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Beam – who do you love?

Click PLAY or watch Lindsey Cheek on YouTube. (9.90 – tied for 2nd)

Click PLAY or watch Taylor Spears on YouTube. 9.925 (1st)

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Vault – who do you love?

NCAA Vault Final 2014.

Click PLAY or watch Rheagan Courville on YouTube. 9.975 (T-1st)

Click PLAY or watch Katherine Grable on YouTube. 9.975 (T-1st)

LIVE I preferred Haley Scaman. Insanely great early opening.

Click PLAY or watch Haley on YouTube. 9.9667 (3rd)

You could wake Haley up in the middle of the night. She’d stick this vault first time, no warm-up.

I blame the ONE Judge who threw a 9.0 on that vault, going low, dropping Haley to 3rd. Same score as that judge gave many inferior vaults in the final. :-(

Best vault?

Haley or Katherine?

no 10s at Championships

Much cursing and hand wringing on the Gymternet, as always, following the Super 6.

There were several routines that might well have scored 10 a couple of weeks ago … but did not tonight. Lindsey Cheek, for example.

I assume the Judges were told to cool it after a far too enthusiastic season.

This tends to hurt the teams with those potential 10s. Reward the teams with safer, easier routines.

Vault judging was a joke both days, so far as I’m concerned. There’s no logic at all.

Kaz 2 1/2 (Tsuk 3 1/2)

Our Olympic Champion lands his NEW Vault at home in Korea.

Matt Beck on GymFever:

Fell on the handspring triple but threw the Kaz 2 1/2 (Tsuk 3 1/2)…madness

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

You need slow-mo to count the twists.

Of course those two vaults are almost identical. FIG needs to change the rules to require two true different vault families.

Watch just the new vault starting here.

NCAA Apparatus finalists

Brandie Jay (UGA)
Lindsay Mable (Minnesota)
Lindsey Cheek (UGA)
Ashleigh Gnat (LSU)
Rheagan Courville (LSU)
Sachi Sugiyama (Michigan)
Maileana Kanewa (OU)
Haley Scaman (OU)
Kat Grable (Arkansas)
Olivia Courtney (UCLA)
Bridget Sloan (Florida)
Georgia Dabritz (Utah)

Lindsey Cheek (UGA)
Kristina Vaculik (Stanford)
Rheagan Courville (LSU)
Joanna Sampson (Michigan)
Taylor Spears (OU)
Shona Morgan (Stanford)
Samantha Shapiro (Stanford)
Bridget Sloan (Florida)
Kim Jacob (Bama)
Macko Caquatto (Florida)
Alaina Johnson (Florida)
Sam Peszek (UCLA)

Taylor Spears (OU)
Hanna Nordquist (Minnesota)
Maddie Gardiner (OSU)
May Beth Box (UGA)
Lindsey Cheek (UGA)
Sydney Ewing (LSU)
Chayse Capps (OU)
Kristina Vaculik (Stanford)
Kim Jacob (Bama)
Sarah DeMeo (Bama)
Alaina Johnson (Florida)
Macko Caquatto (Florida)
Hollie Blanske (Nebraska)
Jamie Schleppenbach (Nebraska)
Jessie DeZiel (Nebraska)
Emily Wong (Nebraska)

Joanna Sampson (Michigan)
Maileana Kanewa (OU)
Haley Scaman (OU)
Brandie Jay (UGA)
Jessica Savona (LSU)
Lara Albright (OU)
Kat Grable (Arkansas)
Kim Jacob (Bama)
Emily Wong (Nebraska)
Lauren Beers (Bama)
Diandra Milliner (Bama)
Becky Tutka (Utah)
Nansy Damianova (Utah)

The surprises:

VT – no Milliner, Mable, Delaney or Wilson
UB – no Davis or Dabritz
BB – no Nush, Peszek, Sloan
FX – no Hall, Mable, Dabritz, Hunter, Peszek or even Sawa.

ohalia on College Gymnastics Board

It’s time for the annual moaning about idiotic NCAA judging that tries to rank hit routines between 9.80 and 10.00.

John Roethlisberger on Facebook:

No one loves collegiate gymnastics more than I do, but until collegiate women’s gymnastics starts using legitimate scoring, you all are going to be beating your head against the wall. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a fan and I enjoy watching but if I had a vested interest I would be frustrated. For example, on Floor, there is .2 separating 1st and 41st.


In real gymnastics terms, with real deductions, do any of you think there is really only .2 separately 41 people? I like seeing 9.9′s and 10.0′s as much as the next guy, but there needs to me more separation. And I’m not even saying the results are wrong, I honestly have no idea, but if real deductions were taken, it would be more clear. …

I’m less unhappy with the final rankings than usual. I’d say Nebraska truly did deserve to move on ahead of Utah and UCLA. That was one incredible Beam rotation for them. Utah gave it away on Vault.

Biggest problems I saw in prelims:

Vault judging does not reward the best vaults.
Home court advantage makes a big difference. Alabama should not have matched Florida.
Big name gymnasts gain as much as 0.05 / routine
“safe” routine construction is too much rewarded. e.g. Oklahoma

With so much parity now between the top teams, it is time to make more differentiation between the highest scores.

Vault should have (relative to gymnast size) increased height and distance requirements. Yurchenko 1/1 scores should be lowered, perhaps lowered to a 9.95 start.

On Bars, overshoot not taken to handstand should be deducted 0.05 as should a squat-on, jump to high. Those transitions look out of place.

I’d like them to continue the emphasis on landing, actually. These young women are at high risk of Achilles and ACL injury. The more attention paid to landing, the safer.

Sloan landing

For some reason even the very best WAG “landers: are less skilled at it than any average MAG.

A more realistic solution would be to allow judges to award increments of 0.05 at major competitions like Regionals and Championships.

Peng Wang – quad twist


Click PLAY or watch his Doha routine on YouTube.

Men’s Floor is stupider than ever now. Who needs to see so many variations of twist?

No double somersaults.

Merde. :-(

via @OnoNoKomachi1

imperfect 10s

Lauren Hopkins:

Over the 2014 season, judges awarded 27 perfect 10s while roughly 60 routines earned a score of 9.975, meaning a score of 10 was awarded by one of the two judges present. …

… about 64% of regular season 10s happened on home turf, and that number jumps to 77% when you include the neutral Metroplex Challenge meet, where crowd-pleasing is the name of the game. …

For NCAA gymnastics, the word “perfect” has to be redefined. At this level, it’s as subjective as the scoring, dependent on everything from an athlete’s spot in the lineup to the reaction of the crowd. …

“Perfect” 10s the NCAA Way

Here’s one “perfect” 10 from this season.

perfect 10

There were too many 10s this season. But they are great PUBLICITY for the sport.

Court of Arbitration – Rhythmic

I’m surprised.

In the litigation between the FIG and the Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Committee stemming from an intercontinental judges course in December 2012, the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has upheld the appeals of the six members of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Technical Committee implicated in the proceedings.

The decision, and sanctions pronounced by the FIG Disciplinary Committee on July 8, 2013 have been lifted. Additionally, the decision of the FIG Appeals Tribunal on December 10, 2013 has been nullified. The FIG has taken note of the CAS’s decision.

The disciplinary decisions of the FIG concerning the cancellation of brevets awarded at the course mentioned above, and the sanctions pronounced against the former TC President are maintained. …

FIG via email

perfect 10s at NCAAs?

27 perfect 10s have been awarded at NCAA Championships.

Will there be more in 2014?

perfect 10s

NCAA – Perfect 10

Pumped for Newfoundland Provincials

Painfully funny. :-)

Kenny Budge-twostep cheats his way to victory in the florentine division at the 2014 provincials and learns a hard lesson.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

What the H is that all about you ask?

Michele Soucy:

We had a “Pumped for Provincials” challenge where we invited kids to send in a video on why they were excited for Provincials.

… the men’s coaches unfortunately beat the women’s this year. :-)

Loop Loop Russian 1260°

via Learn Gymnastics Code

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Vault judges at Pac Rims?

The Gymternet is outraged.


Bailie Key’s vault was fantastic. No complaints regarding her 9.5 execution score.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Now … what would you score this vault?

Click PLAY or watch Kyla Ross on YouTube.

A panel of expert international judges awarded that 9.50, as well.


It’s almost as if they were judging her by reputation, rather than by the vault as performed at the time.

highest men’s start scores 2014

Uncle Tim updated:

At the 2014 Tokyo World Cup, Kohei Uchimura‘s total D score was a 38.6. That’s 0.5 harder than his routines at the 2013 World Championships.

1. Kohei Uchimura Japan 92.898 Tokyo World Cup
2. Fabian Hambuechen Germany 90.231 Tokyo World Cup
3. Sam Mikulak USA 90.098 American Cup


Floor – Kenzo Shirai Japan 7.4 Doha
Pommel – Max Whitlock Great Britain 7.4 British Championships
Rings – Aleksandr Balandin Russia 7.0 Cottbus
Vault – Denis Ablyazin Russia 6.1 (average) Cottbus
H Bar – Epke Zonderland Netherlands 7.2 Doha

Men’s UTRS: The Best Scores of 2014 Updated April 6

From these numbers, it looks a mistake for FIG MTC to have dropped the D-score on vaults 1.0.

No doubt the AVERAGE vault score is still higher than the average on any other apparatus, so it may be in line.

P Bars:
Daniel Keatings Great Britain 6.9 British Championships
Oleg Verniaiev Ukraine 6.9 Cottbus
Jossimar Calvo Moreno Colombia 6.9 South American Games