scandal after another. One judge assigned to judge Worlds was suspended for 6 months. But not informed until close to her arrival in Stuttgart. She will appeal.

Rhythmic Worlds start today

34th Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships, Stuttgart (GER), September 7-13, 2015. …

This competition serves as a qualifier for the 2016 Rio Olympics. Almost 300 gymnasts from 57 nations are expected to compete …

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related – 5 questions with: Nataliya Kuzmina, FIG Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Committee President

Great interview. Despite multiple judging scandals, Rhythmic is really pushing to make the discipline more popular worldwide.

NCAA Code Modifications: 2016 and 2017


On vault, the big news is the fact that the Yurchenko layout full (a round-off onto the board, back handspring onto the table and a layout with a full twist) and Yurchenko layout-half have been devalued to start from a 9.95 …

… vaults that are still valued at a 10.0 start value. For example:

Front handspring pike-front half

Tsukahara (cartwheel or half turn entry directly onto the table) layout full or layout half (or Phelps, 1/2 turn to Front Layout)

Yurchenko or Tsukahara tuck 1 1/2

Omelianchik (round-off half turn to front pike) and Podkapaeva (round-off half turn to front tuck 1/2)

Tuck or pike Luconi (round-off backhandspring with a full twist on, back tuck/pike off)

Pike Ilg (front handpring onto board, front pike off)

Handspring 2/1 twist

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Originally I’d heard Y 1/1 would not be devalued until 2017. But this document states it will begin January 2016.

Nothing is ratified, as yet. There could be clarifications yet to come.

In my opinion Handspring pike 1/2 is the easiest of the remaining 10.0 vaults.

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